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480 Dash for iRacing​  


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Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for iRacing. It can be used with any car.
It is small with a 480x272 resolution. It was made with phone, onscreen overlay, USBD480 screens and physical LEDs users in mind.

Here is a video of the dash:

As I wanted it clean looking and easy to read, a lot of information in conveyed by contextual elements, splash screens and color codes.

For use as an onscreen overlay, I’d recommend putting the dash in a layout, so the dash idle screen doesn’t get in the way while you are not driving.

Please read the documentation on how to set it up.

Driving the skippy in a race

480 Dash.PNG

Driving a The F1 Mclaren in practice

480 Dash F1.PNG

Idle screen with audio visualizer

480 Dash idle.PNG

Everything on

480 Dash All on.png

Set a an overlay




- Gear with redline flashing
- Speed
- Delta to best lap:

  • Green = Negative delta
  • Silver = Last lap to best lap delta (displayed for 10 sec when crossing the line)

- Pit limiter on (over the delta display)
- Current car logo
- Best lap time:

  • Yellow = last lap is the best lap
  • Silver = Last lap time (displayed for 10 sec when crossing the line)

- Remaining fuel: Flashes blue = Fuel under the alert threshold (See the “How to” section)
- Fuel to add to finish the race: Solid blue = not enough fuel to finish the race

- Remaining laps in the session
- Remaining time in the session

- The SimHub Logo

- DRS status and DRS count (over the SimHub Logo for the appropriate cars only):

  • Black = not available
  • Yellow = available
  • Blue = ready
  • Red = open

- Water temp: Blinking red = Water temp warning
- Oil temp: Blinking red = Oil pressure warning
- Track temp

- Number of incidents/Incident limit:

  • Yellow = incident count increased (for 10 seconds)
  • Red = less than 4x left before DQ (oh boi!)

- Class SOF

- IRL Time
- Live iRating gain/loss estimation (over IRL time, during races only)

Background lights:

  • Solid green for 5 sec. = green flag
  • Solid blue = blue flag
  • Solid yellow = yellow flag/caution flag
  • Flashes yellow = caution flag waving
  • Solid white for 10 sec. = white flag
  • Flashes white for 10 sec. = checkered flag
  • Flashes white for 2 sec. = flashing headlights
  • Flashes white for 1 sec. = incident count increase
  • Solid red left and/or right side = Car left/right spotter calls
  • Flashes red = slowdown penalties or black flag (not meatball flag)

- Splash screens for in car settings adjustments; brake Bias, peak brake bias, traction control, ABS, deploy mode, deploy trim, regen level, front ARB, rear ARB, diff entry, diff middle, diff exit, diff preload, weight jacker, engine braking, throttle shape, engine power and fuel mixture.

- Pit Splash screens:

  • “Go!” splash screen when the pit service ends
  • “Pit limiter off!” splash screen at pit lane exit

- Pit assists:

  • Speed relative to the pit speed limit gauge
  • Distance to the pit box countdown (in white, over the gear indicator)
  • Distance to the pit box gauge

- Hybrid system info (only displayed for hybrid cars):

  • Battery State of Charge %
  • Deployment (% of per lap allocation) and gauge


Thanks to Wotever for creating the amazing SimHub and providing great support.
Thanks to all the people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord.

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