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Gran Turismo 2 & 3 HUD

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this is a remake of famouses gran turismo 2 and 3 games hud in simhub

tested on Project Cars 2 and Forza Horizon 4

tested with an iphone 6 and an ipad as remote

here some details on what features the hud provides


GT2 Hud :


Turbo gauge from -1 to 0 to 2.25 bar
dynamic rpm gauge with auto redline
dynamic unit system for speed
the Tyres layout colors is the tyre wear (and not tyre heat)
blue = 100% | green =99% | red = 85%
generated track map with different colors for opponets
current lap time with two previous lap times
"Total Time" section is "Time session left"

only issue actually is the turbo gauge is still visible if the car driven is normally aspirated



GT3 hud :

almost same features as the GT2 hud
downshift indicator if RPM is under 60% and blinking if rpm is under 40%
upshift blinking led indicator
ASM is not used
TCS for Electronic stability Control
ABS icon tinkering when ABS is active
fuel icon when less than 10% left

Different layout according to bumber view
with 3 previous lap times


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this is my first Upload so i may have done something wrong, tell me if its the case

(file is a zip containing two exported dashbords)

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