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Hi, here is a SimHub overlay for iRacing.

It displays proximity indicators for the closest car (2 cars in some situations).


There are 2 versions to choose from:

The “Dots” version


The “Lights” version



- Blue indicators moving outward as the car behind gets closer. From 15m to 0m.

- Red indicators reflecting the position of the car beside yours.

- Optional beeping sounds. Beeping faster as the car behind gets closer. From 5m to 0m. See the “How To Beep.txt” file for instructions on how to set it up.



- The very first time you load a car/track combo (while SimHub is running), you’ll have to complete a timed lap for the overlay to start working.

- When your spotter gets lazy, and skips a call, in doubt, the car beside yours will appear on both sides.

- As any overlay, depending on your PC, this may have a performance impact. I didn’t notice any while testing.

- Using the HTML mode is recommended.

- In the overlays list, you will see a red warning message. Just ignore it and judge of the potential performance impact on your own.



Thanks to Pastaga and Hika for helping me during testing.

Thanks to Wotever, Meekstaaa and all the people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord!

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