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Shifts and DRS Beeps  


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Hi! This will make SimHub play beeping sounds for upshifts and/or DRS

It works with most SimHub compatible games



99 sounds to choose from : 9 tones and 2 alert sounds with 9 audio levels for each one


Beeping sound when:

- The engine RPM level reaches the upshift point (except in top gear)

- The DRS is available next zone – Detection zone (iRacing only)

- The DRS is available now – DRS line

- The DRS is open - Audio confirmation


Two experimental pit speed alerts :

- “Speed Pit Limit Over” beeps fast when over the limit in pit lane and/or pit limiter is on

- “Speed Pit Limit Under” beeps once when the speed reduces under the speed limit. To help on entry.

Result will vary depending on the game, car or track.




- You don’t have to use them all. Just enable the beeps you want to use.

- Every time you change car, you'll have to go through the gears once before the shift beep starts working. The script has to learn what the top gear is.

- You can adjust the Red Line, as a general setting, and per car, in the "Car settings" Tab of SimHub.

- Keep in mind that SimHub will output the sound to the default output device as defined in Windows audio settings.

- This is a personal preference thing, but I suggest going for low audio level so the beeps don't become annoying over time. At the right level, you should hear them, but not really be aware of it.



Thanks to Wotever, Meekstaaa, djd4ws0n and all the people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord!


Have fun!

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