Wind sim either hum...
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Wind sim either humming horridly or surging with humming reduction  


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04/09/2020 11:39 pm  

I've recently cobbled together my first DIY project, the wind sim.
I'm using the DK motor shield.

If I flash the arduino without the humming reduction it is incredibly loud and basically unusable, but the fans spin as expected.
So I ticked the humming reduction the second time around and the noise was gone, however the fans don't really work anymore. They will ramp up to what they're supposed to be at that moment and then drop off again, again and again. So there is no constant air flow at all. 
No idea what the cause might be or whether there is even a fix for it.

Some info about the gear:
Arduino Uno R3
DK motor shield
12V3A power supply
Fan specs according to amazon:
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Operating voltage: 7-13.2 V
Current 3.0A Input Voltage: 2.4A (Max)
Input power: 36W

After going through the forums a bit I found out that a stronger motor shield would be required to get the full speed, although the fans provide enough air as is. Not sure if there are any other limitations or drawbacks to not having full power.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
On a side note, I only got it to work on iRacing. Dirt Rally 2.0 didn't work after the automated fix for telemetry.