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Support for DCS World and Prepar3D aircraft and language in Spanish?  


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22/05/2020 12:47 am  
Good night! First congratulate the beautiful work done by you, it is wonderful!
Excuse my online translator.

I have a complete Cockpit with bodishakers Butkikers, 4 screens, tablets with telemetries, etc ...

I would ask to be able to implement the DCS World and Prepar3D flight simulator, since I have been simulating cars for many years and I would like to be able to enjoy vibration with combat and civil aircraft !!!

I continue to donate to you as much as possible, I hope you always work on this wonderful project, it is really worth my admiration.

Thank you very much and I hope this is possible.


PS: They could implement a SPANISH language for the SIMHUB program. ;)