What’s new in 6.8.8 – 08/10/2019? 

  • Grid 2019 support !

What’s new in 6.8.7 – 06/10/2019?

  • ShakeIt
    • New algorythm for “wheel lock” being focused on lock exclusively instead of “high wheel slip”, this new algorythm is available for most modern games (except Iracing giving insufficient data). Warning : most of the time lock won’t occur when using medium to high assists, games will prevent it.
    • Changed “mono” settings  to avoid confusions about both channels being the same, there is now only one test button, and one volume slider
    • New volume configuration setting for Bass shaker. You can choose between windows volume configuration or generated sound volume
    • Fix for “gain modulation” being uneffective on “pulse like” effects
    • Made wheel slip effect a bit less sensible
    • New “delay” effect for bass shakers
    • Fixed some crash when receiving some very specific data from games
  • RF2 Spectator mode, the spectator mode is now an option of the game instead of a separate game entry.
  • RF2 : pause detection in order to suspend shakeit effects
  • New UI scaling setting  :
  • New “startup tab/startup plugin setting”
  • It’s now possible to disable DashStudio like any other plugins
  • Added DR 2.0 oculus version to automatic setup
  • Fixed AC japanese detection (once again, sorry for the struggle :D)
  • Prevented UDP relay “loop” occuring with bad settings.
  • Fixed “USBD480 enabled” setting not totally disabling the screen when unchecked
  • New command line interface : https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub/wiki/Command-line-interface
  • New option to control Precision Sim Engineering USBD480 RGB led back-plate.

What’s new in 6.8.6 – 16/09/2019 ?

  • ACC
    • Updated ACC telemetry definitions for 1.0.8
    • Completed ACC online (maps and delta … are finally here) 
    • Automatic Game configuration has been added for DR 2.0 VR specific config files
  • A few additional optimizations

What’s new in 6.8.5 – 15/09/2019  ?

  • Removed the two “generic entries” : “other codemasters” and “Other F1 Games series” which have been triggering my OCD for too long 😀 , they have been replaced by a proper game entry for F12012, F12013, F12014, F12015, Grid 2, Grid AutoSport with proper automatic game configuration, the following games were not added for the following reasons :
    • F1 2010 and F1 2011 : due to GFWL issues on modern systems (W10) preventing legit copies to work.
    • Race Driver Grid aka Grid 1 : Incomplete telemetry (missing RPMS), telemetry wasn’t a thing yet back in the days 😀
  • Reworked the game entries with more homogeneous naming and they are now presorted in alphabetical order (warning : this will reset your current games ordering)
  • Fixed Iracing ShakeIt suspension Feedback not working for some specific cars.
  • Fixed nextion uploader not working on “basic” nextion screen models.
  • Fixed nextion editor generating structure files wrongly named as .hmstructv2 insted of .hmistruct
  • Fixed AC japanese exe name (acs_dmm.exe) for automatic running game recognition.
  • Fixed ShakeIt effects being processed even when disabled.

What’s new in 6.8.4 – 09/09/2019?

  • Fixed ACC not working online, sadly the game telemetry is still incomplete in this use-case and (delta, map, radar….) won’t work.
  • Added ACC japanese exe name (acs_dmm.exe) to automatic running game recognition.

What’s new in 6.8.3 – 07/09/2019 ?

  • ACC : Final telemetry specs have been released, so here it comes : Full ACC support rework + leaderboard addition (using broadcast API from the game)
  • Added basic Support for furidashi drift cyber sport : 
  • Reworked game configuration experience:
    • Automatic configuration status is now made obvious :
      • Configured / Not configured / Game not detected
    • UDP Games requirements are explained better
    • Iracing start action is now preconfigured on WEB ui and you can choose beta UI
    • PCARS1/2 offers choice for VR/non VR versions in settings
  • Fixed RF2 mapping for the latest plugin
  • Fixed some Iracing disconnects on non UTf-8 systems
  • Upgraded nextion editor and nextion uploader for 0.58 itead release (Finally supporting AA fonts !)
  • ShakeIt
    • Changed ACC wheel vibration algorythm
    • Ability to “reduce channels” for corners/left right effects (in order to match better 1 or 2 shakers setups better)
    • Exporting properties for effects output is now possible
    • It’s now possible to save general gain in the effect profile (see profile properties to enable it)
    • Fixed an issue where wheel slip effect would be triggered in pits (RRRE)
    • A small preview of final output is now available on ShakeIt motors output
      Assetto Corsa competizione
  • Fixed a “timeout loop” on arduino
  • Added a plugin for aida64 data
  • Workaround for F12019 not giving opponents name online (It will show team name instead of player id
  • Fixed a ETS2-ATS not showing gear as engaged until moving
  • Translation is now open to end user without compilation (see the “langages” folder)
  • It’s now possible to alphabetically sort game list :
  • Fixed a very rare case were lap record curruption would trigger an error loop
  • Dash studio :
    • It’s now possible to save restore the current dash oppened at exit/restart
  • New version notification is back !
  • Many small other fixes around

What’s new in 6.8.2 – 10/07/2019 ?


  • Fixed a memory leak in the new ShakeIt engine which would lead to OutOfMemory exceptions after a few hours (or less when having a lot of effects
  • Fixed F12019 RemainingFuelLaps (bad interpretation of the data coming from the game), (you have to use the data [DataCorePlugin.Computed.Fuel_RemainingLaps], raw data coming from the game is left untouched )
  • Fixed dashstudio web text alignment when warping was enabled
  • Fixed iracing sessiontypename (was giving the whole session type, while it’s giving now the current phase name)
  • Disabled Dirt Rally (1/2) fuel level emulation causing issues with fuel level alert

6.8.1 – 28/06/2019

Post-release Hot-fixes

  • Fixed dash export generating empty files
  • Fixed session best lap time not reported correctly
  • Added a protection over iRacing feedback data to avoid error loops when the data is missing (ShakeIt)

6.8.0 – 26/06/2019

F1 2019 support

It’s time for F12019 ! This version adds official support for the new codies title :

KartCraft support

The game is still in early access, but a few laps on a kart never hurts !

ShakeIt rewrite

Probably one of the most difficult rework ever made on SimHub, this rewrite took 8 months of hard labour to offer the best force feedback engine possible.

Covering lot of possible hardware : bass shakers, vibration motors, fans, wind with curvature, Forcefeel pad, Gametrix pad, Fanatec pedals, this new engine offers lot of flexibility when managing effects. 
You now have access to a profile manager, automatic effects calibration, and lot of new things intended to improve your experience

A more flexible effects profile management : Add or remove effects, duplicate, copy, visualize …

From the most basic setup to the craziest, you have the full freedom for your bass shakers, butt kickers or tactile feedback hardware :

Control each device separately, with full control over channels allocation :

Other changes

  • Russian translation added by our friend Nicolay Romanov
  • Some special characters were not appearing correctly in Iracing
  • Improved lot of details about formula engine
  • Added AC automatic setup
  • Lot of small fixes around


– Raceroom “march update” compatibility
– Updated all the nextion templates from Butonz pack to use the new editor format.

As a reminder the next major version of Simhub featuring the new shakeit version is under testing in Simhub discord (#shake-it-announcements channel) : https://discord.gg/nBBMuX7 featuring
– Shake It Effects auto-calibration
– Shake It Profile manager
– Curving wind for fans
– Easier forcefeel management
– Easier gametrix and jetpad management
– And a bunch of new cool features ;)


A short pit-stop for a maintenance update :
– Some fonts like segoe ui were showing in bold on web since last release
– Found a huge bottleneck on dash list slowing down (if not freezing) when opening a dash on web or desktop.
– Various additional optimizations.

6.7.6 – Forza Horizon 4

It looks like some editors finally heard that telemetry was a requirement nowadays, and so …A little update for the forza Horizon 4 compatibility !

Whats New ?
– Forza Horizon 4 Support
– Gametrix support

– New replay format with seek feature and attached screenshots :

– Added a button in the dash menu to get overlay and dash address for direct use in OBS browser :

– Fixed case issue in codemasters XML automatic configuration
– Improved ShakeIt wheel slip effect on some RF2 mods not giving slip info (Endurance pack for instance)
– Improved web access font detection
– Dash studio won’t save anymore windows standard fonts
– Added Forza game startup from launcher (thanks to windows store for making windows store app so hard to launch externally !)
– Changed car settings overrides having performance issues when having a long car list
– Lot of other small changes !