SimHub 6.5.5

– ShakeIt : Ability to rename motors
– ShakeIt BS : Fmod is now configured to output as raw, it means that it will never do any down mixing/upmixing … It will prevent any channels mixing induced by FMod. (however the driver layer remains and can do some mixing by itself)
– ShakeIt BS : Fixed an issue where the reloaded profiles would apply a wrong white noise
– Shake IT BS/MOTORS : They will respect the “disable in replay” setting.
– IRacing : Enhanced property auto discover
– Arduino : Optimized led data transmission (requires firmware update)
– Arduino : It’s now possible to control the “scan engine” within simhub instead of config file.
– Arduino : Added more logs when an error occurs when sending data
– RRE and other games, reworked new lap detection to avoid cumulated lap and false positives in fuel. The rules will be more strict but more accurate too.
– Dashstudio : Fixed some issues with the optimal range
– Dashstudio : reduced a little data sent when starting a dash.
– Dashstudio : Pictures sizes in the picture library will now be visible
– Fuel tracking : Added new properties Computed.Fuel_CurrentLapConsumption and Computed.Fuel_CurrentLapIsValidForTracking
– Statistics : It’s now possible to delete a recorded session
– Lap tracking : fixed AllTimeBestLastLapDelta and SessionBestLastLapDelta
– Overlays : When closing the overlay layout editor the simhub window will open back
– USBD480 : displaying the same dash will force it to reload
– Dash studio : Blinking behaviour could not be combined with visibility.
– Nextion : updated nextion micro bridge to support led disabling for upload to avoid upload corruptions.