Rediscover your motion system !

During this early beta stage, the SimHub motion addon is temporary free to test ! *

* The motion feature will require a dedicated additional licence. 

Some Key features

  • Complete control over the effects working range. 
  • Your motion control at your fingertips :
    • All the gains, activations can be controlled using your favourite controller
  • Focused on confort 
    • Smooth transitions, crash filters, gear shift excessive accelerations filtering. 
  • Advanced belt tensioner control : calibration, live adjustments, park position.
  • Virtual tracker motion compensation :
    • Thanks to a detailed configuration the real orientation in space can be estimated and fed into OpenXR Motion compensation

How To install it ?

Install the latest SimHub version, click on “Add/remove features” (left menu) to enable the motion addon

Supported setups

Controllers supported at date

  • Thanos AMC : link
  • Thanos T4U : link
  • VNM Controller : link
  • Controllers aggregation (use multiple controllers as a single motion platform)
  • SimHub DIY belt tensioner : link
  • SMC3 controller : link
  • Configurable serial output for DIY or unsupported controllers
  • Generic UDP output for DIY or unsupported controllers

Some Controllers presets are available separate in respect of their own licence or future proof warranty reasons : Repository

Supported geometries

  • 3DOFs systems : 4 corners actuators, 2 fronts 1 Rear or  1Front 2 Rears
  • 2DOFs systems : left and right actuators, either placed in front or to the rear of the simulator
  • Dedicated Surge axis
  • Dedicated Rear TL axis
  • Dedicated dual Front Rear TL axis
  • Belt tensioner (single or dual)

What will be the final addon price ?

It’s still to be determined, stay tuned ! However a certitude , following the usual SimHub way of doing it will be a lifetime licence* allowing to access current and future versions of the addon

* The main Simhub licence will be required