Features requests and bug reports

Please fill an issue on GitHub joing the maximum informations :

  • Current game
  • Current setup
  • If using arduino, which setup (board and modules used)
  • Join log files (available in C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\Logs)
  • How to reproduce the bug if the conditions can be identified (sample dash ….)

In addition do not hesitate to read the wiki which contains lots of documentation and troubleshooting tricks, about game configuration, web access, arduino, nextion, shakeit ….

License FAQ

  • I want to buy a license, but I can’t use Paypal ? Is there any alternatives ?
    • Currently, PayPal is the only payment method. I’m looking for alternatives for the future, but unfortunately, it won’t be available in the short term.
  • Is the licence perpetual or renewable ?
    • The licence is perpetual, no recurring payments or subscription.
  • How many computers can I use with a single licence ?
    • The licence can be safely used on up to two computers within a sliding week.
  • I want to buy another license, can I do it with the same Paypal account ?
    • Yes : each license is unique.
  • How to install the license I received ?
  • I changed/reinstalled my computer, how can I apply my previously purchased license to the new computer ?
    • Simply apply again the license file you originally received by mail on the new computer (make sure to keep it safe !).

Other questions

    Make sure your mailbox is not full and check your spam folder in case your mail provider wrongly classified my answer as spam.