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Recent changes

7.0.7 – 08/07/2020

  • F1 2020 final release support !

7.0.6 – 01/06/2020

  • Farming simulator 19, it’s really out of the Simhub track, but I got so many requests about it 😉
  • Many Arduino setup tool improvements :
    • Work in progress automatic backup
    • Automatic profile backup when uploading
    • Search box
    • Columns are now resizable
    • Advanced tools : Dump and flash an existing arduino firmware from and to an arduino
    • Profiles now embed the board model and serial port used
    • Moved “Restore defaults” and “Open in arduino IDE” to the file menu
    • Added Leonardo board preview and mapping
    • Renamed “Micro” to “Pro micro” because it was confusing. The board supported by SimHub is the “Pro Micro”.
    • Firmware Size check : In case of firmware too big upload would not be blocked and could lead to bricked arduino (mostly when trying to use OLED on a too tight arduino). 
  • Arduino text screen preview, before only independent screen results were visible, now you have a preview of what to expect on your arduino  :
  • Improved game configuration screen for games with no particular settings, the message should be less confusing.
  • Fixed some leds position/count maximum values
  • Reverted Iracing disconnected opponents handling, they are now displayed if they have a result (time …)
  • Replaced automatic dash changes detection which is suspected to cause black screens when exiting sim
  • Iracing/ACC Raw flags values are now given in separate raw properties for each possible value.

Have fun !

7.0.5 – 20/05/2020

  • F1 2020 beta support ! (Thanks to THE ACC-Dashmaster for the help and testing !).
  • Fixed web dashboard on old android devices (android 4.4~)
  • Added sound volume setting
  • New experimental “custom serial” plugin, allows you to send text message to any serial device. Be creative !
  • Fixed iracing leaderboard ghosts players
  • Ability to open logs in a new window
  • Monospaced text vertical alignment difference beween desktop and web
  • Fixed KRP map being mirrored
  • Fixed static wind on/off toggle control

Have fun !

7.0.4 – 12/05/2020

  • Fix : The traditional6x4 matrix font was missing the 3rd gear display

7.0.3 – 10/05/2020

A massive update 😉

  • Added beta support for Fernbus simulator
  • Added Stock Car Extreme support
  • New stock dash freely inspired from FordGT
  • New stock picture library for dashboards(not embedded into the dash) it makes a fresh start a bit easier. And pictures are not saved into the dash making edit and loading faster.
  • Dashboard picture loading method has been improved on web engine (Make sure to reload properly your dash page on all devices.)
  • Fixed iracing opponents best lap in case of multiple race session
  • Added a new shakeit AC active/ABS active effects
  • New option to totally disable gearshifts to neutral
  • Raised RGB leds grand total limit to 1024
  • Gear shift “High priority” setting is now ignored automatically on free version as latency is too high to properly support it (it was literally “eating” the effect).
  • New media info provider (currently supporting subsonic or external app (like Songify or snip))
  • It’s now possible to export and import an “lededitor” animation
  • Arduino inputs are no longer given back via serial when using the gamepad option (reduces conflicts and useless latency), game pad should now work even if simhub is not connected(please note that it’s still intended to be used with Simhub)
  • Trying to fix black simhub windows when starting minimized and trying to open it using tray icon while still loading
  • Dash Import will now install fonts when they are missing (it won’t be offered if fonts are already installed)
  • “Format” function extension to always add sign (+0.1 , -0.1, -00:00:10, +00:00:10 ….)
  • Some improvements on arduino gauges UI
  • New handbrake cross game data
  • LED Editor : Prevented “blink” formula evaluation when it’s not enabled
  • Could not import ShakeIt / Leds profiles when there were no remaining profiles
  • Fixed some errors on the new TC/ABS shakeit effects
  • Fixed some resources not being freed after dash/dashstudio closing
  • Fixed dash studio borders not taking opacity into account on desktop.
  • Fixed support for CS-GO new game modes
  • Dashboards automatic backup are now kept for 3days or 10 backup maximum (cleanup occuring when saving)
  • Reworked all the built-in texts to support monospaced option (don’t abuse of it 😉 separating each character to set a fixed width comes at a cost 😉
  • Monospaced text would not show instantly in designer when checked.
  • Default monospace “mask” is now empty as it’s more an advanced feature than something to be used on a daily basis
  • New ncalc/js function “triggeraction”
  • Fixed width bindings in web strangely resizing components
  • Added “short” names for the game data and gamerawdata, the short names will be automatically inserted when using the property picker, for instance :
    • [DataCorePlugin.GameFata.NewData.SpeedLocal] is now shortened to [SpeedLocal]
    • [DataCorePlugin.GameRawData.ABS] is now shortened to [GameRawData.ABS]
    • Both short or full properties will still work
  • Added Thrustmaster plugin compatibility with TS-PC + F1 Addon RIM

7.0.2 – 25/04/2020

  • Fixed ACC opponents data being broken by the last game update
  • Fixed led editor dimming option not taken into account when “Show  current color on all leds” was enabled.
  • New option “fill all leds” available when “Show  current color on all leds” is enabled
  • New dash studio “image from file” component allowing to load an external image from the harddrive (To use snip or songify for instance)
  • New dashstudio “Image from URL” component allowing to load an external image from a website (To use image widgets for instance)
  • New LedEditor “mirror group” allowing to mirror a pattern easily
  • New LedEditor “remap group” allowing to reorder the leds
  • Updated maximum RGB leds to 512 grand total (still 150 max per arduino for refresh rate reasons)
  • New system actions NextMedia, PreviousMedia, PlayPauseMedia, MonitorSleep
  • Updated PC2 UDP to allow wheels vibration feedback on this particular platform
  • Improved Controller diagnostic logger, lines are now in reverse order, and a clear button has been added
  • Fixed color binding editor text area being unreadable.

7.0.1 – 17/04/2020

  • False start, Pcars2 UDP option was still retricted to developper mode, it’s now available to anyone. Sorry for any inconvenience !

7.0.0 – 17/04/2020

  • Changed setup packaging to reduce AV falses positives on new versions.
  • PCars2 UDP (consoles) : Experimental support (Feedback are welcome, PC2 UDP is extremely buggy, I did my best to compensate)
  • ACC spectator mode : Only LB data are fed currently.
  • Added a dedicated entry for Race The WTCC game
  • Updated KRP plugin for a better in race/pause/off detection
  • Fixed opacity bindings failing when formula was setting back opacity to 100%
  • Improved Fuel consumption false positives on PC2/AMS2
  • IRacing Caution and Caution Waving are now taken into account as yellow.
  • Added “beta to official release” new version detection, so beta user will be notified when final release goes out
  • New led editor conditionnal group : “Game selection”, will allow you to enable some specific parts for a specific game selection
  • Plugin SDK upgraded to framework 4.7.2, if you recompile an older plugin, make sure to target framework 4.7.2 in the plugin project properties.

Have fun, stay safe !

6.9.9 – 09/04/2020

A little maintenance release :

  • New support for 6digits tm1637
  • Removed wrong AMS2 UDP settings.
  • Added ACC water temperature support.
  • New sketch setup option to be able to choose switch back to the legacy adafruit library instead the new fast leds library for ws2812b (this allows to save a few bits in the sketch, but fast led has a better compatibility)
  • Fixed Adafruit HT16K33 8×8 intensity setting bug
  • Fixed ncalc scroll function being broken

6.9.8 – 31/03/2020

Strange days of epidemy … I take profit of this release for a warm tought for all medical teams around the world, and all the people (truck drivers, shop cashier, farmers …) which helps us live in these lockdown time.
And if you can stay safe, stay home.
  • Automobilista 2 compatibility

  • Enlarged formula editor window
  • Added basic syntax coloring to ncalc/js
  • New overlay visibility toggle control
  • Replaced TM1637 library with a more stable library
  • It’s now possible to disable 7segments gear indicators redline blinking
  • Fixed launcher option saving
  • Unlocked “below 4%” RBG leds brightness
  • Automatic recovery for corrupted lap storage database (caused by BSOD or hard reboots)

6.9.7 – 22/02/2020

  • Added ACC Brake bias correction (telemetry vs dash)
  • Fixed ACC flags (as much as it’s possible in the current state)
  • Wired ACC session delta from telemetry instead of the simhub computed one.
  • Fixed FH4/FM7 switching on w7 
  • Updated KRP plugin for the new x64 release. –
  • Reworked a few windows to add the “pin” button (always on top)
  • Fixed lededitor “clear background” option
  • New ncalc function “driverlastlap”
  • New driverlastlap built in dash component.
  • Raised out of sync tolerance for heavy arduino setups (numerous leds ..)
  • Fix for ShakeIt channels settings changes not taken into account in some conditions (feedback is welcome about this.)
  • Added channel monitor preview for shakeit bass shakers

6.9.6 – 12/01/2020

  • New shakeit “per profile” output settings option (available in the profile properties)
  • Replaced the arduino “ws2812b” library for a better support, the previous library (adafruit) was causing display errors with some cheap ws2812b leds.
  • Improved F12018/2019 leaderboard support
  • Fixed ACC error loop until the game was running
  • Fixed Static wind effect mute control
  • Moved “ncalcscripts” outside of the arduino plugin so it can be disabled while “ncalcscripts” feature will still work at the same time

Have fun !

6.9.5 – Hotfix – 06/01/2020

  • Fixed Iracing new lap detection
  • Raised ACC leaderboard connection delay which could lead to multiple connections at a time.

Have fun !

6.9.4 – 05/01/2020

  • New dashstudio led component (powered by the “lededitor”)
  • Fixed shakeit lockup/crash occuring randomly on some soundcards
  • New arduino “unique id” generation at sketch upload, this will make easier multiple arduino support as each arduino will be recognized as a unique device no matter it’s name.
  • New ncalc “prop” function to get a property value based on it’s name
  • Improved ACC pause/exit detection (made possible with the last ACC update)
  • Some CPU optimizations for shakeit
  • Some CPU optimizations for HWInfo64 support
  • Fixed RRRE invalid lap triggering a new lap (with all related impacts : map, fuel tracking …)
  • Dashstudio gauge fixes
  • Improved led profile save and restore.
    • Each profile is now detected as “unique” and will restore as it was, if the profile was already existing choice is offered to overwrite it or to import it as a new profile.
    • Multiple file import at once is now possible
  • Nextion breaking change : After about one year and a half deprecated nextion “ini” files support is now removed (if you are still using some you can convert them using the following method). This allows to improve the following aspects : 
    • Single configuration method
    • All templates can now be selected (including templates stored in sub-folders) without messing up with file copies etc…
    • A clear error message is shown in case of missing mapping file

Best wishes for the new year ! 

6.9.3 – Hotfix – 22/12/2019

  • Fixed System info providers 
  • Disabled dash studio gauge label size editor expanding

Happy holidays ! 

6.9.2 – 21/12/2019

  • New ShakeIt “engine” effect based on advanced sound generation, with 2 sound variants.
  • New shakeit “vu-meters” on output channels
  • Made WMI optional for computers where WMI is corrupted (looks to be more common that it should)
  • Fixed LED “include group” when placed in another group.
  • Made error messages more explicit when web server ports are already busy
  • Fixed startup tab options when starting minimized
  • New ShakeIt global “mute” control
  • New named input support in dash studio buttons
  • New LED effects (TC active, ABS active) – Fixed overlay placement on scaled monitor.

6.9.1 – 25/11/2019

  • Full HDPI support (windows display scaling)
    • Reworked all dash/overlays save restore to support properly monitor scaling
    • Resolution changes improvements when using 4k monitors or similar Setups where windows would push the dash out of the screen when resolution was changing
  • New system infos provider : HWinfo64
  • Led editor (aka LEDitor :D)
    • Icons on all effects for an easier browsing/editing
    • Two delays blink on status leds (On delay and off delay)
    • New “Segment” based RPM effect
    • New Low fuel (remaining fuel laps) led effect
    • New DRSAvailable Led effect
    • Changed the scroll effect delay slider with a numeric editor (much more convenient)
    • Added an option to “clear background” on most groups when active.
    • Automatic led preview scaling for large leds setup
    • Higher priority for led preview which was a bit “laggy”
  • Faster connection when HW definition has changed in Single Arduino mode
  • Fixed led matrix gear indicator blinking on redline

6.9.0 – 16/11/2019

Warning, breaking changes about nextion and PSE backplate led settings : nextion and PSE leds settings are now dedicated and old settings won’t be useable anymore. Arduino leds settings back-compatibility is maintained temporary to allow an easier transition.

  • ACC data fixes
  • New LED editor for RGB LEDS and TM1638 leds supercharched with new features:
    • Lot of built in effects
    • Animation designer
    • Realtime preview
    • Dedicated settings for PSE led backplate and each single nextion
    • Test data editor for easier layout design
    • Per game profile management.
    • Grouping 
    • Finer brightness management
  • New game banner on game list and search box :
  • Ability to disable more features when unused
    • Statistics panel
    • Arduino 
  • Fuel alert settings are now available in the car settings panel
  • UDP relay settings are now totally integrated with the game settings :
  • “System infos” management has been considolated into a single panel allowing to choose which provider to use for each data :
  • New Close to tray option
  • New ShakeIt controls : Controls can be assigned to any effect or group volume or mute.
  • It’s now possible to totally disable ShakeIt during Simhub telemetry replays
  • It’s now possible to choose specifically which USBD480 must be used (using it’s SN)
  • Fixed some issues with screen recording
  • Fixed some issues making WMI mad on some specific computers
  • Fixed blue flags false positives in IRacing
  • Experimental support (WIP) for Nascar Heat 4
  • Ability to use named controls from SimDeck :
  • A bunch of CPU optimizations about arduino communications
  • Single color tm1638 is now natively supported
  • Added support for arduino nano “new bootloader”
  • Fixed DashStudio vertical progress bar on IOs

Have fun !