SimHub V6.9.7

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Recent changes

6.9.7 – 22/02/2020

  • Added ACC Brake bias correction (telemetry vs dash)
  • Fixed ACC flags (as much as it’s possible in the current state)
  • Wired ACC session delta from telemetry instead of the simhub computed one.
  • Fixed FH4/FM7 switching on w7 
  • Updated KRP plugin for the new x64 release. –
  • Reworked a few windows to add the “pin” button (always on top)
  • Fixed lededitor “clear background” option
  • New ncalc function “driverlastlap”
  • New driverlastlap built in dash component.
  • Raised out of sync tolerance for heavy arduino setups (numerous leds ..)
  • Fix for ShakeIt channels settings changes not taken into account in some conditions (feedback is welcome about this.)
  • Added channel monitor preview for shakeit bass shakers

6.9.6 – 12/01/2020

  • New shakeit “per profile” output settings option (available in the profile properties)
  • Replaced the arduino “ws2812b” library for a better support, the previous library (adafruit) was causing display errors with some cheap ws2812b leds.
  • Improved F12018/2019 leaderboard support
  • Fixed ACC error loop until the game was running
  • Fixed Static wind effect mute control
  • Moved “ncalcscripts” outside of the arduino plugin so it can be disabled while “ncalcscripts” feature will still work at the same time

Have fun !

6.9.5 – Hotfix – 06/01/2020

  • Fixed Iracing new lap detection
  • Raised ACC leaderboard connection delay which could lead to multiple connections at a time.

Have fun !

6.9.4 – 05/01/2020

  • New dashstudio led component (powered by the “lededitor”)
  • Fixed shakeit lockup/crash occuring randomly on some soundcards
  • New arduino “unique id” generation at sketch upload, this will make easier multiple arduino support as each arduino will be recognized as a unique device no matter it’s name.
  • New ncalc “prop” function to get a property value based on it’s name
  • Improved ACC pause/exit detection (made possible with the last ACC update)
  • Some CPU optimizations for shakeit
  • Some CPU optimizations for HWInfo64 support
  • Fixed RRRE invalid lap triggering a new lap (with all related impacts : map, fuel tracking …)
  • Dashstudio gauge fixes
  • Improved led profile save and restore.
    • Each profile is now detected as “unique” and will restore as it was, if the profile was already existing choice is offered to overwrite it or to import it as a new profile.
    • Multiple file import at once is now possible
  • Nextion breaking change : After about one year and a half deprecated nextion “ini” files support is now removed (if you are still using some you can convert them using the following method). This allows to improve the following aspects : 
    • Single configuration method
    • All templates can now be selected (including templates stored in sub-folders) without messing up with file copies etc…
    • A clear error message is shown in case of missing mapping file

Best wishes for the new year ! 

6.9.3 – Hotfix – 22/12/2019

  • Fixed System info providers 
  • Disabled dash studio gauge label size editor expanding

Happy holidays ! 

6.9.2 – 21/12/2019

  • New ShakeIt “engine” effect based on advanced sound generation, with 2 sound variants.
  • New shakeit “vu-meters” on output channels
  • Made WMI optional for computers where WMI is corrupted (looks to be more common that it should)
  • Fixed LED “include group” when placed in another group.
  • Made error messages more explicit when web server ports are already busy
  • Fixed startup tab options when starting minimized
  • New ShakeIt global “mute” control
  • New named input support in dash studio buttons
  • New LED effects (TC active, ABS active) – Fixed overlay placement on scaled monitor.

6.9.1 – 25/11/2019

  • Full HDPI support (windows display scaling)
    • Reworked all dash/overlays save restore to support properly monitor scaling
    • Resolution changes improvements when using 4k monitors or similar Setups where windows would push the dash out of the screen when resolution was changing
  • New system infos provider : HWinfo64
  • Led editor (aka LEDitor :D)
    • Icons on all effects for an easier browsing/editing
    • Two delays blink on status leds (On delay and off delay)
    • New “Segment” based RPM effect
    • New Low fuel (remaining fuel laps) led effect
    • New DRSAvailable Led effect
    • Changed the scroll effect delay slider with a numeric editor (much more convenient)
    • Added an option to “clear background” on most groups when active.
    • Automatic led preview scaling for large leds setup
    • Higher priority for led preview which was a bit “laggy”
  • Faster connection when HW definition has changed in Single Arduino mode
  • Fixed led matrix gear indicator blinking on redline

6.9.0 – 16/11/2019

Warning, breaking changes about nextion and PSE backplate led settings : nextion and PSE leds settings are now dedicated and old settings won’t be useable anymore. Arduino leds settings back-compatibility is maintained temporary to allow an easier transition.

  • ACC data fixes
  • New LED editor for RGB LEDS and TM1638 leds supercharched with new features:
    • Lot of built in effects
    • Animation designer
    • Realtime preview
    • Dedicated settings for PSE led backplate and each single nextion
    • Test data editor for easier layout design
    • Per game profile management.
    • Grouping 
    • Finer brightness management
  • New game banner on game list and search box :
  • Ability to disable more features when unused
    • Statistics panel
    • Arduino 
  • Fuel alert settings are now available in the car settings panel
  • UDP relay settings are now totally integrated with the game settings :
  • “System infos” management has been considolated into a single panel allowing to choose which provider to use for each data :
  • New Close to tray option
  • New ShakeIt controls : Controls can be assigned to any effect or group volume or mute.
  • It’s now possible to totally disable ShakeIt during Simhub telemetry replays
  • It’s now possible to choose specifically which USBD480 must be used (using it’s SN)
  • Fixed some issues with screen recording
  • Fixed some issues making WMI mad on some specific computers
  • Fixed blue flags false positives in IRacing
  • Experimental support (WIP) for Nascar Heat 4
  • Ability to use named controls from SimDeck :
  • A bunch of CPU optimizations about arduino communications
  • Single color tm1638 is now natively supported
  • Added support for arduino nano “new bootloader”
  • Fixed DashStudio vertical progress bar on IOs

Have fun !