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Recent changes

9.2.13 – 9.2.15 – 07/05/2024

  • Feat : EA WRC, Adding new 1.8.0 fields, enabling map, added ABS active information
  • Feat : Added Timestamps in SimHub replays and timing synchronization during replays (In case the 60FPS could not be held during record or replay : overloaded system, slow plugins etc .. )
  • Feat : Replays filter textbox
  • Feat : Show game connection status in footer status bar
  • Feat : ShakeIt, IsMuted property
  • Feat : Add islicencevalid field to plugin manager
  • Feat : Added PluginManager “OnArduinoMessage” event (Allows to receive arduino incoming messages)
  • Feat : support for Race solutions wind kit support
  • Fix : Missing brightness change blue lights for Arduino LEDs
  • Fix : control mapper Inputs could get stuck when using multi actions on stream deck (due to the high press release speed)
  • Fix : Control mapper web assistant was not available if the dash studio plugin is disabled.
  • Fix : AMS2 DRS data
  • Fix : SL-20 led count incorrect
  • Fix : PSE GPX+ led count incorrect
  • 9.2.14 changes :
    • Feat : ACC added new Ford Mustang GT3 2024 informations (Brake bias correction, car name, car class etc…)
    • Fix : Return null for disconnected controller axis values properties
  • 9.2.15 changes :
    • Fix : EA WRC, prevent shakedowns from being recorded for all time best, map etc …

Have fun !

9.2.9 – 9.2.12 – 15/04/2024

  • Fix : Memory leak fix around led editor and matrix editor
  • Optimizations around led editor UI complex profiles display speed (and less significantly yet matrix editor)
  • Feat : Simcore UD2-S and DS5-S support
  • Fix : multiple RGB matrix creating blinking empty content in profile preview
  • Fix : Show USB screen information when in idle mode
  • Fix : Dashstudio button edition when the control mapper plugin is disabled.
  • Feat : Added simhub session based estimated lap time (always based on SimHub records)
  • 9.2.10 Hotfix :
    • Hotfix leds groups content stacking would trigger errors
    • Fix : Dashstudio, In some combinations of negative top position layers content would be cut on top during repetitions
    • Feat : Updated library for the new LCDinfo 800×480 USBD480 screen
  • 9.2.11 Hotfix :
    • Fix : Custom serial device would not send data depending of the computer time offset.
  • 9.2.12 Hotfix :
    • Fix : some errors were still occuring in the leds engine

Have fun !

9.2.8 – 09/04/2024

  • Almost a control mapper V2 !

    • Output :
      • New roles to keyboard emulation support (allows to save our precious virtual controller inputs)
      • New roles to SimHub (allows to save our precious virtual controller inputs when the roles are only tied to SimHub usage)
      • Ability to trigger anything from the Stream deck (including the recent axis addition)
      • Ability to trigger anything from the dash studio (there is now a “role” property on dash studio buttons)
    • Input :
      • Ability to map multiple inputs of a same controller on a single role
      • Ability to map axis as buttons (with configurable threshold)
      • Ability to use some “transformations ” (IE momentary to toggle) for FN functions
      • Controllers can be renamed
      • Increased axis mapping sensitivity
      • Controllers PID/VID is now visible
      • Ability to “calibrate” axis (IE : adding some dead zones)
      • Added 2 new buttons transformations :
        • Hold to latching (will toggle the output after a configurable delay)
        • Hold to press (will start the output after a configurable delay and keep it enabled as long as it’s pressed)

    Reworked the mapping dialog to fit all those features 😄


    • Big upgrade of the RGB matrix editor to bring all the basic single leds effects (TC, abs, etc …)
    • Added possibility to force activate most of the conditional effects in both matrix and leds (for testing purpose)
    • Added more colors settings for conditional leds effects :
    • Blink colors (when blinking is enabled)
    • Inactive color (when effect is not active)


    • Fix : Disable LMU TC/ABS signal being completely flawed, hoping for a clear data being added the SDK in the future) ..LMU devs if you hear me … please !!
    • Fix : Workaround for iracing sneaky “empty data” packets triggering a restart behaviour (ie : car start animation)
    • Fix : Dashstudio Layer repetitions memory optimizations
    • Fix : Reduce useless devices USB activity when some profile content is overflowing out of the device physical leds.
    • Fix : BEAMNG TC disabled being interpreted as TC ON fix
    • Feat : Rename the PSR Elite to Elite/Pro

Have fun !

9.2.7 – 25/03/2024

  • Feat : Control mapper axis support (up to 6 axis), yes you will be able to also remap your wheel’s clutches !
  • Feat : HTML render engine now sets the page title based on the template name (instead of a sad non customized “SimHub”)
  • Feat : DashStudio, Allow to choose which dashboard variables will be evaluated before or after the screen activations (allowing to make screen activation based on the variables, or the opposite : make variables based on the active screen)
  • Feat : RGB matrixes, support for “in profile” JS extensions
  • Feat : Improved JS errors stack trace logging
  • Feat : Added JS log function (warning, this can seriously spam log files ;), be cautious !)
  • Feat : skip two buttons in the numbering to make the Ascher racing GT4 consistent with other models
  • Fix : Reworked control mapper Arduino bridge auto reset, now it gets reset during SimHub exit and won’t show any USB activity (which could wake up computer)
  • Fix : Output tuning on ShakeIt motors was not opening
  • Fix : Beam NG telemetry mod : TC indicator fix
  • Fixes : DashStudio :
    • Autoscaling was always applied even if disabled on HTML
    • Circular Gauges on HTML were not rendering images or applying size changes.
    • Html outlined text stroke color binding was not applied on HTML

Have fun !

9.2.5 – 9.2.6 – 13/03/2024

  • Feat : export/import control mapper output names
  • Feat : Added EA WRC location and car models extracted from the new telemetry ID fields
  • Feat : LMU default redline values (thanks to Daniel Newman Racing)
  • Feat : Screen recording rewrite :
    • Support for both ambient light and replay recording at the same time of the same monitor.
    • Support for multiple monitor ambient light capture,
    • Supported for landscape reversed monitors (portrait monitors are still ignored for now as this involves lot of transformations to get it back to the natural direction unreasonable for performance reasons)
  • Feat : Added brightness groups (fixed, computed) to matrix effects engine
  • Feat : New UI, Add left aligned tabs styling
  • Feat : Delta Sim Technologies EVO:NS support
  • Fix : Simplify extra large maps to avoid too long renderings.
  • Fix : some local conversion fixes for leds profiles (decimal values)
  • Fix : Gradients on HTML rendering were not taking global gradient opacity into account
  • Binding on widget’s AutoSizeScale property binding was not taken into account on HTML engine
  • Fix : F1 23 opponent names encoding (warning old F1 23 simhub records won’t be able to load player names due to the required structure change)
  • Fix : Some parts of the deprecated light theme were still showing in dash studio when the light theme was previously enabled)
  • 9.2.6 Hotfix ambiant light capture freeze was not working

Have fun !

9.2.4 – 04/03/2024

  • Fix : Auto-limit windows height in case of low resolution screen
  • Feat : Add Conspit CPP.LITE motors support
  • Feat : automatically add a visual numbering to duplicate profiles with the same name, car, game
  • Feat : Device picker, autodetected items double click to add
  • Fix : Add carnumber to opponents data for R3E
  • Feat : Plugin SDK Update to make it easier to compile the first time and showcase more of the UI components

Have fun !

9.2.2 – 9.2.3 – 23/02/2024

  • Feat : Telemetry effects on Ambient lights
  • Feat : VNM GT Wheel support
  • Fix : Reduce LMU TC detection sensitivity
  • Fix : Dashstudio Binding editor was not fitting anymore a 1080p screen in some combination (text binding)
  • Fix : Control assignments was silently crashing when trying to use an already assigned control

9.2.3 Hotfix : 

  • Fix : When “suspend audio interfaces” option was disabled shake it bass shakers settings would not reload.
  • Feat : Added toggle for blue effect on brightness change for devices.

Have fun !

9.2.0 – 9.2.1- 20/02/2024

Let’s go for a two in one !

Le Mans Ultimate support

Along of this new game, here comes a refreshed SimHub UI ! A huge focus has been given into making it visually lighter, while redistributing the space differently.



Along of the obvious UI refresh, some significant “quality of life” changes has been added of this new version :

    • Reworked home page, instead of focusing on a long list of games you might not use, space is given to the features you are using, devices, bass shakers, motors …
    • Widescreen friendly : The center content is not stretched anymore on an ultra wide screen
    • Rework on the devices UI, the UI has been reorganized to give more room to the important features
    • Wheels and button boxes with editable buttons colors now have up to 4 switchable color presets
    • Wheels and button boxes with editable buttons colors now use the devices preview when it’s possible (led editor, color presets preview)
    • Wheels and button boxes now offer a single led brightness slider.
    • New day and night mode available globally allowing you to quickly switch brightness presets and keep your eyes safe when room light goes down.
    • Profile system (bass shakers, leds …) has been reworked to now allow per car profile storage and switching.
    • Quick profile switching combo boxes everywhere it applies
    • Profiles in profile manager are now sorted based on the current game (current game first, generic profiles next, then all the other games)
    • Automatic device detection : during device addition SimHub will suggest you the detected devices.
    • Leds profiles has been reworked to be much more compact when stored in settings files (warning the profiles loaded/exported by this new version are not compliant with older SimHub versions)
    • Control mapper plugin : new arduino firmware allowing to show 3 controllers and raise the possible remapped inputs to 384.
  • 9.2.1 Hotfix : 
    • Fix : Buttons Color editor freeze
    • Fix : Automatically create plugin settings file for LMU when missing to make automatic setup more fluent

Have fun !

9.1.31 – 16/02/2024

  • Fix : ACC opponents position was not read.
  • Feat : During races the actual race position (matching in game display) will now be given while keeping the “live on track” ordering
  • Feat : Added ACC Car class lookup, Broadcasting api to car model lookup to be able to display car model and class for whole ACC leaderboard
  • Fix : Serial port combobox was showing some ghost serial ports.

9.1.30 – 13/02/2024

Lot of work this week to get everything on time and release a beautiful collection of new supported devices ! Have fun !


  • Feat : Ascher Racing Artura PRO, GT4, SPORT and ULTIMATE (USB) support
  • Feat : Added support for Turtle beach V1 Race MFD
  • Feat : Support for LCDinfo’s incoming 800×480 USBD480 version (and any other resolution if it occurs in the future)
  • Feat : Support of the GSI Hyper SL and FPE V2
  • Feat : Turn TDU5 Support
  • Feat : Rexing Mayaris 2 support
  • Feat : Sim Racing Addict devices support (DDU 10.5 Gen2/DDU 10.7 Gen2)


  • Feat : Reworked RF2 ABS detection thanks to Devin insights, should be more accurate and avoid most of not all false positives.
  • Feat : Update controller mapper fanatec known bases/wheels list for “per wheel” mappings
  • Fix : 0 spline position was filtering ACC opponent
  • Fix : Ambient light profiles were not reloading saved areas positions for single areas devices
  • Feat : Evergreen (webview2 installer) update
  • Fix : Custom Serial device : send binary data instead of text (to avoid non displayable characters loss through ASCII)
  • Fix : Aggregated (mono …) custom effects frequencies

9.1.29 – 05/02/2024

  • Feat : Forza 2023 Track/Car list update
  • Fix : Filter ACC green flag to trigger only after current sector yellow or race start
  • Feat : ambient lights, tip to avoid extra large areas
  • Fix : Improved hue releasing
  • Fix : Arduino Matrix font : thick 8*8 “1” shift fix
  • Fix : GT7 more “idle” detection criterias to avoid false positives whens standing still.
  • Feat : added ncalc function DriverPitEnterAtLap (at which lap the driver’s entered the pit the last time)
  • Fix : Postpone ACC opponents data reading until complete data has been received (should solve inaccurate start position and position gain/loss computations)
  • Feat : Train simulator automatic raw telemetry known entries update.
  • Feat : Leds profiles weight loss (removing lot of default values), – Brightness formula group
  • Feat : Serial ports description WMI bypass (should be faster when WMI is messed up)
  • Feat : Leds profiles json weight loss
  • Feat : new computed brightness group

9.1.25 – 9.1.28 – 25/01/2024


  • GT2 brake bias correction table
  • Added car names for all ACC cars
  • Bundled default redlines values for all ACC cars (Thanks to Daniel Newman for scanning all of them), In respect of your configuration this won’t overwrite your current redline settings, but loaded when the car is used for the first time or after “forgetting” the car in settings.


  • Fix : Stackoverflow on JS raw data access on AC
  • Feat : support of Zen’s Simwheels Vezza Ultra
  • Fix : workaround for some Vocore shipped with invalid LCD model identification codes
  • Feat : FM8 car names update

9.1.26 Hotfix : Check both car names and car ids in car conditional leds group (now that ACC cars are named it changed the values forcing to redefine them). It’s not necessary anymore.

9.1.27 :  Tuned some ACC GT2 default redlines values
9.1.28 : Fix for ACC brakebias correction not taken into account

9.1.24 – 22/01/2024

  • Fix : Fixed some crashes in the controller mapper initialization
  • Feat : More complete vocore model and version logging
  • Fix : Ncalc/JS getcontroller functions will detect earlier the device disconnect and avoid polling the controller informations when disconnected.
  • Fix : removed useless Hue bridge scanning at Simhub start
  • 9.1.24 Hotfix : Migration from 2.1.20 was converting LEDs rpm segments from RPM percent to Redline percents.

9.1.21 – 9.1.22 – 19/01/2024


  • Simagic GT Neo wheel support
    • Known issue : with 1.2.5 firmware luminosity must be set to 99% or lower in SimPro. This should be fixed in an incoming firmware version
  • Delta Sim Technologies EVO wheel Support
  • Feat : Vocore MPRO partial draw support (Required the latest firmware (28/12/2023) available here :
  • Feat : Vocore native leds support (
  • UI : Collapsible dash playlists area (usb displays, web, monitor).
  • Fix : USB displays content change detection (reduces USB bandwidth and processing when screen content is not changing)

Ambient lights

  • Feat : Improve multiple HUE areas from the same bridge conflicts detection, and add an information message about actual HUE bridge limitations
  • Feat : Squared average algorithm for capture areas (makes result slightly brighter and less gray in case of heterogeneous colors in the area)
  • Feat : Various capture processing optimisations
  • Feat : Added a pause timer to allow capturing in-game preview without any shortcuts/mapping
  • Feat : Capture monitor choice
  • Feat : Enable or disable an ambient light device per layout (to allow switching between multiple Hue entertainment areas hosted on the same bridge).
  • UI : Reworded “freeze capture” to “pause capture”
  • Fix : Ambient lights controls settings typos

Leds effects

  • Feat : Leds “Scripted content” effect allowing to create full custom effects using javascript
  • Feat : LEDS segments effect relative to the car rpms


  • Feat : Ability to choose replay capture monitor
  • Feat : Switching most child windows to true windows
  • UI : added ncalc/js methods to get controller status by pid/vid (button state, axis, povs, name)
  • Fix : Stricter Monitor identification when a monitor is missing

9.1.22 Hotfix : Fix some leds devices (with no buttons) where not working

9.1.20 – 09/01/2024

Happy new year to everyone ! Here is a little first release of the year full of goodies ! Have fun !


  • Feat : More informative error logs about VOCORE usb communication loss
  • Feat : Dashstudio map, option to always use defined class colours in single class conditions.
  • Feat : Added error log explanation about Leozx simbrige plugin web browser conflicts
  • Fix : Ajusted AX206 default settings (enabled partial draws)
  • Fix : HTML engine font extraction, extract better multiple typeface fonts definitions from font files for HTML rendering.

Ambient lights

  • Feat : Philips Hue entertainment area support
  • Feat : Added capture areas profiles for Govee/Hue/BT
  • Feat : Control bindings (enable/disable, night mode, Profiles cycling)
  • Feat : Govee, devices definition list update
  • Feat : Govee, showing known SKUs in scanner + support advices/warnings


  • Feat : ShakeIt Bass shakers custom effect : per channels frequency can be new bound to a formula.
  • Fix : Simagic haptics motors scaling issue (mostly sensible on p2000 being much more linear past 50%), p1000 won’t show more power from my tests.
  • Fix : Avoid saving an empty sound card in shakeit settings

Leds profiles

  • Added led profiles embedded JS extensions (similar to dashstudio template embedded extensions)

Games data

  • Update : FM8 track and car names
  • Update : WRC track and car names
  • Feat : Enabling GT7/Sport map drawing (Warning the game does not have trackid allowing to persist it across sessions)
  • Feat : RBR extra data (All readers) : EngineOn, BatteryWear, BatteryVoltage, OilPressure
  • Fix : RBR NGP reader, Heave direction fix + N gear when not connected
  • Fix : RBR, delay connection to be sure to have correct track length informations


  • Feat : Support of Vocore VOCORE-3.4INCH-R-SCREEN
  • Feat : Thermaltake LCD Panel – 500 series, 3.9 inch support


  • Feat : Rework of plugin list style to allow quick identification of third party plugins
  • Feat : Profile properties, set profile name to current game name shortcut, set profile game to current game shortcut
  • Fix : Defender folder protection disabled message switched to info level


9.1.19 – 21/12/2023

  • Fix : ACC global yellow filtering to current sector
  • Fix : Avoid complete ShakeIt bass shakers crash in case of faulty audio driver preventing correct sound card listing.
  • Feat : Added a quick profile clone button in profile header (leds, shakeit, etc …)

Have fun !

9.1.17 – 9.1.18 – 15/12/2023

  • Feat : Add fuel consumption statistics for GT7/Sport
  • Fix lap number for GT7/Sport
  • Fix : GT7 Detect end of race and menu
  • Fix : right to left linear gauge image spreading on HTML engine
  • Fix : Arduino RGB matrix settings : Dead lock workaround when validating (apply, ok)
  • Fix : Simcore Indy LCD addition
  • Fix : increased ACC Kerb data sensitivity increase (non directional)
  • Fix : Simhub System informations module, Automatic WMI failure “fuse”, if WMI can’t provide system informations (CPU load, memory load …) it will get disabled automatically instead of keeping trying and causing WMI excessive CPU usage.
  • Feat : Dependencies update (cefsharp/webview2)
  • Feat : Make new version checks on a “half a week” basis by default which be changed to every startup in settings. Which hopefully will workaround antiviruses false positives.
  • Fix : Added ACC global flags for Yellow, Checkered, White, Green
  • Fix : Prevent freezes in case of invalid opponent track position (RF1)

9.1.16 – 08/12/2023

  • Fix : RF2 ABS guessing “dampening” (Which unfortunately “jumped out”‘ of the previous release)
  • Feat : RF2 TC/ABS guessing can be disabled in the global car settings section if needed
  • Feat : Improved BeamNg car id (including the variant)
  • Fix : More HTML engine js dependencies cache busting to avoid corruptions
  • Fix : EA WRC bad lap records generating errors on GLCD/Dashstudio
  • Fix : EA WRC online map submission and retrieving are disabled (unfortunately the telemetry data is too incomplete for it (wrong progression, no “end of stage” signal)
  • Feat : SimCore INDY wheel support

9.1.14 – 9.1.15 – 04/12/2023

  • Fix : RRRE was missing the front right wheel RPS data
  • Fix : Conditional screen overlays were randomly not working on HTML render engine
  • Fix : Refined serial port informations retrieval through WMI (hopefully avoiding some long waits for WMI informations)
  • Fix : significantly lowered RF2 ABS guessing sensitivity (it should only guess true “in car” ABS pulses now, gameplay assists being much more subtle)
  • Fix : Fixed an errors loop when map data is not correct (mostly on EA WRC which does not provide accurate stage end)
  • 9.1.15 Hotfix :
    • Fix : Conditional overlays were still faulty in some “race” conditions
    • Fix : Cleaned default profiles for WEB and Monitor device

9.1.13 – 01/12/2023

Life is a perpetual renewal just like the SimHub development is … For the next updates I will give some focus on ShakeIt, lot of new lessons and new internal tooling are allowing me to go deeper in the data and understand better some of the subtilities of the simulators, and I plan to take benefit of this new knowledge to improve the existing effects 😉 To be followed 😉


  • Feat : Added local velocity extraction to many games
  • Feat : Added basic defender folder access protection detection to help with game configuration troubleshooting
  • Feat : Updated forza motorsport track list
  • Feat : Guessed TC/ABS active on RF2
  • Feat : Reworked the “property plot” feature to be able to set a custom formula (it will also use a lighter charting allowing to show more charts at once)


  • Fix/Feat : Reworked “wheel slip effect” algorithm when only wheel speed is provided (Dirt rally 1/2, EA WRC, RF2 for some cars …)
  • Feat : Added a “traction loss” shakeit effect (similar to the motion effect), games like IRacing were containing this component in the slip effect, it’s now separate for more control.
  • Feat : Added “Landing” effect support for ea wrc (and reworked it for dirt rally 1/2)
  • Feat : Added some informations messages in the effects when the effects are not supported or the game does not provide accurate informations (primarily slip data)
  • Feat : The “traction loss” component is removed from the RPM vs speed slip detection algorythm (IRACING)
  • Fixed suspension velocity “weirdness” on codemasters games.
  • Feat : added gear grinding info and effect to BeamNg
  • Feat : “Jump” detection to suspens slip effect in Dirt rally 1/2, EA WRC


  • Feat : added two new function maptwocolors and mapthreecolors allowing to include the same computations as the color binding in a formula


  • Fix : Leds computations were done even if the device was not connected.
  • Fix : Removed toggle switches color control for the Cubecontrols GTPro v2 which are causing display artefects (wrong colors …) on other leds.
  • Feat : Added Printed Sim Racing GT5.0 Elite Dashboard support
  • Feat : Added symProject GearUp device support
  • Feat : Added SimRep P9XX device support

9.1.12 – 16/11/2023

  • Fix : Improve EA WRC end of stage detection (even if still perfectible due to lack of data)
  • Feat : Add EA WRC stage names and more car names
  • Feat : Add support for Racing Fuel Academy devices
  • Feat : Update Soelped XR-5 default profile.
  • Feat : Extracted Forza turbo data
  • Fix : F123 – F12018 read current sector directly from telemetry
  • Fix : Reduce JS caching scope to dashboard only to avoid issues with JS extensions results.
  • Fix : Remove simagic P2000 firmware version check.

9.1.11 – 11/11/2023

  • Fix : Axis swap was not taken into account on Simagic P1000 inverted.
  • Fix : New “only when pressed” option on P1000 and TB-RS was always active.
  • Feat : More complete car names (Adding brand) for WRC 23

9.1.10 – 10/11/2023

  • Feat : Add EA WRC car names
  • Feat : Added TrackPositionMeters computed property
  • Fix : yaw/pîtc/roll/ local velocity were not fed when using a simhub replay.
  • Fix : Improved govee light detection/reconnect speed and reliability
  • Fix : Loading dashboards with embedded video was failing.

9.1.9 – 09/11/2023

  • EA WRC PC UDP Telemetry support (Warning final lap times, and stage end are wrong, I’m still looking for a workaround if somehow it’s possible)
  • Fix : Iracing oil pressure conversion issue
  • Feat : Simagic TB-RS haptic motors support
  • Feat : Added RBR wheel speed allowing to compute more shake it effects
  • Feat : RBR : Faking telemetry during intro to make game show as connected earlier
  • Fix : Dynamic added repetitions sometimes not in sync on the HTML render engine
  • Feat : Make usb devices update asynchronous (to reduce faulty devices impact on others)
  • Fix : F123 event deserialization during simhub replays fix
  • Fix : custom launcher path : Deduce working directory from exe path
  • Feat : Added DashStudio group content auto arangement/alignement
  • Feat : Added direct structured game rawdata object access to JS engine.
  • Feat : updated some devices default profiles

9.1.7 – 9.1.8 – 02/11/2023

WRC 23
Added support for Motion4All telemetry patch , it’s very basic, but gives some life 😉
It has been tested successfully only on steam version ! Hopefully, this is only a temporary way and Codemasters will release true telemetry soon.

Games data

Added FM23 car names (thanks to forzurda )


  • Clear Adalight at exit/disabling
  • Belt tensioner profiles support
  • GT7 compatibility for the new “spin and lock” effect

Devices support

  • Added support for PSE DD-X, DD-R, GPX+ (Vocore based refresh)
  • Add raw (individual) led access to “simplified device profiles”
    • SOELPEC Spectra XR
    • VPG VPGT
    • Grid by Simlab Porsche 911 RSR
    • Grid by Simlab MPX
    • GSI GT Max 32
    • GSI Hyper P1

9.1.8 Hotfix

  • Fixed Grid devices crashing
  • Added FM 23 track names

9.1.6 – 31/10/2023

WRC 23 

I wish this release would have included WRC 23 support for my “day one” support challenge
… but no telemetry is available yet, however there is still hope : it’s announced to be available in a “future” patch.

Dash studio

Lot of work have been done on DashStudio on this version : lot of optimizations and rewrites to unleash various new design possibilities, the following condensed list does not reflect the massive amount of internal reworks 🙂

  • Repetitions :
    • Bindable layer repetitions
    • Repetitions are now showing as “1” by default, 0 hides the whole layer (this makes it more coherent with the actual use, set it to “15” to have 15 lines overall.
    • Repetitions “offsets” can now be bound
    • It’s now possible to get nested repeatindexes using repeatindex(depth) function (allowing some nested rows/columns disposition for instance).
    • Make repeatindex available to widgets variables
  • Groups
    • Add dashstudio “groups”, and shortcut to create groups (Ctrl + shift + G)
    • New dashstudio items get’s added to the current group/layer
    • Dashstudio Buttons can now host components (like a group)
    • Components tree now always show the group expander if the item is a container (group, layer, button at this date), group expander will be grayed and disabled if there is no child components yet
  • Formulas/bindings
    • It’s now possible to define per binding “JavaScript extensions” inclusions to save resources when they are not needed
    • Added JS extensions preparing (Should improve loading performances when lot or big JS extensions are used)
    • Feat : Added ncalc/js function isbuttonpressed
  • Widgets
    • Widgets “filename” can now be bound to a formula
    • It’s now possible to “freeze” a widget instance on a specific page, allowing to unload all unused pages when running and save ressources
  • Misc
    • Feat : Make new screens transparent as a default for overlays
    • Feat : Added a quick text edit for writable text components on top of the item property list
    • Feat : More visual indicators in the components tree
    • Fix : enforce dashboard/overlays names special characters removal.
    • Fix : Sticky “game notification” display (new lap , best lap etc ..)
    • Fix : Check screens requirements validity before saving/testing dashboard.

Games data

  • Feat : Added P2P state for player and for opponents (iracing only), warning : p2p count is showing bad data for Iracing SF23
  • Feat : Added player p2p state for ACC/RRRE/IRacing
  • Fix : RF2, Attempts to workaround pit state data reliability issues.
  • Fix : ACC current lap sector times were not computed on some specific tracks.

Devices support

  • Added support for VPGGT Support
  • Added support for SimCore UD68
  • Add warning message about HFS conficts when HFS is running for HF8.
  • Fix : Shortened Grid By simlab “handshake” timeouts (version and led count retrieving)
  • Fix : SRH GForce pro leds settings not restoring after restart

Control Mapper plugin

  • Feat : Added controller mapping export/import
  • Feat: Input filters : short press, long press, latching to momentary, momentary to latching, Pressed, Released, Inverted


  • New “Wheel Spin and lock” effect, a new non localized effect, ideal for pedals vibrations, but not only.


  • Feat : add more logging for Arduino scan
  • Feat : “debug” mode logging improvement
  • Feat : Added Lazy loading for a few main window a few controls

Have fun !

9.1.5 – 16/10/2023

  • Car class automatic color assignation fix
  • BeamNG : telemetry mod fix
  • Feat : Improved dash font extraction speed and duplicate checking (both speed and accuracy)

9.1.3 – 9.1.4 – 13/10/2023

  • Fix : Forza Motorsport 23 : force reset map between races and/or disconnects
  • Fix : Standard windows Fonts embedded in dash cleaning could crash dash imports due to file locks (does not happen on all computers apparently).
  • Feat : Added more devices status logging,
  • Feat : Raw screens (Vocore, usbd480) now also appears as “standard devices”.
  • Feat : added method getleaderboardcarclassopponentscount
  • 9.1.4 Hotfix :
    • Fixed Forza Motorsport 23 UDP data alignment 
    • Added Forza Motorsport 23 Tyre wear support
    • Added Forza Motorsport 23 track id support (allowing to keep track of generated maps)

9.1.2 – 09/10/2023

  • Feat : Dash studio refresh rate setting rework and tips.
  • Feat : Adjusted fake CH340 detection
  • Feat : Single class race does not override anymore the map dot colors.
  • Feat : Moved global simhub settings in a child window.
  • Feat : Added result caching optimization of formula results using repeatindex (benefits in high number repetitions contexts such as leaderboards)
  • Feat : WPF chart rendering rewrite from the ground to get it lighter on dashboards.
  • Feat : BestSessionSplits and BestSessionSplitsSameClass addition (and related ncalc/js functions)
  • Feat : It’s now possible to define car class color overrides in a dashboard
  • Feat : Added Smartcool LCD support (with partial draws disabled out of box)
  • Feat : Game launcher : Support “hybrid” platform games for automatic start (Detect automatically either windows store or steam) : FH4, FM8
  • Fix : getopponentleaderboardposition_playerclassonly was not giving the expected result
  • Fix : Web rendering error fix : ‘Collection was modified’
  • Fix : unable to determine some games installation folder.
  • Fix : Automatic ETS2/ATS map switching
  • Fix : ACC crash fix when fast forwarding in a replay
  • Fix : Clear better collected opponent data on session restart/change
  • Fix : Standard windows fonts cleaning and exclusion improvements (independently of the file names)
  • Fix : Improved car class text color picking algorithm
  • Fix : getleaderboardcarclasscount syntax description update
  • Fix : Combined gap return sometimes “0 lap”
  • Fix : Fixed a crash on AMS2 when going online

I gave a big focus on dashboard refresh rate tuning in this release allowing to tune whole dashboard sections much more conveniently.
Tuning the refresh rate will both benefit about performances and readability. For instance a leaderboard refreshing every 16ms degrades readability … and if content is complex … drills performances down. to workaround that “refresh interval” takes now a much more important place in design :

  • Obscure “RenderingSkip” setting is replaced with a more explicit “Update interval” clearly expressed in milliseconds.
  • Layers can now be tuned (and will so affect all the childs at once).
  • The refresh interval is directly shown in the component tree.

9.1.0 – 9.1.1 – 04/10/2023

A massive “opponents” oriented update, along with Forza Motorsport 8 support. Have fun !

  • Forza Motorsport 8 support (this new edition does not improve available telemetry, you can expect the same amount of data as Forza Motorsport 7)
  • Feat : Add filter to effects pickers (Leds, ShakeIt)
  • Fixed ACC “driver swap” losing track of pit/gap stats
  • UI : Make effects groups settings wrap in case window is too narrow
  • UI : Added colored border to all windows (On dark Window themes it was hard to identify the bounds of the windows)
  • Force reset ACC opponents entries on leaderboard entries update.
  • Fix about some formulas getting stuck when switching game
  • Fixed some games not recording replays
  • Reworked all the internal opponents sectors storage to support more than 3 sectors (iracing)
  • Computed isoutlap data.
  • Added more logs to troubleshoot usb device internal browser
  • On Combined USB devices (leds + screen), screen will starts to try connecting only if the leds are connected (avoiding useless screen search etc …)
  • Added a “magic” header to BeamNg telemetry mod to push away “parasite data” (like routers sending unwanted data on 9999 UDP port)
  • Car included in ahead/behind are now configurable in SimHub settings (Trackonly, track + pitlane, track + pitlane + pits)
  • Added class colors settings in Car Settings > Car class colours (Iracing will always use the game provided colours)
  • Added track map class colouring (enabled by default, you can opt out from it in the map properties)
  • Optimized ncalc function “readtextfile” to poll file for changes only every 2 seconds maximum
  • Added new Javascript “run once” section to formulas to allow declaring settings, constants and helper functions only once in order to save significant performances on dash repeating a lot of time the same routines (IE reading settings from a json file).
  • More opponents data made available through ncalc/js methods :
    • DriverAvailable: if a driver is available
    • DriverID: the driver’s unique id
    • DriverCarNumber: the driver’s car number
    • DriverIsCarInPit: if the driver car is in Pit
    • DriverIsConnected: if the driver is connected (Iracing)
    • DriverIsCarInPitLane: if the driver car is in Pit lane
    • DriverTrackPositionPercent: the driver’s track position (0.0 to 1.0)
    • DriverCurrentLapHighPrecision: the driver’s guessed lap in the race including the actual lap percent (0.0 to X.0)
    • DriverSpeed: the actual driver speed (in local unit)
    • DriverRelativeGapToPlayer: the driver’s relative gap to player
    • DriverRelativeDistanceToPlayer: the driver’s relative distance to player
    • DriverLapstoleader: the driver’s laps to race leader
    • DriverLapstoclassleader: the driver’s laps to his own class leader
    • DriverGaptoclassleader: the driver’s gap to his own class leader
    • Driverteamname: the driver’s team name
    • Driverclubname: the driver’s club name (Iracing)
    • DriverLicenceString: the driver’s licence string (Iracing)
    • DriverCarClassColor: the driver’s car class color
    • drivercarclasstextcolor(raceposition) : Returns for the race position the driver’s car class text color (White or black to be readable over car class color) when available.
    • DriverFrontTyreCompound: the driver’s front tyre compound (S,H,W … )
    • DriverRearTyreCompound: the driver’s rear tyre compound (S,H,W … )
    • DriverFrontTyreCompoundGameCode: the driver’s front tyre compound as reported by the game
    • DriverRearTyreCompoundGameCode: the driver’s rear tyre compound code as reported by the game
    • DriverTimeSinceLastPitOut: how much time the driver’s drove since the last pit exit (guessed)
    • DriverLapsDoneSinceLastPitOut: how many laps driver’s drove since the last pit exit (0.0 to X.0, guessed)
    • DriverPitCount: How many time the driver went to pits (guessed)
    • DriverPitLastDuration: How long the last pit stop took (guessed)
    • driversectorbest(raceposition, sectorindex, includePreviousSectorsTime) : Returns for the race position and the sector index (sectorindex starting from 1) the driver’s session best sector time (Theorical time of cumulated best sectors of the session) when available, when includePreviousSectorsTime is true the time given cumulates the previous sectors time otherwise it only includes the current sector.
    • driversectorbestlap(raceposition, sectorindex, includePreviousSectorsTime) : Returns for the race position and the sector index (sectorindex starting from 1) the driver’s best lap sector time when available, when includePreviousSectorsTime is true the time given cumulates the previous sectors time otherwise it only includes the current sector.
    • driversectorcurrentlap(raceposition, sectorindex, includePreviousSectorsTime) : Returns for the race position and the sector index (sectorindex starting from 1) the driver’s current lap sector time when available, when includePreviousSectorsTime is true the time given cumulates the previous sectors time otherwise it only includes the current sector.
    • driversectorlastlap(raceposition, sectorindex, includePreviousSectorsTime) : Returns for the race position and the sector index (sectorindex starting from 1) the driver’s last finished lap sector time when available, when includePreviousSectorsTime is true the time given cumulates the previous sectors time otherwise it only includes the current sector
    • drivercurrentlaptime(raceposition) : Returns for the race position current lap time (guessed) when available.
    • driverisoutlap(raceposition) : Returns for the race position if the driver is in first lap after pit out when available.
    • driverisplayer(raceposition) : Returns for the race position if the driver is the actual player when available. (renamed from isplayer, old function till works)
    • driverclassposition(raceposition) : Returns for the race position the driver’s position in his own class when available.
    • drivergaptoleadercombined(raceposition) : Returns for the race position the driver’s gap to the leader (laps or gap) when available.
    • driverrelativegaptoplayercombined(raceposition) : Returns for the race position the driver’s gap to the player (laps or gap) when available.
    • drivergaptoclassleadercombined(raceposition) : Returns for the race position the driver’s gap to the player’s class leader (laps or gap) when available.
    • driveriscaringarage(raceposition) : Returns for the race position if the driver car is in garage (RFactor2) when available.
    • getopponentleaderboardposition_aheadbehind(relativeindex) : Returns the leaderboard position of the player’s ahead/behind on track opponents (relativeindex : 0 = player, -1 the first opponent ahead, 1 the first opponent behind etc …
    • getopponentleaderboardposition_aheadbehind_playerclassonly(relativeindex) : Returns the leaderboard position of the player’s ahead/behind on track opponents for the player class (relativeindex : 0 = player, -1 the first opponent ahead, 1 the first opponent behind etc …
    • getopponentleaderboardposition_playerclassonly(leadertboardposition) : Returns the leaderboard position of opponents of the same class (leadertboardposition : 1 first opponent of the class …
  • 9.1.1 Hotfix
    • Fix : Formula pickers (custom effects etc …) were erasing formulas after edition.
    • Fix : blurradius binding changes from “blur” to “no blur” where not working on html

9.0.4 – 20/09/2023

  • Feat : Added brake effects/group (Matrix/leds)
  • Feat : Add manual overlay visibility mode + smarter visibility toggle to switch from visible to hidden no matter the current game conditions
  • Feat : Added Estimatedlaptime based on session best
  • Feat : Do not show device secondary name when the custom name starts with the default name.
  • Feat : Added predefined led count for standard devices.
  • Fix : Web engine, borner radius not applying when goind dynamically from radius > 0 to a zero radius.
  • Feat : Do not send useless border infos to web device.
  • Feat : Allow usage of TimeSpanToSeconds over datetime type.
  • Feat : generate full device from standard device (Device template)
  • Feat : Support for Cube controls AMG GT, GT-PRO V2, GT-X2
  • Fix : Improve led scroll animation bounds and reset state when it gets activated. Feat : Add Leds breath group
  • Fix : Make overlay layout editor background more transparent
  • Feat : Added support for Delta devices
  • Feat : added support for vocore 5″ D500FPC931A-A and updated listing of screen models variations.
  • Feat : Added support for P1000/P2000 motors reactor
  • Fix : BeamNG telemetry fix on props (trailer, rock …)

Have fun !

9.0.3 – 13/09/2023

  • Fixed BeamNG new telemetry mod compatibility for trucks and any cars with special drive train (multiple, missing …)
  • Added a few additional raw telemetry channels for beamng (light_LowHighBeam, light_LowBeam, light_Fog)
  • Improved UDP conflict detection, simhub will continue checking unless the game is connected, in case of conflict detected the information will be kept sticky to help with conflicts occuring only when the game is launched.
  • Fix : Added a workaround for some plugins reinstantiating the ncalc/js engine in a loop, coupled with the latest performance optimisations this was causing a significant memory pressure leading to out of memory errors.
  • Added dash notifications for device loss/connection in the control mapper plugin

9.0.2 – 11/09/2023

  • Improved monitor serial number error handling and logging (errors would lead to broken monitors listing)
  • It’s now possible to enable/disable dash plugin messages on “web-slots”.
  • In some conditions overlays were listed in the taskbar, they are now always hidden from the taskbar as it was previously.
  • Improved dash playlists management
    • Per car playlist UI will show the first dash of the playlist and how many more are configured.
    • The default “game dash” for a game can now be used for not configured cars.
  • NCALC-JS :
    • Added formula parsing caching, allowing to save loading times and memory on heavy and repetitive dashs (like leaderboards)
    • Downloadstring now returns the error in case of server failure.
    • Added a new “non blocking” method downloadstringasync.
  • “Oldies” : Added basic NR2003 Season support (latest “patch”
  • Added support for Zen’s Simwheels SIMDASH-ELITE 4.3
  • Added “Widgets instance variables”, allowing to pass specific variables values from the parent dashboard to the specific widget instance/
  • Fix : It’s not possible anymore to delete the last profile in the profile manager (leaving the feature such as leds, shakers …) with no current profile.
  • QOL : Leds previews in effects headers can be clicked to allow quick position identification.

9.0.0 – 9.0.1 – 31/08/2023

This new major version started on an heavy focus on “on screen” dash windows management with a complete rewriting of that part , and ended to affect all aspects of dash management … desktop, web, overlays, usb screens …. as well as many little (but significant 😉 ) changes along the road.

Take a deep breath …. here comes the “condensed” changelog of almost 5 months of work !

Dashstudio Desktop

  • Unlimited dashboard saved locations
    • It can be a monitor, a predefined windowed location, or simply the last location.
    • Saved locations creates a “device” offering a similar “all in one” experience as other usb devices
    • Various “Start mode” (At simhub startup, at game process start, at game connected or even manual).
    • Individual controls for each location (next screen, previous etc …).
    • Controls to open/close the dash.
    • When opening on a location from the dash list the dash will replace the previously displayed one.
    • If the dash is configured to be displayed on a specific monitor it will automatically close/open depending if the monitor is available.
  • Dash Playlist management
    • Ability to choose precisely the next/previous dash content :
      – All dashboards
      – Favourite dashboards
      – Specific playlist
    • Added explicit per game default dash/idle dash reloading
    • It’s now possible to assign car specific playlists.
  • Better handling of “transparency” for dashboards (it will automatically detect if transparency is available in the design and remember the last state).
  • Better handling of dashboards previous/next actions : they will now take care of switching automatically to the last saved rendering engine and transparency settings)
  • Replaced the desktop HTML Rendering engine from CefSharp to Microsoft WebView 2.
  • Updated CefSharp to the latest version (Still Used by USB displays and webpage component in WPF rendering engine)
  • Html engine rendering rate is now separately configurable depending of the usage : desktop or browser
  • It’s now possible to choose the default rendering engine globally (HTML or WPF)
  • Dashboards resizing can now be done in a more window standard way by grabbing any side
  • Workarounds for monitor resolution changes, when in full screen if the dash is pushed away from the monitor (IE : during primary monitor resolution change), the dash will recover its intended screen automatically.
  • Scalable dash UI : Buttons and title bar can be scaled up or down
  • Better monitor identification (a kind of mix of monitor name, windows id, serial number, eeid informations ….) allowing to more consistently keep track of a unique monitor
  • Workaround for windows taskbar sometimes losing track of fullscreen windows and sometimes covering a dash.

Dashstudio USB devices (Vocore, usbd480 …)

  • Added dithering algorithm
  • Updated support to add the new dash playlist management system (see above)

Dashstudio WEB (Mobile, browser ….)

  • It’s now possible to create a mobile device “slot” with complete remote control giving a similar experience and control as an usb device
    • Automatic dashs changes
    • Per car playlist management
    • Force landscape support
    • Mirror support (for aftermarket phone Hud mirrors)
    • Easier controls assignment (one slot => one set of controls)
    • List of connected devices to the “slot”

Dashstudio Overlays

  • Reworked the “overlay editor” to get it more friendly
  • Added overlay edition control
  • Added overlay close control
  • Added semi transparent background during overlay edition to make it easier to locate parts
  • Overlay layout control window is now only “Top most” when focused allowing to bo above the overlays when used, but behind the game and overlays when not focused.
  • Overlay layouts auto start :
    • It’s now possible to choose a global default overlay layout or a specific one for each game
    • Autostart can now occur right at start/game change, or can be deferred to game start
    • Multiple deferred auto start behaviours available (Only start once, start every time, start and close automatically

Dashstudio Editor

  • Added video (webm) component (this might not work on IOS where “autoplay” is messy)…


  • Added eXpansim support
  • Added volvo the game support
  • Added RDS – The Official Drift Videogame support
  • Completely took back from the ground BeamNg support with a dedicated telemetry mod providing significantly more data than the combination of official OutGauge/Motionsim outputs.
  • Updated game “start options” to add “VR” (SteamVR) /”OtherVR” (Oculus) options for games supporting it (for steam).


  • Since a saved dashboard can now be used as a “device” any HDMI screen can benefit from it :
    • Added a new standard device : standard leds + hdmi screen
    • Updated the DDU10 device to offer dash control (it needs to be deleted/added back).
  • Removed the now obsolete “load legacy settings” option when adding devices.
  • Added support for Chimaera Racing CR-5 Pro
  • Added support for SimCore STD98
  • Updated default soelpec default device profiles

Belt tensioner

  • UI styling changes
  • Added pitch/roll acceleration effects
  • Expanded smoothing ranges
  • Splitted Gain and Max actuator travel for better flexibility
  • Added a connection status indicator
  • Added a button to test that max travel is not losing steps
  • Added a recalibrate button and action


  • Thanks to the lessons learned during the dash window rewrite a workaround for the extremely annoying NV surround behaviours has been added (Shaking window during maximizing, taskbar position randomly taken into account …). The window will resize itself to the correct location instead of letting the system (and nvidia) do it avoiding the Nvidia surround “approximate” behaviors. (Added to the simhub main window as well as the dash studio editor.
  • Since administrator rights are no longer mandatory in most of the “normal” uses cases,
    • SimHub won’t prompt anymore for administrator rights at first start
    • Game setup will use an external “elevated” process, time to install the plugins/make required config files changes instead of requiring whole simHub privileges elevation.
    • SimHub will check for game process elevation and alert in case the game runs in higher privileges.
  • More homogeneous styling of game alerts (manual configuration,auto configuration, udp conflits, admin rights)
  • Reworked Tab control styling (it clearly had a “visibility” issue)
  • Added an option to the installer to install/update the default dashs/overlays
  • A new welcome screen will ask for your preferred units at the first Simhub start


Known plugins requiring an update :

  • leoxz plugin won’t work with v9 version (SimBridge 1.4.1 at the time of this writing) until it gets updated (due to the CEFSharp upgrade)

Android app has been updated :

  • Existing Android App must be uninstalled before installing the new one, to download it simply open the dash list from the mobile browser and download it from here.

Are you still here ? 🙂
Thanks to everyone who have been providing ideas, feedbacks or encouragements along this very long road !

8.4.11 – 18/08/2023

  • Fixed GPbike support broken by Beta21 structures changes
  • Fixed BeamNg automatic configuration
  • Added support for multiple FN buttons in the control mapper plugin
  • Added support for “press and hold” in the web control mapper mapping assistant.
  • Added support for AlphaTecRacing Dashboard GT3
  • Added joystick “buffered data” reading (in both joystick and control mapper plugin) allowing to catch insanely shortly timed button presses sometimes occurring on encoders.
  • Added a “forget device” confirmation prompt in the arduino settings

Have fun !

8.4.10 – 04/08/2023

  • Fix : 3Drap VOTA buttons physical ordering
  • New : Simutec SDU3 support
  • Fix : Windows location on startup was wrong on a screen with scaling > 100%
  • Fix : Serial number on leds device was still taken into account when the option was unchecked but a serial was already picked.

8.4.9 – 02/08/2023

  • Added Experimental support Drift21 support
  • Added support for BavarianSimTec Omega Pro
  • Added support for 3DRap Vota
  • Added support for multiple leds devices of a kind for the standard protocol using unique serial number (documentation and sample code to be updated soon)
  • Added support for GRID brows extensions (up to 4 modules)
  • Added support for incoming GRID leds devices firmware with unique serial number (DDU10/5) allowing multiple device support.

Have fun !

8.4.7 – 8.4.8 – 06/07/2023

  • LibUSB upgrade (Vocore, AX206) , this seems to solve screen not detected issues on some systems.
  • Added support for GSI X29
  • Added support for some Reiza Studios “oldies” (rfactor 1 based) :
    • Copa Petrobras de Marcas
    • Formula truck 2013
  • Fix for a crash suspending telemetry in iracing when still in the menus.

8.4.6 – 01/07/2023

  • Gap computation
    • Added a setting to SimHub gap compuration algorythm choice : Micro sectors vs Distance to time (legacy), default is legacy Distance to time.
    • Smoothed micro sectors computation
    • Micro sectors computation is now working on replays
  • Fix : Reading the sound input status could lead to a dead lock.
  • Fix : Static map render in HTML (mobile, usb displays) will now render the player on top (like the desktop engine)
  • Added ShakeIt information messages when there are no effects and/or no outputs configured.

8.4.4 – 8.4.5  – 27/06/2023 

  • Added dashboard variables (reusable variables at dashboard level which can be transmited to child widgets)
  • Added new dashstudio images tool window
  • Added dashboard local javascript extensions (so extensions can be exported/imported with the dashboard)
  • Added Drag’n’drop support for rpms segments (led editor)
  • Added shortname (F. Lastname) for opponents data
  • New ncalc/js functions : drivershortname, driverinitials
  • Added BestLapOpponentSameClassPosition property
  • Added sound input mute toggle action (mic …) and related status property
  • Fix : Overlay<->Dashboard conversion not refreshing the lists
  • Completely rewritten gap estimation for games not providing it (AC, ACC …..) using a “micro sector approach” ,
    Warning : this is a generic “F1 Like” computation : this can’t give exactly the same result as in game displays. Games uses many different computations/estimations which can’t be reproduced exactly unless the game provides directly in telemetry the shown values.
    NB : When games gives those values, this computation is overriden by the game reported values.
  • Relative gap (ahead/behind on track) now uses the previously mentionned “micro sector approach”
  • Workaround for invalid ACC opponents data when they are crossing start line (Completed laps + Spline position inconsistencies) messing the leaderbaord order
  • Added support for Zen’s Simwheels Uniflex-Elite
  • Reworked F123 RaceControlDRSEnabled raw property to reflect the three states (no information sent = null, enabled = true, disabled = false)
  • F123 : Added red flag status reset when the start lights are starting.
  • New : ACC, Use temperatures (air, road) from Braodcasting API when not availalble from shared memory telemetry
  • 8.4.5 Hotfix :
    • Removed some now useless constraints before ahead/behind data were made available
    • Fix for the BestLapOpponentSameClassPosition not giving the correct value

8.4.2 – 8.4.3 – 16/06/2023 

  • F1 23 : updated teams names from the latest F123 specifications.
  • F1 23 : extracted Tyresetdata
  • NCALC/JS engine : added bestsectortime function
  • 8.4.3 HOTFIX : Fixed automatic game detection only working once

8.4.1 – 13/06/2023 – Hotfix

  • Fix : F1 23 reading could crash when reading the new tire set data, the data has been removed time to get a better understanding of how it works.

8.4.0 – 12/06/2023

  • Added initial support for F1 23 (Thanks for everyone who helped to add it during the beta phase)
  • Improved Fake CH340 chips detection and added automatic driver fix prompt when the required conditions are met (fake ch340G with latest driver)
  • Improved serial port device name detection for HID devices (it will show the USB descriptor device name instead of a generic Serial port name), available in both simhub and setup tool.
  • Improved package manager (Arduino, drivers …) cancel handling.
  • New devices added :
    • GRID DDU5 native support (needs an incoming firmware update)
    • GRID DDU10 leds native support (needs an incoming firmware update)
    • Precision Sim Engineering PSP support

Have fun !

8.3.13 – 29/05/2023

  • Added new ACC Mclaren 720s gt3 evo brake bias correction
  • Added Fanatec pedals rumble data stream timeout to avoid getting SimHub getting stuck in case of hardware/usb issue.

8.3.12 – 25/05/2023

  • Since a recent driver update delivered through windows update, some counterfeit CH340G won’t work correctly (used on some Arduino clones) : Added warnings about these chips issues and links to help diagnose it. Those messages will appear when:
    • A CH340G based serial port is selected in the Arduino Setup tool
    • A CH340G based serial port has been scanned without success in SimHub (unrecognised)
  • Fixed : Dash studio Z-order menu wrong labels.
  • Fixed : On Dash studio button component the simulated keys property was readonly.

NB : Overall it’s not possible to detect automatically if a CH340G chip is genuine, those messages are purely informative and shown for any CH340G chip to help you troubleshoot issues if unfortunately you are victim of a fake CH340G chip.

More information about counterfeit CH340G :—Counterfeit-Fake-CH340G-chips-driver-issues

8.3.11 – 19/05/2023

  • New
    • Default wheels buttons colors changes are now visualized in real time on the device instead of being applied after validating the dialog.
    • Added rim model detection for the control mapper plugin for Fanatec bases (thanks to Fanatec for making it possible).
    • If a javascript extension is invalid SimHub will continue executing other extensions instead of rejecting the whole JS expression.
    • Added a search box in the “add device” dialog.
  • Fixed
    • Dashboards/designer could freeze after a game was taking/releasing fullscreen (old <=DX11 games) when running a dashboard with Dial Gauges
    • New RF2 plugin data were getting mixed.
    • Logging was creating an useless empty file when starting as administrator
  • New devices added :
    • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura SPORT-SC
    • Ascher Racing McLaren Artura PRO-SC
    • GRID Brows V2 (this does not cover old Grid Brows “V1” still emulating the arduino sketch).
    • Added support for multiple HSR fans in the ShakeIt wind plugin (Multiple fans support requires new hardware versions embedding an unique identifier)
    • CP-S Formula (Collaboration between TwentyOne Performance, Pro-Sim and Cool Performance)
    • Reorganized Grid devices to offer simple/advanced devices profiles instead of a limited generic “Grid by simlab” profile.
  • Technical :
    • Upgraded VC++ x86 2019 redistributable to VC++ 2015-2022 x86 redistributable package.

8.3.10 – 08/05/2023

  • Added new ACC DLC cars brake-bias offsets
  • Updated RF2 plugin to the latest version (adding some electric data support to the rawdata), this version is the same as Crew Chief to avoid any useless conflicts.
  • Fixed controller plugin not showing all the devices when the list was too long
  • Startup screen is now showing in taskbar.
  • After USBD480 disabling / disconnecting touch is now disabled (to avoid some sticky issues with non touch versions requiring a physical power cycle to get touch disabled internally. This was causing extra bandwidth usage and display shifts on an overloaded USB port/hub and making hard to diagnose such bandwidth issues)
  • Added two global shortcuts (working from SimHub main window) :
    • CTRL + L : Opens the log folder
    • CTRL + O : Starts current game
  • OutGauge (LFS, BeamNg) now binds to any IP instead of being restricted to (local computer)
  • Fixed “save opened dashboards” locking simhub exit (and dash studio options saving).
  • Fixed a memory leak occurring when enabling VJoy output option in the control mapper while VJoy is not installed on the computer.
  • Changed extension of all logging files from .log to .txt to make it easier to open.
  • Reworked the watchdog traces to make them easier to open (pure developer convenience :D)
  • Updated most of the SimHub libraries dependencies : Log4Net, Xceed, AvalonDock,, core, Jint (Javascript engine library) ….

8.3.8 – 8.3.9 – 24/04/2023

  • Fix : Control mapper/Controllers input plugin : Reading the controller buttons/pov count could create interference with Wheel FFB, any references of it has been removed.
  • During the previous bug hunt, the controllers input plugin has been mostly rewritten, as a bonus it’s now possible to control which controller simhub will connect to.
  • Fix : Dashstudio web engine would not load properly dashs and widgets with special characters in the file name.
  • Fix : In Simulight plugin it was not possible anymore to edit adalight led layout.
  • Cleanup : Another wave of unused dlls has been removed from the installer, This hopefully should be the last one thanks to an huge internal rework of Simhub dependencies management. As a result to all the recent work about installer size, it went from 240MB to 133MB, helping with download size as well as installation/update speed.
  • 8.3.9 Hotfix : dashboards with spaces/special characters names would not load on USB devices.

8.3.7 – 13/04/2023

  • Fixed an issue with ATMega32U4 based arduinos not reconnecting after game switching
  • Fixed a false UDP conflict detection with ACC happening if the game was started before SimHub (The message was not affecting game data reading)
  • Spring cleaning : Make way ! Make way !
    • Log tab can now be disabled/enabled in SimHub settings (fresh installs will get it disabled by default, on previous installs it can be disabled in settings)
    • Additional plugins tab is now hidden if no plugins uses it
    • Arduino plugin settings tabs have been reordered to give priority to RGB leds and matrixes which are the most used now.
    • Removed some unused dlls
  • Dashstudio widgets
    • Initial screen index can now be bound and allows to change dynamically the screen
    • Screens roles and activation in widgets can now be enabled in the widget properties (EnableScreenRolesAndActivation)
  • Updated IT translation thanks to Marco G.

8.3.6 – 08/04/2023

Eh windows I need a bit more time to shutdown all those devices !

  • Fix : Windows was randomly closing SimHub prematurely when shutting down the computer. This was occasionally not giving the required time to SimHub to close and clear properly all devices currently running (leds displays …), SimHub will now ask to windows this required extra time.
  • In addition Simhub actual shutdown time has been improved by closing displays in parallel instead of one at a time. (Shutdown time can vary a lot depending of the enabled devices, current tasks running etc …)
  • Reworked some logging to make it a bit easier to read the logs.
  • Fix : Preventing a plugin UI crash to block SimHub loading (a message will show instead notifying the error)
  • Fix : Shakeit advanced output settings would not get saved sometime (Suspend settings, automatic restart etc …)
  • Fix : I got a couple of reports of Simucube 2 Pro FFB not working when things were started in a specific order (at windows startup for instance) I’ve not found yet any causes or been able to reproduce it, But It could be related to the wheel detection in the new Control Mapper plugin. As a safety measure :
    • SC2 rim detection does not run anymore when the option is not checked. Detection when enabled will start after 5s and only if Truedrive is already running to make absolutely sure to not interfer with its startup.
    • Stopped all the background routines running when the control mapper plugin is enabled but the output option is “Disabled” (which is the default out of box)
    • As a double safety the plugin is not enabled anymore on fresh installs (if you don’t use and it’s enabled you can disable it in SimHub settings).

8.3.5 – 04/04/2023 – Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue I was tracking since a few days without success : default shake it bass shaker profile created on a fresh install were having effects not correctly initialized and were not outputting any sounds.
  • Fixed the new stream deck control mapper plugin not showing the selected input after reloading the editor : uninstall  first the old plugin version using right click on the action in the stream deck software then reinstall it using simhub
  • Removed the new fixed TCP port (49876) for web API which seems to interfere with other services on some machines.

8.3.4 – 04/04/2023

  • Reworked installer :
    • Arduino IDE is now installed on demand and not part anymore of the installer.
    • USB displays drivers (USBD480, Vocore, AX206) can now be installed through installer (enabled by default). As installing these drivers is a long process they won’t be installed on updates, only on first install.
    • Most installer dependencies (vc++ etc …) are now using proper silent install switches
    • Monster games plugin (nascar heat …) is now downloaded “on demand”, some antiviruses being picky about it and not part anymore of the installer.
    • The installer will now try to shutdown Simhub in a proper manner before installing.
    • All the above work made the installer significantly slimmer with some positives side effects : Antivirus scan after download is significantly faster, actual installation is faster
  • Control mapper
  • USB Displays
    • All usb displays (Vocore, USBD480 …) now have a framerate limit available according to their actual capabilities
    • Improved framerate limiting algorythm
    • Added contrast control
  • Fixes :
    • Fix : ShakeIt wind could go above 100% of wind speed making actual wind speed overflowing and starting back from 0 (issue primarly visible in shakeIt wind when using manual max speed)
    • Fix : Dashstudio widgets “initialscreenindex” was not taken into account on web engine (usb displays, browsers)
    • Fix : Devices not allowed to be suspended (when screen is off) would still show a suspended state (primarily visible in remote desktop mode)
    • Fix : Fixed a crash when using an USBD480 with builtin leds (SRH G-force LCD Pro) with a non led compatible device profile
    • Fix : Dashboard repetitions were not initialized when switching dashboards using actions
  • Improvements :
    • Serial port characteristics retrieving through WMI is now restricted to the essential properties, hopefully making simhub faster to load when a device is making WMI slow to respond.
    • If an application is using already the same TCP port as SimHub internal server port (Fiddler …), simhub will peek automatically a new TCP port the the session, avoiding issues with usb screens.
    • A new fixed TCP port (49876) has been added for API interactions between apps and SimHub (avoiding some extra settings to set the current port or failure is the TCP port has been changed through the settings).

8.3.3 – 26/03/2023 – Hotfix

  • Fix : Shakeit effect folders were removed from profiles while trying to automatically remove incompatible effects between bass shakers and motors.
  • Fix : Dashstudio buttons were not showing the pressed image when defined in HTML mode.
  • Feature : Reintroduced the UDP games conflict detailed detection , the conflicting app name will now be shown again (the feature was removed as an attempt to workaround Windows defender false positive detection).
  • The installer will now be delivered as an exe instead of a zip file. Size variation does not justify anymore to deliver it as a zip.

8.3.0 – 8.3.2 – 24/03/2023

  • Control remapper plugin :
    • New “FN” virtual modifier allowing to use buttons/povs combos and virtually double the number of inputs of your controller
    • Added wheel model detection for simucube allowing to create input profiles per wheel (optional), Huge thanks to Mika from Simucube for the information making it possible
    • Reworked settings storage to be more future proof (all settings should be kept in most cases).
    • Added some indications when a VJoy issue is detected about :
      • Target VJoy not available
      • VJoy already used by another app
      • Button count mismatch vs the 128 recommended buttons.
  • Ambient lights plugin :
    • Added support for “Razer chroma” compatible govee lights offering a wide selection of leds devices :
    • Improved UX of light devices area placement :
      • New placement grid
      • Area focus to move it easily
      • Devices area groups (for multiple leds devices)
    • Performances optimizations (less pixels are processed to get the average color)
    • Reworked color processing settings :
      • Light/dark scene settings
      • Color correction,brightness and gray level mode are now per device
      • Improved minimum color handling to reduce blinking at low brightness
    • Fixed a few errors showing in the log during resolution/screen mode changes etc … but not affecting the normal working mode.
    • Added an option to turn off lights when monitor is off.
    • Added a control input to freeze the current picture allowing to switch and make capture areas/ color correction adjustments much more easily
  • Inputs
    • Joystick plugin now reads all controllers POVS instead of just the first one.
    • Keyboard input plugin finally supports key modifiers combo (CTRL+xxx… ALT+xxx… SHIFT+xxx… CTRL + SHIFT + xxx…)
  • Shake It
    • Wind
      • Reduced idling delay of HRS fans
      • Fixed an issue with drafting effecting ACC online and making the draft stop the fans;
    • Bass shakers / motors :
      • Loading a profile coming from motors in bass shakers and the opposite would fail and bread the output settings, incompatible effects of the target mode are now removed during import.
  • Dash studio
    • Added an option to choose the widget initial page at loading
    • Dash studio automatic backups are now cleaned at SimHub startup instead of just when saving a dashboard.
    • Better windows standard fonts cleaning in dashboards
  • Devices
    • Added GSI Hyper P1 support
    • Added GSI GTMax-32 support (needs a firmware update, which will be delivered through GSI control center)
    • Added GSI Formula Pro Elite support (needs a firmware update, which will be delivered through GSI control center)
    • Added AlphaTecRacing Dashboard Formula support
    • Added power settings : All devices are now closed (shutdown) when the monitor goes to sleep.
    • Added a “Device extension SDK” allowing to add a custom control panel to devices.
    • Device defaults can now be overridden without getting overwritten by installer by adding a device settings file inside DeviceDefaults\Overrides folder
    • AX206 Improvements
      • Added multiple AX206 support based on serial number (warning AX206 serial number seems based on manufacturing date and the needed could not be unique depending of the batches)
      • Added framerate limiting for AX206
      • AX206 physical disconnect is now detected instead of remaining connected.
  • Games
    • Improved RF1/GTR2 disconnect status
    • Improved UDP Games conflicts detection with other applications, the conflicting app is now indicated when possible allowing to solve more easily the conflict.
  • System infos
    • Removed embedded “Open hardware monitor” component, unfortunately all variations of this component even the most recent contains some security breach rightly pointed by some antivirus.
    • Added a few vitals information read directly by SimHub in replacement of “Open hardware monitor”
      • CPU load
      • Memory load
      • Property about the monitors state (ON/sleeping)
  • Other
    • Workaround for .net framework serial ports releasing after physical disconnect keeping the serial ports visible in the system.
  • 8.3.1 Hotfix : Antivirus were unusually aggressive toward the installer (even if false positives are usual with new versions) : changed the installer compression method and install order, everything seems quiet now … Antivirus hammer mysteries striked again.
  • 8.3.2 Hotfix : Windows Defender was still randomly flagging the installer while not blaming any SimHub files once installed. As a workaround :
    • The installer got updated the the latest innosetup version with a little face lift for the occasion.
    • Removed UDP conflicts application name (conflicts will still be detected), it could have been triggering windows defender.
      • The installer got updated the the latest innosetup version with a little face lift for the occasion.
      • Removed UDP conflicts application name (conflicts will still be detected), it could have been triggering windows defender.
      • Windows defender seems quiet for now … until next false positive.

8.2.3 – 27/02/2023 – Hotfix

  • Fix : AC pitlimiter and revlimiter were mixed since previous release.
  • Fix : Some DashStudio buttons could catch a wrong pressed event when using desktop engine and dashboard was windowed.
  • Fix : Control mapper web interface was going back to top after each button press.
  • Feat : Added bashshaker idle mode : when not in game the audio interfaces will be stopped allowing computer sleep after an idle timer.
  • Fix : BassShakers “forget all disconnected outputs” feature was forgetting all audio outputs.
  • Fix : Multiple Vocore would not connect at SimHub launch and require unplugging/replugging the screen to get it connected
  • Fix : Ahead/Behing best lap time was lost on last update
  • New SimCore firmware exclusion from Arduino serial scan

Have fun !

8.2.2 – 17/02/2023

  • New control mapper plugin (Documentation :
    • An alternative to various “Joy to joy” solutions already available, but primarily focused on wheels hot swapping, it allows to aggregate multiple wheels buttons / controllers to a single one allowing easy in game controller/wheel hot swapping.
    • Many simple use cases :
      • Wheel hot swapping : no matter if you have two or ten wheels, diy or commercial , wheel swapping dream is often broken by in game mappings to be done again
      • Sequential shifter vs paddles ? you can have both ready to go.
      • Controllers limits ? ATS/ETS2 limits you to 4 controllers : one handbrake, one split shifter, one shifter, one wheel … No room available anymore for your button box or any fancy controller you might still have.
    • Some key features :
      • “role name” based mapping, because most wheels have many buttons nowadays who can remember what does “button 1” or “button 42” ? It allows to quickly add a new wheel based on names instead of numbers.
      • Multiple virtual controller options available to fit as best as possible your existing setup :
        • Vjoy : as it is THE known software only solution for such cases, but it went so popular that it’s maybe already busy for another software, and adding multiple Vjoy controllers is not always handled fluently by all games.
        • Arduino Pro micro / leonardo bridge: just plug one of those arduino boards and after a two clicks flash process, benefit of a driver less and conflict less virtual controller.
      • A simple web interface accessible from your phone allows to do all your in game bindings avoiding tinkering with HIDHide and similar softwares to avoid double inputs.
      • SimHub internal actions bindings will use “roles” in priority allowing to bind actions independently of the actual device.
  • GT Sport/ GT7
    • It’s now possible to configure the UDP receive port (to allow usage together with another application forwarding data or any UDP forwarder)
    • It’s now possible to configure the Console IP (if somehow your network/firewall does not let broadcast UDP go through.
    • Fixed low speed slip giving really high values (against walls etc …)
  • AC
    • Added AC UDP API support for reading the TC and ABS active status.
  • Some improvements on valid lap checking (AMS2, PCars2)
  • Added support for the SimCore DDU line (DS1-S, DS5, UD2-J)
    • DS5 and UD2-J requires a firmware update which will be available shortly here
  • Dashstudio buttons improvements (pressed state, pressed opacity)
  • Fix : When hot swapping vocore displays it would not reconnect sometimes.
  • Fixed RF2 opponents name special characters issues
  • Fixed VPG Pro led ordering as well as updated picture and defaut settings
  • Properties and data
    • Added LapsToPlayer, LapsToLeader and speed to Ahead/Behind opponents data
    • Added simulated blood pressure data for Heart sensor for easy chart.

Have fun !

8.2.1 – 20/01/2023

Happy new year !

  • Added support for standard BLE Heart rate monitor devices (compatible watches, band …).
  • Replaced some devices pictures to unformize look.
  • R3E telemetry update.
  • Changed some popups look to match the latest popups look and feel.
  • Fixed an issue with dash web rendering not correctly taking into account dynamic component resizing.
  • Reworked the look of the device leds modules.
  • New in dash navigation support for touch panels.
  • Added support for the Symprojects DDU10
  • Added support for the SimLab MPX
  • Improved support for Iracing 360hz
  • Fixed the keyboard reader plugin not able to catch inputs when simhub was started minimized.
  • Fixed Vocore 6.8 touch being reversed
  • Added esportsim wheel arduino serial scan exclusion
  • Renamed “ForceFeel Pad” to “ForceFeel Pad / Next Level Racing HF8 Haptic Gaming Pad” (Both devices sharing the same electronic)
  • Fixed device picture replacement which was reducing the picture size
  • Added multiple corsair nexus support / Framerate limiter
  • Devices activation status is now saved and restoread accross simhub restarts.
  • Fixed GT7 tyre temp telemetry mapping.
  • Added support for remote dash rendering :
  • Fixed a crash of the leds test data editor not working when using a specific game group.
  • Opened support for standard leds devices :
  • Improved invalid lap handling for ACC

8.2.0 – 16/12/2022 

The dilemma release … should I or should I not add Gran Turismo support ? SimHub is dedicated to PC games support and supporting Gran Turismo games which are console “only” was creating such big dilemma ! After a long (really long !) I finally decided to release it ! Have fun ! 

Special thanks to Nenkay and GTPlanet members who opened the way to GT telemetry !

Happy Holidays Season to all of you !

  • Added support for Gran Turismo 7
  • Added support for Gran Turismo Sport
  • New devices support
    • Added support for P1Sim Arnage wheel, EVO Plus
    • Added support for 3Drap Viri
    • Added support for Ascher Racing 4″ and 5″ DDU
    • Added support for VPG RRSPG Pro
  • Fixed the plugin SDK not targetting .net 4.8 by default.
  • Added a device brand filter to help with device type picking.
  • Winter cleanup :
    • Recompressed lot of picture to save size/loading time
    • Reviewed unused dlls
  • LEDS devices and LCD devices now have brightness control mappings (warning : some vocore models do not support very well changing the brightness on the fly)
  • Fixed SRH Gforce Pro not working when not migrating old leds settings.
  • Blocked serial ports for all Simucube devices (Simhub won’t scan those serial ports)
  • Removed 8.1.0 and earlier automatic controls mappings migration to save on settings files size (If you come from 8.1.0 and earlier, please install and run 8.1.3 first to migrate the buttons mappings first)
  • Improved WRC telemetry automatic setup : the game tends to generate the setting file “when it wants”, SimHub will now create the file during configuration if it is still missing

8.1.3 – 05/11/2022 

  • WRC Generations support
  • New devices :
    • Simutec SDU-2 support (requires a firmware upgrade)
    • New VPG Wheel support
  • Integration of a standard protocol for commercial devices using ATMEGA32U or serial based devices (please contact me for more infos)
  • Installer weight-loss program :

Have fun !

8.1.2 – 09/10/2022 – Maintenance release

  • Devices updates :
    • it’s now possible to replace the device picture (right click on the picture to replace it)
    • Vocore based devices not using touch had the touch related options removed.
    • Fixed devices dashboard lists not refreshing when adding/removing/cloning a dashboard
    • Adding CubeControls CSX3 support
    • Adding P1sim P1-Eau Rouge EVO support
    • Splitted support for GRID BY SIM-LAB Porsche 911 RSR wheel.
    • Few appearance adjustments to the devices sections.

Have fun !

8.1.1 – 10/09/2022 – Maintenance release

  • Fix for Iracing Mission R not working (the car is lacking lot of telemetry channels)
  • Added support for multiple input mapping in dynamic actions (Devices inputs, shakeit …)

Have fun !

8.1.0 – 03/09/2022

  • Reworked “devices” management introducing a new “devices” section with all in one settings (leds, screens ….)
    • Migrated all devices to this section
    • Reworked all the defaut settings management.
    • Added support for Vocore 6.8″
    • Added support for CubeControls FPRO
    • Added support for Innato DDU
    • Added support for Innato GT30 Panel
    • Added support for Innato LMP2
  • DashStudio :
    • Fixed some issues occurring with some fonts variations not being recognised correctly (bold, ….) affecting web rendering.
    • It’s now possible to enable / disable a screen using a formula.
    • Fixed “F7 to focus editor”
    • USB Displays (Vocore, USBD480 …) can now remember the last dash used depending of the car model / Idle screen of the selected game.
  • Added “value” filter in the property list
  • Shakeit :
    • It’s now possible to “clear” a custom channel map
    • It’s now possible to show disconnected sound devices in order to transfer/export settings

NB : It’s possible to recover old leds settings when adding a new device by checking the option during “add” dialog


Have fun !

8.0.4 – 09/07/2022

  • Added manual maximum speed selection for wind plugin
  • Added “Edit” menu (copy/cut/paste) to dashstudio
  • Fixed next/previous dash actions not working on wpf engine.
  • Fixed MXbikes vs GP Bikes automatic detection issue.
  • Fixed dash studio list not refreshing when converting a dash to an overlay and the opposite.
  • 8.0.3 was triggering kasperspy detection without any specific reasons. A simple recompilation with the very little changes listed above solved it … without any specific reasons neither … Antiviruses mysteries …

Have fun !

8.0.3 – 03/07/2022

  • Added automatic telemetry setup for F1 22 VR.
  • Fixed vertical centered linear gauges
  • Fixed dashstudio next/previous dash actions not taken into account in web mode rendering.
  • Added more raw telemetry properties for ACC
  • Fixed dash studio copy/paste of components with images.

8.0.2 – 28/06/2022 – F1 22 release day !

  • F1 22 Support
  • AMS2 Telemetry definitions update (V12)
  • Symprojects devices support : Fan controller, Iflag, GI Max gear indicator
  • Grid by SimLab wheels support.

NB : F1 22 telemetry specification does not specifies yet 22 team names as a fallback until EA/Codemasters updates their documentation current names are coming from f1 2021 and might be wrong.

8.0.0 – 8.0.1 – 29/05/2022

Warning : SimHub V8 contains some braking changes due to a major rework of DashStudio internal structure :

  • DashStudio Dashboards created with versions 7.X and prior will be automatically upgraded to the new file version. If you were using an older version and want to be able to rollback to versions 7.X make sure to do a backup first of your DashStudio dashboards contained in SimHub\DashTemplates folder.
  • Some malformed NCalc formulas are not supported anymore

If you wan’t to stay on SimHub version 7.X you can download the last version (7.4.23) here

After a few months of hard work it’s time for a big release !
This rework gets DashStudio editor closer to real life race dash editors (like Motec Display Creator), and gets the experience more in line to the designers “UX” standards like Visual Studio or similar. I sincerely hope you will like it ! 
For the occasion I thought that upgrading to “V8” was a nice symbol for a Sim Racing software !

Lets go for the change list !

  • Big rework of dashstudio !
    • New tool windows “Docking” system
    • Reworked toolbox
    • Reworked components “tree” :
      • Drag and drop is easier
      • Each component has an icon representing its kind
      • A combo box allows to switch easily from screen to screen
      • New components order : Components are now shown in list in “front to bottom” order
      • Added contextual menu 
    • Added common “Z-order” actions to editor contextual menu 
    • Reworked most toolbar icons
    • New selected item preview
    • New screens preview
    • New “Layering system” :
      • Background layer : allows to use another screen as a background
      • Foreground layer : allows to use another screen as a foreground
      • Conditional layers : Allows to show or hide a layer in front of a screen based on a ncalc condition.
      • Reorganised Dashstudio properties panels : images, screens and dashboard properties are now available from the top main menu instead of the complicated right column tab navigation
      • Screens now uses a dedicated option screen instead of the generic property grid.
    • New behaviors system : Allowing to quickly add a build in “role” to a component (Gear, speed, RPMS …)
    • New “alternate style” for linear gauges allowing to easily change the style (when reaching redline for instance)
    • New output tool allowing to see binding errors.
    • Dashboard testing is now more fluent with last dash test position saving and a single button (+F5 shortcut) to quickly start /stop the dash.
    • Horizontal and vertical gauges have been merged into a single component.
    • Added paddings to text items
    • Repeated layers performance inside editor has been improved.
    • Improved automatic reconnect on IOS
    • Reworked dashboard file format to make it lighter
      • Files are significantly lighter by removing lot of default values.
      • Preview images are only generated for useful screens and are scaled for the dashstudio needs.
      • Images are now stored inside a more compact separate file.
    • Reworked web dash communication :
      • WebSocket (the communication layer between simhub and a remote web dashboard) now uses the same TCP port as the web interface, removing the need to have two TCP ports opened in firewalls.
      • Simplified some common properties communication to save some bandwidth
      • Dial gauges prerenderings are not sent anymore through websocket.
      • Dashboard initialization is lighter and faster
      • Reworked web communication throttling (allowing to control data flowing to slow remote devices) it will now trigger earlier, and it’s now enabled by default
      • Reworked web dash execution flow to make it much closer to desktop mode (about formulas execution etc …)
    • Added an “import dashboard” button inside simhub.
    • Added a save prompt when closing simhub while a dashboard has been modified.
  • ShakeIt Wind :
    • New exclusive Drafting effect : Feel the the front opponent getting closer and closer and the wind accelerating when finally you start to overtake !
      This works with games reporting real player position inside telemetry (unfortunately that excludes Iracing)
  • Game readers:
    • Fixed fuel consumption which was broken by a first invalid telemetry frame reporting 0L fuel  inside ACC.
    • Fixed “working directory” not assigned to the game directly affecting some games when starting game from SimHub.
  • System log window is made more “stealth” with no actions when not shown.
  • Dark is now the new default theme instead of “Light” for new installs
  • New Plugin protection system :
    • If a plugin is throwing numerous errors its refresh rate will be automatically reduced to avoid affecting SimHub performance (slowdown/freeze …).
  • Updated and optimized NCALC engine.
  • Fixed connection log about usbd480 not indicating size and id of the connected screen.
  • 8.0.1 Hotfix : Arduino plugin was not running anymore.

7.4.23 – 16/03/2022

  • Updated AMS2 to the latest telemetry definitions.
  • Added a new option to light up all RGB leds on brightness change (enabled by default)
  • LEDs RPM effects can now be configured relative to redline instead of relative to MaxRPM (making it easier to build car independent leds setups)
  • Added a new option to disable simhub main window minimizing when starting an overlay layout.
  • Light rework of Leds modules and USB displays UI
  • Fixed overlay layout not saving size changes when the overlay was not moved.
  • Fix for PCARS2 UDP reader crashing on some cars.
  • Fixed leds delta effect not taking into account right to left setting.
  • Added RBR FFB value extraction (available in game rawdata)
  • Added support for Rexing wheels leds and buttons.
  • Fixed an issue with BeamNG causing high CPU usage when switching back and forth to BeamNG
  • Fixed Grid Legends auto-detection

7.4.22 – 24/02/2022

  • Added Grid Legends Support
    Grid Legends
  • Updated to AMS2 V10 Shared Telemetry format, which now support full tyre temp data (inner/middle/outer) and DRS State
  • Fixed a crash occuring on console versions of PC2 with some cars.

Have fun !

7.4.21 – 10/02/2022

  • RRE Telemetry update (Special thanks to @herve45 for RRE Telemetry update beta testing) :
    • Added support for shakeit wheel rumble effect (kerbs, dirt, grass …)
  • Fixed a crash occurring during game loading when switching to a game including invalid car settings files.
  • Fixed some WPF binding warnings occuring in WPF dash rendering engine.

Have fun !

7.4.20 – 04/02/2022 – Hotfix 

  • Fixed an incompatibility with old “pre android 4.4” devices using the experimental application.

7.4.18 – 7.4.19 – 01-02/02/2022 – Hotfix 

  • Added fallback to restore compatibility with old android application.
  • Added infinity value checks to dash binding engine (divisions by zero could lead to infinity values spreading into the wpf engine and breaking it)
  • Added “Show First Screen” action to dashboards.
  • Removed some useless invisible dash editor objects (selection rectangle, labels etc ..) when the dash is running.
  • 7.4.19 : Fixed RGB Matrix green flag

Have fun !

7.4.17 – 29/01/2022 – The first of the year ! 

A pretty dense change log for this first release of the year ! Have fun !

  • Added RGB matrix orientation settings straight in the RGB matrix editor (the settings move to general arduino settings got lot of people lost)
  • Flags can now be reordered by desired priority in rgb matrix flag effect
  • Reworked the whole source control organisation (nothing visible here, but it will help me to prepare new features without affecting “stable” version)
  • New experimental adalight/bluetooth flow light support
  • “Main menu for everything” :
    • It’s now possible to put any plugins in the main menu
    • It’s now possible to remove any plugin from the main menu (including simhub built in plugins)
  • Plugin SDK Update :
    • Updated to include examples of the new interface (IWPFSettingsV2) allowing to specify main menu plugin and title.
    • SDK now demonstrate how to use AttachDelegate instead of AddProperty/SetPropertyValue
  • Updated LFS SDK
  • Fixed some CPU cycles wasted in shakeit
  • Updated android app to support setting current server port instead of being fixed to 8888 (requires to reinstall the app)
  • Added dark theme support for the web dash list (activation based on main simhub theme).
  • Added web dash list automatic refresh (when a dash is put in favourite, used etc …)
  • Fixed android app dedicated controls support (it was not showing in the simhub known device list)
  • Improved dashstudio “kwown web devices” list look
  • Startup default values now excludes “null” for most properties where applicable (gear, units …) to reduce the needs of “isnull” usage.
  • Added fuel level to LEDS test data.
  • Fixed i2c pinouts not showing on all arduinos models in the sketch setup tool.
  • Fixed simhub crash when steam installation is corrupted (it will disable automatic setup for most games)
  • Restored best/self split
  • Fixed shakeit profile change not taking correctly into account the “embed output settings into profile” option.
  • Fixed Pressed and released input bindings not behaving as expected on some actions.
  • Added a “stop layout edit” button on each overlay when in editing mode to quickly disable edit mode.
  • Thumbnails cache generated by web dash list is now automatically cleaned.
  • Belt tensionner plugin :
    • Added ability to disable sway forces in belt tensionner
    • Added an option to auto center loose forces in order to keep shoulder pressure all the time and keep the feel of road movements.
  • Installer now shows the simhub icon

7.4.16 – 09/12/2021 – Farming simulator 19/22

  • Reenabled supported shakeit effects which had been disabled with the 7.4.13 release.
  • RPM is now set to 0 when exiting a vehicle for Farming simulator 19/22

7.4.15 – 08/12/2021 – Iracing Hotfix

  • Fix : Latest IRacing cars generates malformed session data (IE : Hyundai Elantra N TC). Added a workaround to suppress the malformated data and restore simhub connectivity when encountering it.

7.4.13 – 7.4.14 – 05/12/2021

  • Added Farming Simulator 22 (Same basic support as Farming Simulator 19)
  • Refreshed the “car settings” UI :
    • Each gear upshift can be configured.
    • Added redline value retrieving for AC (extracted from physics files)/RRRE(from telemetry)/RBR(from physics files, a huge thanks mika-n for the insights)
    • Reworked car settings storage to allow easy sharing (each car settings will be stored in a separate file)
    • Removed “minimum rpm value” from car settings which was quite useless and making things more complex.
  • Splitted Iracing car name and car id to feed better the car settings ui
  • Added Forza car id as car identifier in simhub (sorry there won’t be any car names yet, there is no official list available at my knowledge)
  • Media info :
    • Added a new media info provider using windows media api (available if current media software/website+browser combo supports it.)
  • Fixed wind enabled/disabled notifications which were reversed.
  • Dashstudio
  • Added RBR max rpm support (using physics files as pointed by mika-n)
  • Fixed some UI issues occurring when creating a new animation in the led editor
  • Fixed Serial port notifier false positives notifications
  • Fixed ETS2/ATSMap reloading every 5s when not using one of those games.
  • Fixed TSS serial port not being freed correctly and making windows keeping it listed even if unplugged
  • 7.4.14 Hotfix : Rollbacked a change causing errors on arduino RGB LEDS and RGB matrix

7.4.12 – 20/11/2021

  • New Shakeit wind plugin , a separate wind dedicated plugin reduced as best as possible to the wind essentials without sacrificing customisation (profiles, channels mapping, lot of controls available …)
    • Shakeit motors and shake wind can share the same arduino as long as they are not using the same motor channels.
  • New small utility plugin : Serial port notifier, allows to show a little Toat message when a serial port is connected/disconnected from computer, making easier to know “what is what” when dealing with many arduinos, devices, etc ….
  • Controls mappings : others controls already in use for the assigned control are notified and can be deleted straight from the mapping picker dialog (currently it can’t detect dynamic controls like controls assigned in shakeit effects.)
  • Fixed led remap group only reordering 32 leds instead of 64
  • Fixed USB displays actions not working after a game change.
  • Fixed USB displays behaviour when computer is trying to shutdown, USB display processes will delay their process shutdown until SimHub closes them properly.
  • Improved usb display handling, if SimHub is “killed” (task manager, debugging with VS (when working with the plugin sdk for instance) , the child display processes will try to properly close and shutdown the displays as soon as the parent process (simhub) is lost.
  • USB displays “power off when game is not running”, will now use a more aggressive strategy, the display won’t even be connected
  • Improved Wind plugin handling of “paused” state, it will go back to the “idle wind” behaviour.
  • Added a new case to the “optimised” ncalc formulas ([PropA] ><= [PropB]) will be catched and run in pure c#)
  • Replay reader preview picture now allows to be disabled using right click on the picture.
  • Reverted some changes done to ACC flags (yellow, green as the new data used were not working as expected.)

7.4.11 – 09/11/2021 – Hotfix

  • Hotfix for AX206 color encoding being wrong since 7.4.9.

7.4.9-7.4.10 – 05/11/2021

  • Added support for Forza Horizon 5
  • Added a dedicated entry for WRC 10 (Supported thanks to Motion4All telemetry patch 10
  • Fixed tray icon sometimes staying in tray after simhub exit.
  • Updated installer to include .net 4.8 instead of .net 4.7
  • Support for up to 4 separate RGB matrixes content :
  • Added more styles for RGB matrix spotter (left only, right only, left animated arrow, right animated arrow)
  • Arduino hardware settings rework
    • More uniform settings between single/mutliple arduinos modes
    • Uncluttered hardware settings interface (settings and detected devices informations are merged)
  • Dashstudio fonts handling rework
    • A new folder “DashFonts” has been added, imported dash fonts will be copied in this folder instead of windows.
    • Dash studio editor now uses a font picker with preview instead of a basic dropdown.
    • When possible fonts suggestions based on other components fonts will be available in the font picker.
  • Added rain forecast raw data to ACC
  • Fixed dashstudio button not triggering when a simulatedkey was not configured.
  • Fixed F12021 session type to session type name mapping
  • Changed source data For ACC green and yellow flags
  • Restricted Green flag to make it disable after 5s no matter the game.
  • Experimental “Turing smart screen” support (this screen is quite slow, let’s be clear :D)
  • Added “portrait mode” to all usb displays
  • Removed audio peak left/audio peak right as I don’t have the separate data yet)
  • 7.4.10 : Hotfix for Arial font not working correctly in dashstudio.

7.4.8 – 16/10/2021

  • Totally rewrote USB displays support
    • Added process isolation for each display , each display will be driven in a separate process, libusb not being perfect this will protect from any device communication failure
    • New devices will be recognized just by disabling/enabling again the display.
    • Added support for up to 4 screens for both VOCORE and USBD480
    • Reworked GForce PRO LCD leds support to use native api instead of a separate usb connection
    • Rewrote most of the bitmap transformations in a native c++ library to reduce CPU usage for this feature. 
    • Added support for vocore ID to support multiple displays (see about how to add an unique ID to older screens)
  • Reworked the whole translation system and extracted wayyy more strings, along of a a big French translation update.
  • Little fix for Dirt 3 cpu usage
  • Fixed some sector data regression which were giving lap time at sector instead of time of sector

Have fun !

7.4.6 – 16/07/2021 – Hotfix

  • F1 2021 : Fixed an issue with best lap value losing milliseconds part during conversion (for player and opponents
  • TS 2021 : Speed was not extracted correctly when locomotive was using gauges in KPH unit.
  • Dirt Rally 2 : Added some missing track names (argentina).

7.4.3 – 7.4.4 – 7.4.5- 14/07/2021

A little release straight from the caravane because F1 2021 launch could not be missed 😉 
Have a great summer and stay safe !

  • F1 2021 support
  • More aggressive usb screens handing of computer sleep (they will be totally stopped now, instead of dimmed) 
  • New options to control ShakeIt automatic audio interfaces reset (—Audio-Output-Configuration#automatic-sound-interface-reset)
  • Fix for some RBR mods
  • Fixed some main menu icons not darkened when changing current game.
  • Added support for TS-PC Racer 488 Challenge Edition in “Advanced mode”
  • Dashstudio web page view new suppports cookies.
  • Fixed first lap performance recording on R3E when using rolling start.
  • Added a simple plugin for Belt tensionner , this takes back all the behaviors of the custom serial examples given, but with data visualization, smoothing, button box actions (release all/force zero/live telemetry) (plugin must be manually activated from simhub settings), belt tensionner plans are available on Simhub discord…
  • 7.4.4 Hotfix : F1 2021 new damage packet was not read correctly.
  • 7.4.5 Hotfix : F1 2021 best lap time was not extracted correctly.

7.4.2 – 26/06/2021 – Hotfix

  • Fixed a compilation error when using arduino gamepad features.

7.4.1 – 22/06/2021

  • Improved RBR modded track name/car name detection (thanks mika-n for the insights)
  • Added support for F12018-2020 game reported inputs to control simhub actions (even if consoles are not officially supported it will allow to control simhub from those games directly from the controller)
  • Fixed compilation error on arduino WS2812b based RGB matrix
  • Some preparation and refactoring in order to get ready for F12021 (no visible changes, it’s only behind the scenes)

7.4.0 – 12/06/2021

  • More LCD options !—USB-Displays
    • 22$ AX206 USB Screen support
    • Corsair Nexus LCD support
    • Support for 5″ Vocore variant
  • Added support for SRX The game
  • Added two new standard properties : EngineIgnitionOn and EngineStarted (which are fallbacked to rpms>0 for games not giving the data) 
  • Improvements of the “computed” / “not supported” detection for property list indicators.
  • Workaround for some iracing cars still reporting rpms even if car is stopped
  • Restart overlay layout action
  • Reworked Codemasters generated track and car ids  (Dirt rally 1/2, Dirt4, F12016 and prior)(online, local maps and All time best will require to be recorded to match thoses new identifiers).
  • Added mappings for cars and track names for Dirt rally 1/2
  • Updated RRRE telemetry definition
  • Added information banner for games requiring manual configuration
  • It’s now possible to dismiss the automatic game configuration alert
  • Added arduino drivers information link in the arduino setup tool
  • Added information about enabled input plugins in the control mapping window
  • Improved arduino button support
    • Initial state is now taken into account when the button was already pressed at arduino startup 
    • Reverse logic is now supported
    • +5V wiring is now supported (Allowing to use led illuminated buttons)
  • Added arduino analog axis support (hall sensors, potentiometers ..)
  • Metadata file is now deleted when deleting a replay
  • Added drivers download link in the Dashstudio compatible devices settings (USBD480, Vocore …)
  • Added support for the polulu dual VNH5019 MotorShield (or clones) which has plenty of power and is a good remplacement for Monster moto shields
  • Fixed groups content on custom serial device settings panel not beeing saved when using groups
  • Added orange flag cross game data support for iracing.
  • Added Iracing ABSActive support (leds data, anbd shakeit effet) for the cars giving the information
  • Added game start fail feedback and automatic open of the game launcher panel
  • Added ability to change X axis length and automatic Y axis adjustment option on the property plot feature, 
  • Improve Dirt rally 2 “end of session” by ignoring the “erase data packet” sent by the game
  • Added startup delay setting for custom serial devices (typical arduino takes up to two seconds before you can communicate for instance)
  • Added required cefsharp c++ dependencies inside install directory to workaround some broken windows installations.

Have fun !

7.3.14 – 18/04/2021

  • Added new shakeit effects :
    • Missed gear for H pattern cars
    • Lateral acceleration
  • Fixed acceleration/decceleration effects not working anymore
  • Fixed effects leds previews
  • Removed some properties from map which should not have been visble in editor
  • Hidden GameRawData.Cars in ACC which should not have been visible. 

Have fun !

7.3.13 – 07/04/2021 – Hotfix

  • Fixed arduino scan status which was broken.
  • Fixed RGB matrix wrongly reported as active on all arduino devices in the connected arduino panel

Have fun !

7.3.11-7.3.12 – 06/04/2021

  • Fixed LFS wheels feedback not in correct locations
  • Updated ETS2/ATS2 plugin to get much more informations (the old properties are still working but are hidden for back compatibility support.
  • Added back ET2/ATS maps supporting all the extensions to date (it will get automatically downloaded the first time you try to show a map.
  • ETS2/ATS map now work on desktop (but unfortunately it has a really significant CPU footprint), using the ets2/ats maps on phones/browser remains the best option.
  • ETS2/ATS now supports “wheel rumble” effect when truck or trailers are going on rumble strips or grass.
  • Reworked the shakeit gear effect to get it more oriented on gear disengaging than gear engaging (which happens earlier in normal conditions)
  • Hunted memory leaks and shoot 3 :
    • When changing game the resources where not properly released 
    • Latest version of openhardwaremonitor (included a few releases ago) contains a huge memory leak when polling data frequently (I patched the library to remove the leak)
    • Some resources where not freed properly when polling for the current game process.
  • Dashstudio will now automatically skip frame when the previous one is not yet rendered, it should avoid some CPU overuse when heavy dash are running. It seems also to solve some internal WPF rendering locks which were occurring on multi GPU or after switching a game from exclusive fullscreen.
  • Fixed sound volume setting not working anymore.
  • Reworked Json settings save routine to automatically keep previous file versions and recover it in case it’s needed (hard reboot/ computer crash corrupting files)
  • Global simhub settings are now stored with all the other settings inside “pluginsdata” folder and using the previously described automatic recovery in case of corrupted file (previous version settings will be automatically migrated).
  • Reduced memory pressure of arduino rgb matrix module.
  • Added support for “TML the bus”
  • Added integrated system info conversion from °C to °F
  • Added a clear warning when trying to use the default system sound card in shakeit (except very specific cases this should be avoided)
  • Tweaked system info settings page to avoid some annoying hangs.
  • Support for the T-GT model in the thustmaster plugin

    Have fun, happy Easter !

7.3.10 – 16/03/2021

  • Fixed an issue when using 360hz telemetry on iracing causing data acquisition errors.
  • Fixed an issue with LFS lap data being mixed in multiplayer mode.
  • Improved LFS current lap time guessing

7.3.9 – 14/03/2021 – the chipmunks hotfix 

  • Fixed an issue with mono mp3s playing twice the speed in the new sound engine.

7.3.8 – 14/03/2021 

  • Fixed Nascar Heat 5 telemetry broken by last game update.
  • Updated LFS telemetry to make use of latest “outsim” version (make sure that LFS is up to date)
  • Updated ACC telemetry definitions
  • Basic ACC suspension based kerb detector to feed the Shakeit Road rumble effect in addition to ACC kerb telemetry.
  • Extracted Normalized Sway and surge for games where it is possible (Heave has been extracted too, but direction is not standardized yet)
  • Export and import of custom serial device now restores setting panel settings properly
  • Added led profile automatic switching and profile selector for Third party/commercial led devices.
  • Fixed iracing telemetry getting broken when some non escaped strings were in session data telemetry ( DesignStr..)
  • Rewrote sound action engine to only allocate once the sound card.
  • Updated MSI afterburner plugin to make use of the latest dll version (which solves the “too many monitoring” issue).
  • Added an accelerometer overlay
  • Fixed some errors occurring on the new lap event.
  • Web engine now unloads the charts when they are out of view to reduce device load.
  • Fixed GP bikes game running detection which could trigger false positives.
  • Added more security over font loading which could lock simhub on some system.
  • Disabled gear shift effect being triggered when entering track.
  • Fixed one USBD480 UI broken label.
  • Fixed elipsis not rendering correctly on web engine.
  • Default redline is now set to 95% (for fresh SimHub installs)
  • PWM fan optional relays now support inverted relay logic.
  • Fixed last lap event not triggered when the previous lap was invalid (RRRE)

Have fun !

7.3.7 – 15/02/2021 – Oldies hotfix

  • Lap delta was not computed anymore on simbin games (GTLegends, GTR2 …)
  • RBR guessed track length was not stable with some specific tracks causing random lap performance reloading (and with it related system load costs)

7.3.6 – 07/02/2021

  • Fixed an error when loading iRacing map (maps were still loaded despite the error)
  • Improved Map online sharing selection to ensure submiting only useful track layout records.
  • Added a message to allow one click online track layout service activation. The feature was hidden in the settings before.

Little focus on the “online map service”
This feature has been introduced earlier as experimental, it aggregates hundreds of track records by strictly selecting them and rejecting any suspicious one. By this way it allows to generate really precise track layouts which can hardly be reproduced by a single person even when doing a lap with lot of care.

Example of F12020 Paul ricard generated layout :

Example of Iracing charlotte 2018 Oval 

7.3.5 – 06/02/2021

  • Added NGP telemetry support for RBR (see game configuration in simhub to enable it)
  • Added WRC 7/8/9 shakeit and basic dash support thanks to @motion4all telemetry patch (
  • Improved ACC track layout online loading 
  • Shakeit sound outputs are now alphebatically ordered
  • Fixed codemasters tracknames lookup tables
  • Enlarged default static track overlay and removed negative margins which could make the track display go out of range depending of the track.

7.3.4 – 01/02/2021 – Hotfix

  • Fixed opponents not moving on Iracing map when using the online map service
  • Workaround for some RBR mods not being able to alter game binary files due to unreleased ressources after game exit.

7.3.3 – 31/01/2021

  • Charts finally works on web !
  • Added MX Bikes support
  • New per session fuel consumption data (switchable in settings) it does not rely on valid laps anymore but only on distances which allows data to be available almost instantly.
  • Map generation rework
    • Smoother iracing mappings (old map records will be ignored) 
    • Corrections algorithm to make start and end of lap match in case of small gap
    • Iracing maps are now oriented correctly.
    • Experimental online track layout sharing/download (the server will generate layouts based on many records)
    • Map generation is less bound to valid laps (depends of the game telemetry)
    • More control over maps, you can now enable or disable the automatic quality based map regeneration algorithm
  • “Serpentine”/”Zigzag” ws2812b matrix layout support
  • AMS2/PC2 acceleration is now bound to the local acceleration telemetry instead of speed derivation.
  • Fixed an issue where shakeit advanced mapping changes were not taken into account in real time.
  • Fixed vocore not reconnecting after game change
  • Added computer sleep detection for vocore and usbd480, both will be dimmed to 0% brightness before the computer shutdown
  • Stopped vocore/usbd480 polling when it’s not present (to avoid CTD issue when screen is enabled but not plugged)
  • Rollbacked some modifications made recently during the memory leak hunt
  • Fixed ncalc minimum function
  • Some small core optimizations
  • ShakeIt chart update is now totally inactive when the UI is not shown
  • Improved simhub FPS counter accuracy
  • Added a new option in simhub settings to raise priority of data acquisition thread (in order to improve FPS accuracy)
  • Improved plugin performance stats accuracy 
  • Added “DataCorePlugin.Performance_FrameDuration” performance indicator to know how much time data processing (including plugins) takes for one frame.

New map sharing/download option is still really experimental and still needs to be refined using real life data, that’s why it’s disabled by default, You can enable it here :

Have fun !

7.3.2 – 24/12/2020

  • Fixed arduino setup tool blocking on the SMC3 check in some conditions
  • Added support to Piboso GP Bikes
  • Updated RRRE to the latest telemetry definition
  • Added help links button to the arduino setup tool for each component.
  • Changed the way the excel files are exported, you can now choose the filename instead of being saved as a temporary file then opened automatically.
  • Tuned RBR wind effect, it’s now based on ground speed instead of dash speed (which makes a big difference when it comes to slippy terrains)
  • Added simhub version as a property and version comparison methods.

    Season Greetings and happy new year !

7.3.1 – 19/12/2020

  • Reworked vocore and usbd480 settings
  • Exposed packet headers in F12020
  • Added search bar in the dash list
  • It’s now possible to specify which monitor to use as a secondary monitor and third monitor
  • It’s now possible to specify two dash at startup (bound to secondary and third monitor specified)
  • Added VOCORE to the run dash menu
  • Added SRH Gforce pro leds support (Thanks to @BuToNz for the blind testing sessions :D)
  • Added SRH/Symprojects Pro-Race leds support (Thanks to @BuToNz again who obtained me a dev sample :D, and SRH for the sample !)
  • Added optional full touch support for both vocore and usbd480 (the dash buttons can now be used (..)
  • Reading more axis from the joystick plugin
  • Hunted a deadlock (freeze) occurring since 7.2.0 with arduino
  • Hunted some memory leak when using web devices showing a gauge –
  • Fixed some gauges ‘optimal range’ rendering errors on web engine
  • Added connection status to vocore/usbd480/PSE devices etc …
  • Added property name auto complete in ncalc (start typing [ and see the list appear)
  • Added shake it main gain as a property
  • Added system volume as a property
  • Rewrote usbd480 rendering engine to make it single thread which could avoid some issues in particular race conditions

7.3.0 – 28/11/2020

  • Introducing the vocore screen ! A 4″ high resolution USB display for your sim racing hardware creations !
    I also took the opportunity of this release to write you a choice guide

  • Added brake bias correction values for latest ACC cars
  • Arduino setup tool :
    • Added clear security tips about arduino firmware upload to the setup tool and an acknowledgment step before upload.
    • Added hard coded upload security lock to prevent uploading to an arduino already running SMC3 based firmware (Lot of arduino based motion platforms uses this firmware).
  • I had feedback about few people having overwritten inadvertently their Arduino based device firmware (motion, button box …) with the Simhub arduino setup tool.
    Let’s explain how such mistake is possible : an arduino being an arduino, it’s made by design to be easily overwritten with a new firmware . Since the affected devices have not been write protected by their respective manufacturer (by removing/disabling the arduino bootloader), it was extremely easy to overwrite the firmware by mistake by choosing the wrong serial port before upload.
    That said, nobody has interest into getting these device’s firmware overwritten. However,​ since these devices have no particular characteristics allowing to recognize them, only clear prevention instructions about how to avoid firmware overwrite on a random Arduino based device can prevent it. And that’s the purpose of the two Arduino setup tool features added with this release, which I hope will be clear enough to reduce such mistakes. 

    7.2.3 – 17/11/2020

    • Fixed arduino mega getting stuck in boot at connection.
    • Added some F12020 not exposed data (m_suggestedgear …)
    • Added PSE LMX led backplate support

    7.2.1,7.2.2 – 08/11/2020

    • Hotfix :
      • Fixed spotter freezing telemetry when some opponents coordinates where not available.
      • Fixed Iracing spotter provided data not being used.
    • Reordered new volume control settings to be more consistent with other simhub “increase/decrease” controls accross Simhub.
    • Changed windows control method to get proper 1% granularity control.

    7.2.0 – 07/11/2020

    • Arduino breaking changes : Starting from Simhub version 7.2.0 compatibility with obsolete sketches is removed (built before simhub 6.6). If your arduino device still use it, please update your arduino sketch or you can download the last version supporting it here

    Unfortunately no dirt 5 compatibility for this release as telemetry is missing from the game. If you want to see telemetry back, you can friendly suggest it to the Dirt 5 development team using the form linked on this page :

    • Arduino :
      • Added RGB matrix support (both DM163 aka iFlag and WS2812B)

        • Gear display
        • Cross games Flags display
        • Spotter for games giving opponents data and Iracing
      • Made arduino/multiple arduino connection much faster.
      • Improved RGB leds communication speed when sending large area of the same color.
      • Improved multiple arduino mapping when using the same name (it’s still heavily recommended to use unique names)
      • Fixed Thick8x8 font “1” character position.
    • Added Spotter data as RGB leds effect
    • Added ACC Brake bias mapping for GT4 DLC
    • Fixed Dash studio dial needle on HTML engine when using image library
    • Added ACC left/right blinker as standard data
    • Added Green flag data for games supporting it
    • Added step setting for Game volume/system volume/Thrustmaster wheel gain controls/Low fuel alert
    • Improved game volume control
    • Improved controls editor behavior when simhub window is too small
    • Breaking changes, in order to improve arduino connection speed and make code simpler for future updates, some old compatibility has been removed :
      • Removed compatibility with sketchs created with SimHub versions prior to 6.6. If you are still running an old sketch make sure to upload again.
      • After more than one year of back compatibility maintenance the old led editor takes his retirement and has been finally removed.

    7.1.4 – 11/10/2020

    • Improved “new lap” event processing time :
      • All disk operations are now delayed in order to reduce the new lap event processing time.
      • All time best record is now “pre-optimized” before saving instead of each time it gets loaded.
      • AT Best/Session best delta pre-computations are now asynchronous to save on loading times and improve new lap data processing time, the delta will be disabled until the computations are done (will be invisible most of the time).
    • Raised All time best validity tolerance as it would exclude too many  records.
    • Reworked Dirt Rally 1/2 landing detection to make it detect more subtil impacts and work for more cars physics.
    • Added new ShakeIt channels presets : Front L/R mode and Rear L/R modes
    • Reworked property list in the binding editor to make it use the same appearance/ search syntax as the main property list.
    • Reworked monster games telemetry plugin to avoid avira antivirus false positive.
    • Added back the UDP relay plugin
    • Added retro compatibility for GTR2 DVD version using shared memory.
    • Added GTR2 suspension related effects to the new plugin implementation.
    • Fixed iracing detailed flags status properties not updating.
    • Updated R3E telemetry structures to the latest version (

    7.1.2,7.1.3 – 27/09/2020

    Little hotfix 😉

    • Fixed RRRE fuel tracking 
    • Fixed RRRE  Lap history 
    • Updated GTR2 manual installation instructions to point to the correct instructions for plugin use
    • Improved replay list :
      • Per pixel scroll instead of per item
      • Added replay description

    7.1.1 – 26/09/2020

    • Shake IT  : I believe I can fly 🎵
      • New shake it landing effect for Dirt rally 1/2
      • Simplified high priority setting (removed introduced delay)
      • Fixed auto calibration only taken into account at the end of the calibration process
      • Made 100% auto calibration the default
      • High priority setting is now available on all effects
    • New games support
      Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing
      Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing
      Train Simulator 2021
    • Fixed RRRE car model detection for same car in different classes
    • Fixed RRRE first race lap being detected as invalid
    • Reinforced incomplete lap detection
    • Game launcher using steam now starts the game with normal privileges, instead of administrator (when simhub is running as admin)
    • New simhub replay features :
      • Play/pause
      • Replay range
      • Replay speed
      • Save Bookmarks
    • GTR2 now uses a dedicated plugin instead of simplified game shared memory (it makes more data available) From an original idea of The Sparten (Thanks to The Iron Wolf for the credit chain clarification !)

    7.1.0 – 19/09/2020

    Here it comes, a fresh version from the factory,

    • Project cars 3
    • Nascar heat 5 
    • Tourist bus simulator
    • ShakeIt:
      • New precalibration values added with capability to choose the mix between precalibration and automatic calibration for the supported effects
      • New “auto mute” option for wheel slip effect when a wheel lock effect is running
      • Reworked some slip algorythms (F1XXXX, RF2 GT3s, ETS2/ATS)
    • Games will now be started with normal privileges instead of elevated when simhub is running as administrator.
    • New PID/VID/Name customisation for arduino pro micro gamepad feature
    • Replays between various game readers for the same game are now stored in separate folders
    • Fixed AC detection for some tracks not beeing reported correctly in game Shared memory API
    • Updated RF2 plugin to use the latest version
    • Updated R3E telemetry definitions
    • Added relay option for shakeit PWM fans
    • Fixed AMS2/PCARS2 tyre temps when using UDP (shared memory does not report correct values at all)

    7.0.7 – 08/07/2020

    • F1 2020 final release support !

    7.0.6 – 01/06/2020

    • Farming simulator 19, it’s really out of the Simhub track, but I got so many requests about it 😉
    • Many Arduino setup tool improvements :
      • Work in progress automatic backup
      • Automatic profile backup when uploading
      • Search box
      • Columns are now resizable
      • Advanced tools : Dump and flash an existing arduino firmware from and to an arduino
      • Profiles now embed the board model and serial port used
      • Moved “Restore defaults” and “Open in arduino IDE” to the file menu
      • Added Leonardo board preview and mapping
      • Renamed “Micro” to “Pro micro” because it was confusing. The board supported by SimHub is the “Pro Micro”.
      • Firmware Size check : In case of firmware too big upload would not be blocked and could lead to bricked arduino (mostly when trying to use OLED on a too tight arduino). 
    • Arduino text screen preview, before only independent screen results were visible, now you have a preview of what to expect on your arduino  :
    • Improved game configuration screen for games with no particular settings, the message should be less confusing.
    • Fixed some leds position/count maximum values
    • Reverted Iracing disconnected opponents handling, they are now displayed if they have a result (time …)
    • Replaced automatic dash changes detection which is suspected to cause black screens when exiting sim
    • Iracing/ACC Raw flags values are now given in separate raw properties for each possible value.

    Have fun !

    7.0.5 – 20/05/2020

    • F1 2020 beta support ! (Thanks to THE ACC-Dashmaster for the help and testing !).
    • Fixed web dashboard on old android devices (android 4.4~)
    • Added sound volume setting
    • New experimental “custom serial” plugin, allows you to send text message to any serial device. Be creative !
    • Fixed iracing leaderboard ghosts players
    • Ability to open logs in a new window
    • Monospaced text vertical alignment difference beween desktop and web
    • Fixed KRP map being mirrored
    • Fixed static wind on/off toggle control

    Have fun !

    7.0.4 – 12/05/2020

    • Fix : The traditional6x4 matrix font was missing the 3rd gear display

    7.0.3 – 10/05/2020

    A massive update 😉

    • Added beta support for Fernbus simulator
    • Added Stock Car Extreme support
    • New stock dash freely inspired from FordGT
    • New stock picture library for dashboards(not embedded into the dash) it makes a fresh start a bit easier. And pictures are not saved into the dash making edit and loading faster.
    • Dashboard picture loading method has been improved on web engine (Make sure to reload properly your dash page on all devices.)
    • Fixed iracing opponents best lap in case of multiple race session
    • Added a new shakeit AC active/ABS active effects
    • New option to totally disable gearshifts to neutral
    • Raised RGB leds grand total limit to 1024
    • Gear shift “High priority” setting is now ignored automatically on free version as latency is too high to properly support it (it was literally “eating” the effect).
    • New media info provider (currently supporting subsonic or external app (like Songify or snip))
    • It’s now possible to export and import an “lededitor” animation
    • Arduino inputs are no longer given back via serial when using the gamepad option (reduces conflicts and useless latency), game pad should now work even if simhub is not connected(please note that it’s still intended to be used with Simhub)
    • Trying to fix black simhub windows when starting minimized and trying to open it using tray icon while still loading
    • Dash Import will now install fonts when they are missing (it won’t be offered if fonts are already installed)
    • “Format” function extension to always add sign (+0.1 , -0.1, -00:00:10, +00:00:10 ….)
    • Some improvements on arduino gauges UI
    • New handbrake cross game data
    • LED Editor : Prevented “blink” formula evaluation when it’s not enabled
    • Could not import ShakeIt / Leds profiles when there were no remaining profiles
    • Fixed some errors on the new TC/ABS shakeit effects
    • Fixed some resources not being freed after dash/dashstudio closing
    • Fixed dash studio borders not taking opacity into account on desktop.
    • Fixed support for CS-GO new game modes
    • Dashboards automatic backup are now kept for 3days or 10 backup maximum (cleanup occuring when saving)
    • Reworked all the built-in texts to support monospaced option (don’t abuse of it 😉 separating each character to set a fixed width comes at a cost 😉
    • Monospaced text would not show instantly in designer when checked.
    • Default monospace “mask” is now empty as it’s more an advanced feature than something to be used on a daily basis
    • New ncalc/js function “triggeraction”
    • Fixed width bindings in web strangely resizing components
    • Added “short” names for the game data and gamerawdata, the short names will be automatically inserted when using the property picker, for instance :
      • [DataCorePlugin.GameFata.NewData.SpeedLocal] is now shortened to [SpeedLocal]
      • [DataCorePlugin.GameRawData.ABS] is now shortened to [GameRawData.ABS]
      • Both short or full properties will still work
    • Added Thrustmaster plugin compatibility with TS-PC + F1 Addon RIM

    7.0.2 – 25/04/2020

    • Fixed ACC opponents data being broken by the last game update
    • Fixed led editor dimming option not taken into account when “Show  current color on all leds” was enabled.
    • New option “fill all leds” available when “Show  current color on all leds” is enabled
    • New dash studio “image from file” component allowing to load an external image from the harddrive (To use snip or songify for instance)
    • New dashstudio “Image from URL” component allowing to load an external image from a website (To use image widgets for instance)
    • New LedEditor “mirror group” allowing to mirror a pattern easily
    • New LedEditor “remap group” allowing to reorder the leds
    • Updated maximum RGB leds to 512 grand total (still 150 max per arduino for refresh rate reasons)
    • New system actions NextMedia, PreviousMedia, PlayPauseMedia, MonitorSleep
    • Updated PC2 UDP to allow wheels vibration feedback on this particular platform
    • Improved Controller diagnostic logger, lines are now in reverse order, and a clear button has been added
    • Fixed color binding editor text area being unreadable.

    7.0.1 – 17/04/2020

    • False start, Pcars2 UDP option was still retricted to developper mode, it’s now available to anyone. Sorry for any inconvenience !

    7.0.0 – 17/04/2020

    • Changed setup packaging to reduce AV falses positives on new versions.
    • PCars2 UDP (consoles) : Experimental support (Feedback are welcome, PC2 UDP is extremely buggy, I did my best to compensate)
    • ACC spectator mode : Only LB data are fed currently.
    • Added a dedicated entry for Race The WTCC game
    • Updated KRP plugin for a better in race/pause/off detection
    • Fixed opacity bindings failing when formula was setting back opacity to 100%
    • Improved Fuel consumption false positives on PC2/AMS2
    • IRacing Caution and Caution Waving are now taken into account as yellow.
    • Added “beta to official release” new version detection, so beta user will be notified when final release goes out
    • New led editor conditionnal group : “Game selection”, will allow you to enable some specific parts for a specific game selection
    • Plugin SDK upgraded to framework 4.7.2, if you recompile an older plugin, make sure to target framework 4.7.2 in the plugin project properties.

    Have fun, stay safe !

    6.9.9 – 09/04/2020

    A little maintenance release :

    • New support for 6digits tm1637
    • Removed wrong AMS2 UDP settings.
    • Added ACC water temperature support.
    • New sketch setup option to be able to choose switch back to the legacy adafruit library instead the new fast leds library for ws2812b (this allows to save a few bits in the sketch, but fast led has a better compatibility)
    • Fixed Adafruit HT16K33 8×8 intensity setting bug
    • Fixed ncalc scroll function being broken

    6.9.8 – 31/03/2020

    Strange days of epidemy … I take profit of this release for a warm tought for all medical teams around the world, and all the people (truck drivers, shop cashier, farmers …) which helps us live in these lockdown time.
    And if you can stay safe, stay home.
    • Automobilista 2 compatibility

    • Enlarged formula editor window
    • Added basic syntax coloring to ncalc/js
    • New overlay visibility toggle control
    • Replaced TM1637 library with a more stable library
    • It’s now possible to disable 7segments gear indicators redline blinking
    • Fixed launcher option saving
    • Unlocked “below 4%” RBG leds brightness
    • Automatic recovery for corrupted lap storage database (caused by BSOD or hard reboots)

    6.9.7 – 22/02/2020

    • Added ACC Brake bias correction (telemetry vs dash)
    • Fixed ACC flags (as much as it’s possible in the current state)
    • Wired ACC session delta from telemetry instead of the simhub computed one.
    • Fixed FH4/FM7 switching on w7 
    • Updated KRP plugin for the new x64 release. –
    • Reworked a few windows to add the “pin” button (always on top)
    • Fixed lededitor “clear background” option
    • New ncalc function “driverlastlap”
    • New driverlastlap built in dash component.
    • Raised out of sync tolerance for heavy arduino setups (numerous leds ..)
    • Fix for ShakeIt channels settings changes not taken into account in some conditions (feedback is welcome about this.)
    • Added channel monitor preview for shakeit bass shakers

    6.9.6 – 12/01/2020

    • New shakeit “per profile” output settings option (available in the profile properties)
    • Replaced the arduino “ws2812b” library for a better support, the previous library (adafruit) was causing display errors with some cheap ws2812b leds.
    • Improved F12018/2019 leaderboard support
    • Fixed ACC error loop until the game was running
    • Fixed Static wind effect mute control
    • Moved “ncalcscripts” outside of the arduino plugin so it can be disabled while “ncalcscripts” feature will still work at the same time

    Have fun !

    6.9.5 – Hotfix – 06/01/2020

    • Fixed Iracing new lap detection
    • Raised ACC leaderboard connection delay which could lead to multiple connections at a time.

    Have fun !

    6.9.4 – 05/01/2020

    • New dashstudio led component (powered by the “lededitor”)
    • Fixed shakeit lockup/crash occuring randomly on some soundcards
    • New arduino “unique id” generation at sketch upload, this will make easier multiple arduino support as each arduino will be recognized as a unique device no matter it’s name.
    • New ncalc “prop” function to get a property value based on it’s name
    • Improved ACC pause/exit detection (made possible with the last ACC update)
    • Some CPU optimizations for shakeit
    • Some CPU optimizations for HWInfo64 support
    • Fixed RRRE invalid lap triggering a new lap (with all related impacts : map, fuel tracking …)
    • Dashstudio gauge fixes
    • Improved led profile save and restore.
      • Each profile is now detected as “unique” and will restore as it was, if the profile was already existing choice is offered to overwrite it or to import it as a new profile.
      • Multiple file import at once is now possible
    • Nextion breaking change : After about one year and a half deprecated nextion “ini” files support is now removed (if you are still using some you can convert them using the following method). This allows to improve the following aspects : 
      • Single configuration method
      • All templates can now be selected (including templates stored in sub-folders) without messing up with file copies etc…
      • A clear error message is shown in case of missing mapping file

    Best wishes for the new year ! 

    6.9.3 – Hotfix – 22/12/2019

    • Fixed System info providers 
    • Disabled dash studio gauge label size editor expanding

    Happy holidays ! 

    6.9.2 – 21/12/2019

    • New ShakeIt “engine” effect based on advanced sound generation, with 2 sound variants.
    • New shakeit “vu-meters” on output channels
    • Made WMI optional for computers where WMI is corrupted (looks to be more common that it should)
    • Fixed LED “include group” when placed in another group.
    • Made error messages more explicit when web server ports are already busy
    • Fixed startup tab options when starting minimized
    • New ShakeIt global “mute” control
    • New named input support in dash studio buttons
    • New LED effects (TC active, ABS active) – Fixed overlay placement on scaled monitor.

    6.9.1 – 25/11/2019

    • Full HDPI support (windows display scaling)
      • Reworked all dash/overlays save restore to support properly monitor scaling
      • Resolution changes improvements when using 4k monitors or similar Setups where windows would push the dash out of the screen when resolution was changing
    • New system infos provider : HWinfo64
    • Led editor (aka LEDitor :D)
      • Icons on all effects for an easier browsing/editing
      • Two delays blink on status leds (On delay and off delay)
      • New “Segment” based RPM effect
      • New Low fuel (remaining fuel laps) led effect
      • New DRSAvailable Led effect
      • Changed the scroll effect delay slider with a numeric editor (much more convenient)
      • Added an option to “clear background” on most groups when active.
      • Automatic led preview scaling for large leds setup
      • Higher priority for led preview which was a bit “laggy”
    • Faster connection when HW definition has changed in Single Arduino mode
    • Fixed led matrix gear indicator blinking on redline

    6.9.0 – 16/11/2019

    Warning, breaking changes about nextion and PSE backplate led settings : nextion and PSE leds settings are now dedicated and old settings won’t be useable anymore. Arduino leds settings back-compatibility is maintained temporary to allow an easier transition.

    • ACC data fixes
    • New LED editor for RGB LEDS and TM1638 leds supercharched with new features:
      • Lot of built in effects
      • Animation designer
      • Realtime preview
      • Dedicated settings for PSE led backplate and each single nextion
      • Test data editor for easier layout design
      • Per game profile management.
      • Grouping 
      • Finer brightness management
    • New game banner on game list and search box :
    • Ability to disable more features when unused
      • Statistics panel
      • Arduino 
    • Fuel alert settings are now available in the car settings panel
    • UDP relay settings are now totally integrated with the game settings :
    • “System infos” management has been considolated into a single panel allowing to choose which provider to use for each data :
    • New Close to tray option
    • New ShakeIt controls : Controls can be assigned to any effect or group volume or mute.
    • It’s now possible to totally disable ShakeIt during Simhub telemetry replays
    • It’s now possible to choose specifically which USBD480 must be used (using it’s SN)
    • Fixed some issues with screen recording
    • Fixed some issues making WMI mad on some specific computers
    • Fixed blue flags false positives in IRacing
    • Experimental support (WIP) for Nascar Heat 4
    • Ability to use named controls from SimDeck :
    • A bunch of CPU optimizations about arduino communications
    • Single color tm1638 is now natively supported
    • Added support for arduino nano “new bootloader”
    • Fixed DashStudio vertical progress bar on IOs

    Have fun !