Get a SimHub license and help SimHub development !

Getting a license helps to buy new games to add, new hardware to test, and the infinite quantity of coffee needed to feed the developer. And finally it’s an encouragement to go further on SimHub.

SimHub Licensed Edition goodies

  • Drive all your arduinos, displays and shakers to up to 60FPS instead of 10FPS
  • Automatic game switching
  • Start minimized
  • No nag screens


Because SimHub purpose is to keep sim racing affordable and fun, you can choose yourself the license price :

 Get it for 6.99€ Get it for 8€ Get it for 10€ Get it for 15€ Get it for 20€

You will receive your license file under 24 hours to your PayPal email (usually a few minutes).
Make sure your main paypal contact email is up to date.

Make sure your mailbox is not full and check your spam folder in case your mail provider wrongly classified it as spam.
If you haven’t received it after 24hours, does not hesitate to contact me)