SimHub 6.5.4

What’s new ?

– MotoGP 18 support (offline only):

I’m proud to add his game, Milestone have not been helpful on this one and refused to publish the telemetry structure, but with a bit of reverse engineering nothing is impossible :D, it’s a pretty complete game support, with dash/map and shakers support ! ​

– RF2 :

  • Updated to the latest plugin version with addition of new FFB data (Thanks to @The Iron Wolf for the update !)

– Arduino : I’ve been trying to clarify and make more understandable multiple arduino setup,

  • Simhub will now update devices definition from actual devices instead of getting it once and keeping it as is).
  • Manual add has been removed and will be only possible from real hardware.
  • The “leds”/ “motors” and “displays” indexes will be clearly visible.upload_2018-9-8_20-45-56.png
  • Motors shields will now report exact number of motors instead of being multiples of 4 (4,8,12…) : It will also report configured board model for easier user assistance (as lot of people configure the wrong board Oo), you need to reupload the sketch to take profit of this change)

– Dash studio : 

  • Fixed dash auto start broken on last beta.
  • Fixed layer visibility bindings

– Nextion :

  • Removed Nextion reset at connect (introduced in 6.5.0 Betas) not behaving correctly on some hardware combos resulting with a black screen

– UDP forwarding : 

  • Improved compatibility of UDP forwarding option, as some apps did not liked how the data was sent.

– Shake It for bass shakers : 

  • Added default profiles for F12018 and MOTOGP 18