SimHub 6.6.0 Beta

What’s new in 6.6.0 Beta?

As always you can report bugs I would have missed on GitHub :

Features Highlight
(Does not hesitate to read the whole change log behind)

New arduino sketch and more eye candy setup tool and a totally reworked from the roots arduino sketch

Reorganize the home page the way you want

Shake It similar effects grouped settings

Rotary encoders support


Added support for PL9823 LEDS


Full change log 

  • Rewrote the whole arduino commmunication protocol
    • The new protocol will check for errors and timeout and try to recover from these situations, it can now sustain with no troubles 1 mega bauds. (The protocol is now based on the “Go-Back-N ARQ” concepts
    • Support added for up to 8 encoders (also supported in gamepad mode for arduino micro)
    • Support added for PWM outputs for shakeIt
    • Support added for PL9823 leds
    • Reworked the Setup tool to show a basic wiring shematic and errors detection
    • Reading buttons won’t slow down the refresh rate anymore and are totally asynchronous (lower response time (only for new sketch)
    • Added “health” data for arduino communication (only for new sketch)
    • Custom protocol is now separate from the main sketch and a lot of entry points have been added to allow more complex use cases without touching the main sketch (Idle/loop/read/setup)
    • Additional buttons names where not unique in multiple arduino mode
    • Activated MS fix for crash when serial port is unplugged/unresponsive making simhub die at the same time
    • In idle it was not possible to cycle through screens
    • Added matrix redline blink option
    • Updated tone library for a version supporting arduino micro (tach support)
  • Main UI
    • It’s now possible to reorganize home page games (right click to access the option)
    • Translations : SimHub can now be translated, French translations (100%) and Italian translation (96%) have been added, some corners of simhub have not been yet made possible to translate but it will come progressively
  • Dash studio
    • Added more aggressive pictures re compression (to avoid 30Mb dashs )
    • Some fonts were not properly detected on WEB engine (bad font name detection)
    • Fixed crash when adding an invalid picture in a dash
    • Added a search engine in the component list
  • ShakeIt
    • It’s now possible to group similar settings (corner wheels/left/right)
    • Fixed a few error loops when Fmod was crashing for unknown reasons
    • Added optional dynamic compressor on output
    • Improved default quad channel mapping
  • Input management :
    • All inputs (Except rotary encoders which are pulses based) are now supporting properly short/long press and autorepeat
    • Except rotary encoders which are pulses based, all the inputs pressed status are now accessible using properties (InputStatus.xxxxx) (They will self declare when using the input, use isnull for safety)
    • Added two new kind of action mappings : pressed/released
  • Iracing
    • Fixed High CPU usage introduced by properties deep discovery in iracing
  • Codies
    • Detect UDP port already in use and prevent crash loop freeze
    • Sanitized closing and game switch
  • F12018
    • Fixed brake/clutch/throttle scales
    • Fixed a f12018 driver name typo
  • GRally
    • Fixed type pressure units
  • All games :
    • Fixed BrakesTemperatureAvg, BrakesTemperatureMax, BrakesTemperatureMin showing the wrong data
    • Added PlayerClassOpponentsCount property
  • AC :
    • Added AC pro support
    • Improved car model detection for mods using too long name
  • Fixed a rare crash when on Nextion busy ports checking
  • Added more logs when switching games for troubleshooting

Have fun !