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Adding 4 LED RGB stripes to Simhub to display Brake Temp descrete FL,RL,FR,RR - TC and ABS How to?

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Sorry but I am totally new to the Arduino and RGB Led section


My strength is not being a electronic guy, therfore I need some help and would appreciate much if you could help

me with my projekt BrakeTemp for each wheel.


So what do I want to achiev:

4 LED Strips RGB for each wheel FL.RL.FR.RR.displaying the accoring brake temperature correct per wheel

The  LED should blend from 25° Blue to somewhat 600° red 800° yelloisch . Color and tempranges should be changable.

On top of that I would like to have FRONT Flashing in a color when ABS is Aktiv

and BACK being Flashing when TC Activ

(May be additional all 4 Flashing when Yello flag is out....)

I have made a setup short because pictures say more than a lot  of words


First Question:

1.  If I want to adres 4x Stripes do I have to have 4 Arduino nano to adress each or

do I only need on Arduino Nano and all Leds are set up in Serial through the Data Line (DIN1, DOUT1-DIN2-DOUT2-DIN3-DOUT3-DIN4)


If in Serial , how do I know for FLFRRFRR which Range of the 4 segments are which? Is there a logic how the Leds are adressed.

 Mostly I just need a stripe to represent one color over the whole range (but for more creativity color range of each stripe could be interesting.

2 . External 5V powersupplyneedet for the LED-Stripes: So for powering up all Leds 5v +- is parallel to all +- input of each stripe?

1a. Is or should the arduion(s) also driven by the  powersupply or do the Arduion(s) just connect the Data Line to the LED Stripes

And the Arduion is powerd by the PC ? Does 2 separated Power cirquits cause problem?

3. is there any different logic if used rings instead of stripes?

4 what kind of RGB LED do I have to use for this? What choice is the best (brightest)

WS2812B RGB 5050? or are different ones better if yes which one?


So Thanks in advance would appreciate so much if you could help me out to get my vison to live

Have a nice day

Thank you