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FS22 Dashboards  

By Isaak H., 2 hours ago

  Hey is there any downloads for an FS22 dashboard?
RE: MPRO Vocore 60fps activation ?  

By Toon, 13 hours ago

  @admin5435 thanks for explanations !
RE: Stream Deck integration  

By shin, 14 hours ago

Forum Simhub
  Hi.Thank you very much for this great plugin. I use this plugin with Stream Deck Plus.If I use "Dial Stacks", the functions assigned to the press button will not be available.Therefore, I would like t...
RE: MPRO Vocore 60fps activation ?  

By Wotever, 15 hours ago

  Hi 60fps is only theoric with a few little areas being redrawn. In real conditions this means having an irregular framerate depending of the size and number of areas to be refreshed. This is a behavio...
MPRO Vocore 60fps activation ?  

By Toon, 16 hours ago

  Hi, I'm using a 5" VOCORE with MPRO board (firmware 0.15). The Vocore website seems to mention that 60 fps would be reached with partial draw : "35(full draw)/60(partily draw)" So I activated this opt...
RE: Voir simhub sur un quatrième écran  

By R-v, 2 days ago

Forum French
  Bonjour, j'essaye également depuis plusieurs jours sans succès. As tu réussi ? Merci
RE: Gran turismo Dash  

By energie895, 2 days ago

  download not avaiable..can you update?thanks
SimDash formula needed to change meters travelled to km’s  

By LibranRabbit, 2 days ago

Forum Simhub
  Need a formula so it will show 1.234kms instead of 1234meters using trackpositionmeters.
RE: Add more properties for ShakeITMotors  

By shin, 2 days ago

Forum Simhub
  Hello. I was able to get it with SimHubPropertyServer.But this was a "Stream Deck" solution. I also want to achieve the same thing as you.
RE: overlay iracing series name  

By Smiddyy, 2 days ago

  First of all, sorry for my bad English I have made a scipt for that myself. I'm still learning Javascript, so don't know if it can be done in a shorter script, but this is working very well for me in ...
RE: No output to bass shakers  

By Mazdamike37, 2 days ago

  I've dealt with the same sort of issue. Ironically the way i got it working again before, was to physically pull out the power cable in the back of my Nobsound NS Mini amp and plug it back in. But ...
Sf1000 thrusmasters  

By AMGVILAS, 3 days ago

Forum French
  Bonjour à tous quelq'un peut me aider à configurer pour le mans ultimate merci de votre compréhension bonne journée
dashboard screen problem  

By Benoit76, 4 days ago

Forum English Chat
  Good morning , I bought a 5" screen on aliexpress to use as a dashboard but it is impossible for me to have it detected by simhub the only way for me to make it work is to use the software from the...
RE: Android App?  

By SabrinaC, 4 days ago

Forum English Chat
  Hello, ideally, there would be a link at the top of the dashboard list when using Chrome on your phone or tablet. If not, here it is: <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener">...
DIY wireless ESP32 wind simulator  

By the_make_r, 4 days ago

Forum Projects
  [Work In Progress] Hello, Sim Racing Enthusiasts! I'm excited to share a comprehensive tutorial on building your own wind simulator to enhance your sim racing experience. This project is perfect for t...
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