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Video Recording  

By Jaf, 21 hours ago

  I recorded some lapping sessions using SimHub, but looking at my files I don't see a video file, just JSON, RFCMP, and METADATA. Is SimHub recording more for data files? I just want video of a sessio...
I guess I'm too stupid  

By oneshotveth, 1 day ago

  I don't know how to get WRC to get the telemetry to simhub. everything was working fine, and I tried to add, and there was an error that the udp was already used or something. I played wit...
hue lights settings  

By bporion, 2 days ago

  there is a setting called ' effect position alocation ' what does it do and what is a good setting . thanks
RE: Romainrob's collection  

By Skiggity242, 2 days ago

  Is there a way to add manufacturer icons for the recently-added GT3 Ford and Chevy so it'll work with the various RomainRob collection stuff? I glanced at parameter in SimHub and it looked more in-dep...
RE: Match LED brightness with Brake Pressure  

By Nelson, 2 days ago

  Porque escrevem letras tão pequenas 😰 não vejo nada 😎🥸🤓
Match LED brightness with Brake Pressure  

By Tealceed, 2 days ago

  I would like to gradually match the brightness of my led stripe with the applied pressure from the brake pedal. 0 pressure = 0 brightness, ...50% pressure = 50% brightness,... 100% =100% brightness ...
Rear channels are not working.  

By Bruno1960, 2 days ago

  Hi, I have a problem. I have my USB sound card set to 7.1 mode. When I test the channels in Windows, they work correctly. However, in SimHub, in the Sound Output section, when I do a test, channels 1,...
RE: FS22 dashboards  

By wetheringtonsmith, 3 days ago

  @paranoikar can you send me the link to thanks
Is300 cluster  

By PedalzCantDrift, 4 days ago

Forum Projects
  I am currently building a Sim rig out of the interior of an is300. I noticed that a lot of the wiring goes to the multiplex which is a way to give the cluster the information from the speedometer tach...
SimHub can't detect Motor Shield V2  

By rkovachev, 4 days ago

  Hello, I'm trying to connect ShakeIt Motors, but I have a problem connecting the Arduino with a Motor Shield V2. My Arduino is an UNO R3 clone ( removed link ) with ATmega328P and there is no problem ...
F1 2024 - Lovely Dashboard - Tire display ?  

By mxrathman, 4 days ago

  I've recently gotten a simhub dash and got it hooked up, during a quick setup of the Lovely Dashboard layout I went into a time trial session to test it and everything look great on the HUD, tire temp...
RE: Getting the LED/Display brightness value  

By henrycloud, 4 days ago

  I am grateful for your contributions. <a href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noopener"> removed link
Wheel lock LEDS?  

By ella, 5 days ago

Forum Simhub
  I was wondering if there is a way to light up LEDS when you lock your wheels. You can configure it to a rumble motor, but not to a LED to my knowledge. If not is there a way it could become a feature?
Audi RS6 Can't get the speedo to work properly... Can anyone help please?  

By MitchNL, 5 days ago

Forum Projects
  I have made a RS6 Dash, but the speedo isn't matching up. Can anyone help please? Thanks!! And ofcourse enjoy the dashboard itself
Telemetry app for ATS / ETS2  

By jormc, 7 days ago

Forum Projects
  Hi there! This is my first post, and I want to share with you my own project that I want to start. I'm experienced weapp developer, so I decided to create a simple webapp dashboard that uses the ATS /...
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