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louielou1 RE: Romainrob's collection  

By louielou1, 4 hours ago

  How do you use the RSC video/gif feature in your pack? Does this actually play videos as you're playing?
archarin RE: PWM fan, not work  

By archarin, 12 hours ago

  Hi I do have exactly the same problem. Fan is working at 100% speed when the pin 9 is not connected. When it's connected it runs slowly no matter the parameters set at SimHub. Did you find a way to s...
seby34 RE: Replays  

By seby34, 14 hours ago

  Thanks for sharing! Your blog seems useful to many people, so keep it up! As I see, you have many followers here, so it would be nice if I could share my blog. We promote the best grow tent fan, so re...
parra.roger RE: 5inch VOcore screen interference  

By parra.roger, 15 hours ago

  Hi, anyone fix this issues, I´m started to have a same problems after update Simhub to 8.1.3?
Day VReamer RE: DIY Wind sim with Arduino Uno Rev 3 and Arduino Motor Shield Rev 3  

By Day VReamer, 18 hours ago

Forum Projects
  @xbooster Hi Jerome, so the Cytron MD10 or MDD10, is the best option I believe, it is easier to setup. I used the MD10 (which just has one channel so if you use two fans, you put the connectors into t...
DEX1989 some gauges not wrking or have a quicktext menu  

By DEX1989, 24 hours ago

  trying to create a dial guage rev counter and i set values off youtube videos like they did but for some reason the needle wont move. i set value of it to game data rpm and when it does move it stick...
Romainrob RE: Romainrob's collection  

By Romainrob, 2 days ago

  @harlon307 Hi. I'm afraid I don't have a definitive solution to this issue.I know some iOS devices tend to crash when running heavy dashboards but I've never had this error message.A couple more thing...
bojo1991jon RE: Windowed G-SYNC with Dash overlay not working  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

  Thanks for that!
bojo1991jon RE: PWM Fans cutting off only with Curving enabled  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

  Thanks for that!
bojo1991jon RE: Ardunio's  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

  Thanks for that!
bojo1991jon RE: PWM fan control and regular Fan control  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

  Thanks so much!
bojo1991jon RE: E36 speedometer going crazy  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

bojo1991jon RE: Will this work like I think it will?  

By bojo1991jon, 2 days ago

  Thanks for that!
Denisehaddou Demarrervjeu avec bouton  

By Denisehaddou, 2 days ago

Forum Forum
  Bonjour est il possible par exemple de demarrer content manager en assignant un bouton sur une bouton box. Dans l affirmative comment procéder merci
Jaf Not all channels working  

By Jaf, 2 days ago

  Hi, this isn't a SimHub problem, but hoping someone here can help me out: I have four bass shakers running through an external sound card and amp which has been working perfectly, but suddenly some o...
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