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Make Arduino Servos work with sim Hub  


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24/03/2020 10:55 pm  


Im trying to do an instrument cluster for my racing sims. After trying to purchase an entire cluster, option that was not possible due to the high cost in my country (200 usd for a basic cluster). i tried purchasing aftermarket parts, i bought a tacho and it works wonderfuly, but i can't find an aftermarket speedometer at a good price, so im trying to do it using arduino servos.


I have been learning about servos, and i currently have the Tower Pro SG90 and MG90S, soon getting one that can do 360 degrees.

But in simhub i don't have an option to control the PWM pulse duration, with in the case of the servos im trying is arround 500-2400 micro seconds. How i can select that pulse range in simHub? I tried conecting it directly and it start moving like crazy.


Or is any easy way to make the servos work with SimHub?

Thanks you in advance.

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27/03/2020 11:44 am  

Hi !

It's indeed not supported, I added servo supports a few years ago, and finally removed it due to the noise, calibration issues, and low speed of those servos.
However it's now possible to add you own "non supported" hardware using this method :