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SimHub Overlays update extremely slowly when in game but when tabbed out work perfectly 60fps

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Hey Guys,

Title says it all. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going wrong. I have tried reinstalling (both simhub and said overlays) and talking to other people, it doesn't seem to be an issue...

Any help is welcome as I commentate for an F1 2021 league and need help ASAP!!!!

Thanks guys!

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I have the same issue with rFactor2 - it works OK when I am alone (practice) but in race when there is many cars it almost stops refreshing - less than 1 FPS. When I tabbed out (e.g. changed focus to task manager) it started working again. I tried with high priority setting - without any success. 

I have R5 2600 CPU which is not the fastest but it should be enough for this (crewchief is working without any problems)

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Hello, im kind of fighting the same thing. I've found by disabling all the plugins i do not use, and restarting simhub it seems to fix it.