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Support for L298P motor shield?  

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Hi it seems that L298N is supported in simhub, but I have this one now L298P and it doesn't seem to work.  I'm using this UNO clone:

Elegoo UNO R3: amazon(dot)com/gp/product/B01EWOE0UU

new motor shield:
L298P Shield R3 DC Motor Driver: amazon(dot)com/gp/product/B00WN4UB8W

I'm using these fans:

fans: amazon(dot)com/gp/product/B079NXYC7H

Previously I was using this motor shield, and it is compatible with "DK" shield in simhub and it worked fine, but the fans blew too slowly as the DK shield didn't have enough output to drive them fully.  They seemed completely compatible, speed was fine at low and high, just not enough RPM:

old motor shield: amazon(dot)com/gp/product/B00TMA4YSS
Motor Drive Shield L293D (DK compatible)

On this new shield, I tried the PWM suggestion using pins 3 and 11, and the lights on the board light up, but the fans don't spin.

If I set the new shield to be DK compatible and I test channel 2 the fan spins really fast but won't shut off until I turn off simhub, it seems to blow 100% but won't shut down :/  So it seems that since the fans worked on the old shield, and semi work on the new shield, I should be able to get them to run.  I've tried uploading the sketch to my Arduino UNO with just about every shield listed on the UI but none of them work.  The board I have shows the pins as:




PWMB: 11

DIRA: 12

DIRB: 13

I thought L298P and L298N are only different between 2 and 4 motors - is there any chance to get this to work?


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upload pic


Took me 3 hours of messing about to get it to work on Motor Drive Shield L293D! Try these settings. i made a profile just to reply to you since you were the only one with the same issue as all the youtubers use the adafruit motor shield V2.

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