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Stream Deck integration

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first of all, thank you for this amazing piece of software! It's been game changer for me regarding tactile - I have tried everything, but SimHub is the best (by FAR), especially with the ability to create own effects via Javascript!

I just got the Stream Deck for usage with motion software SimFeedback - what can be done with it can be seen here:

Link to the extension: shown in video above.

I was wondering, if it would be possible to add similar support to SimHub? I have found this little plugin for SimHub, which allows for assigning StreamDeck buttons to SimHub controls which is great for tuning, but it would be even better, if there was tighter integration. With functionality of that small extension, you can modify the values (that is possible to assign via Controller settings), but there is no way, to show what the values actually are directly on the StreamDeck.

It would be great to be able to show the values for tactile overall / effects gain directly on the buttons. Now it's necessary to have the SimHub open on some monitor to see what the values are and be on the appropriate tab.

For example, I would like to use it to tune the wind, which is in ShakeIt Motors tab, so even with having monitor, it would be necessary to switch the tabs in SimHub to see the actual values of the effects.

Also loading different profiles via button (for tactile / motors) would be great.

StreamDeck SDK can be found here

I think there are more and more StreamDecks out there, so it might be useful to broader audience, I have found some question about SimHub + StreamDeck on the Google.

Many thanks for considering this.

PS. I could help out with icon design for this.


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Hi all,

I recently bought myself a Stream Deck. For games I can control majority of the functions with SD as almost all controls can be assigned to wheel buttons, button boxes and keyboard shortcuts and once i assign a keyboard shortcut i can control it with SD.  I want to be able control simhub features as Dash controls, individual overlays (on/off/move), sounds, recording etc.


In "Controls and Events"; functions/ plug-ins can be assigned to any button or keyboard but SD button press does not yield any results.  None of these have preassigned keyboard shortcuts that i can program SD.  I could not figure out how to do it. To make matters worse, i can not understand what those plug-ins suppose to do also. They look rather cryptic to me. Simhub Wiki does not have information for those either. :=) 


In race department the is one plug-in for an older and smaller version of SD. I did not tried it as mine is XL and V 5.0.


An other plug-in claims that you "Controls and Events" section will recognize the SD button presses.


Also I read (with the help of google translate) in a Dutch forum that with the newer versions SD v. 5.0+, SD would be communicating with simhub without a need of a plug-in. 


I am confused. What is the actual way to do it atm and where can i find the descriptions of the functions/plug-ins that can be assignable.




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I second the request for stream deck integration.  I've just tried the plug-in below but it looks like there is only one way communication, SD > SH, therefore effect toggles can get out of sync, no reporting of effect settings ie 85%.

Just enabling this plugin to report back a SimHub effect status and intensity level would be a game changer !