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Hi all im currently setting up the penaltys to show on my dash i have most thanks to the internet using codes

if([ACCCDS_Graphics.penalty]='ACC_DriveThrough_Cutting','PENALTY-DT for CUTTING', and so on iv now come acros 2 more IE 


24= drive thru fro ignoring stint timer

25= 30s stopgo for exceeding stint timer 


my question is how can i add these to the code i have allready thanks to @doomsday on here many thanks john.

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first of all remove all references to acccds
then among the telemetry data I don't find the ones you ask me to add...
anyway I attach the correct full code and the telemetry data available at the moment


corrected code:

if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_DriveThrough_Cutting','PENALTY-DT for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_10_Cutting','PENALTY-SG 10 Sec for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_20_Cutting','PENALTY-SG 20 Sec for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_30_Cutting','PENALTY-SG 30 Sec for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_Disqualified_Cutting','PENALTY-DISQ.for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_RemoveBestLapTime_Cutting','PENALTY-Best Lap Removed for CUTTING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_DriveThrough_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-DT for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_10_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-SG 10 Sec for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_20_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-SG 20 Sec for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_StopAndGo_30_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-SG 30 Sec for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_Disqualified_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-DISQ.for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_RemoveBestLapTime_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-Best Lap Removed for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_Disqualified_IgnoredMandatoryPit','PENALTY-DISQ. Ignored MANDATORY PIT',if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_RemoveBestLapTime_PitSpeeding','PENALTY-Best Lap Removed for PIT SPEEDING',
if([GameRawData.Graphics.Penalty]='ACC_Disqualified_IgnoredMandatoryPit','PENALTY-DISQ. Ignored MANDATORY PIT',


telemetry v 1.18:

ACC_None = 0
ACC_DriveThrough_Cutting = 1
ACC_StopAndGo_10_Cutting = 2
ACC_StopAndGo_20_Cutting = 3
ACC_StopAndGo_30_Cutting = 4
ACC_Disqualified_Cutting = 5
ACC_RemoveBestLaptime_Cutting = 6
ACC_DriveThrough_PitSpeeding = 7
ACC_StopAndGo_10_PitSpeeding = 8
ACC_StopAndGo_20_PitSpeeding = 9
ACC_StopAndGo_30_PitSpeeding = 10
ACC_Disqualified_PitSpeeding = 11
ACC_RemoveBestLaptime_PitSpeeding = 12
ACC_Disqualified_IgnoredMandatoryPit = 13
ACC_PostRaceTime = 14
ACC_Disqualified_Trolling = 15
ACC_Disqualified_PitEntry = 16
ACC_Disqualified_PitExit = 17
ACC_Disqualified_Wrongway = 18
ACC_DriveThrough_IgnoredDriverStint = 19
ACC_Disqualified_IgnoredDriverStint = 20
ACC_Disqualified_ExceededDriverStintLimit = 21

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@doomsday Thanks for posting this list; sorting out these enumeration values can be tedious. 😓

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@zer0bandwidth dont mention it


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@doomsday is a regular Text box/Text binding what to use for this code?  All I get as an output is a static "ACC_None" showing.

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@frankenvader textbox function