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Holley EFI Digital Dash replica?

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Good Evening All,


     I am a novice user of Sim Hub and have amateur experience in GIMP with basic editing (I do a little sim painting). I'd like to make a replica of the Holley EFI Digital Dashboard for the Dirt Late Model. My idea is to keep the basic dash with fuel pressure, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, tachometer, voltage, and an RPM light. I am then thinking page 2 would be racing telemetry and maybe laps remaining on fuel.

     I have absolutely no idea where to get a usable image of the Holley gauge cluster that isn't the stock advertisement photos. I also am learning how to use the Dash Builder in Simhub to create my idea. I received a new Galaxy S7 Tablet for Christmas, so I'm repurposing my S2 Tab 9.7 (1536x2048 pixels) for a sim dash.

     Before I embark on this adventure, has this been done already? Also, can anyone recommend some good tutorials to get me started? I have already watched the videos by David Weber but feel that his step by step only scratches the surface. I'd love for someone else to make it, but I also like the challenge of learning how to do it myself, just like I did with painting cars for the sim.

     Thank you in advance!