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Javascript update in another screen

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I created a code to maintain the tire temperature save in screen when I return to the pit, and it is working. But it only works if I'm on that tire screen.
The issue is that I have several screens on my HUD and I would like to be able to use another screen while I'm on the track, but for the tire values to continue updating on the secondary screen, so that I can check them when I return to the pit. But when I do this, the tire values were not updated, as it was not on the specific screen.

Is there any way to make this work?

Below is the code I'm using. Thanks


if($prop("EngineStarted") == 1){
root.BrakeTemperatureFrontLeft = $prop("BrakeTemperatureFrontLeft");

if(root.BrakeTemperatureFrontLeft == null){return 0;} else{
return root.BrakeTemperatureFrontLeft;