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TV Style Side & Scrolling Leaderboards + Timings SideScreen + F1 Halo Overlay  

Gary Swallow
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Find them here:

Leaderboards for use in SimHub.

As used in the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE league:

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Tested with:
Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, F1 2017, F1 2018 (+ working on further info for telemetry), F1 2019, RFactor 2 (including spectator mode), RRRE, IRacing (*not fully functional...yet), Automobilista..

Bottom (or top) of the screen..(1920px wide)
Scrolling Leaderboard Screenshot.PNG
- Up to 60 drivers (Auto adjusting)
- Positions gained/lost
- Gap
- Delta to 1st
- Multiclass icons*
- Car name
- Auto scrolling across the screen (Speed adjustable)
- Transparency mode

Side Leaderboard:

- Up to 60 drivers (Auto adjusting/page switching)
- Auto adjusting height when < 30 players
- Positions gained/lost
- Gap to 1st
- Delta to car in front
- Multiclass icons*
- Themes (In plugin options)
- F1 style leaderboard option (Turn on/off in options) - F1 currently disabled
- Transparency mode
- Tyre compound (RF2, RRE, F1 2017 - turn on/off in plugin options)
- Total laps per driver (Turn on/off in options)
- Pit notification
- Pit count
- Pit reason (PCars2 only)(NOW PART OF THE FLAGS OVERLAY)
- Fastest lap time popup as/when fastest lap time is broken.(Tells you who/how fast/what class and what car...) (NOW A STANDALONE OVERLAY)
- 'Battle for X' random place popup with gap between drivers (NOW A STANDALONE OVERLAY)
- DNF/DQ indicators*

Broadcast Overlay.png

Use on a second screen for information at your fingertips
- Up to 60 drivers (manual page switching to see 31-60)
- Position in class (+ indicator of leaders)
- Multiclass icons*
- Car number
- Total laps per driver
- Fastest lap indicator
- Best/last lap per driver + indicators for personal best and overall best (+ invalid time)
- Best/last sector + indicators for personal best per driver and overall best sectors
- Positions gained/lost
- Gap to 1st
- Delta to driver in front
- Transparency mode
- Tyre compound
- Car name
- Pit notification
- Pit count
- Flags (+ sector yellows)
- Fastest lap time indicator as/when fastest lap time is broken
- DNF/DQ indicators*
- Laps or session timer (depending on session type)

*Important info on features:
- Multiclass icons:
Works in PCars2 and for standard classes of RF2.
(If you tell me your custom class name I can add it...+ a custom icon if you want

- Positions gained/lost since race start:
If you pause your game and lose data stream and then come back in to the game again, the positions lost/gained will mess up and start from your current position...sorry..)..

- ALL FLAGS for PCars2, Assetto Corsa, F12017 and RF2 (I think)

- DNF and DQ:
Indications for RF2/PCars2 + an attempt at DNF for Assetto Corsa

- THEMES (go to my Plugin options)
- Scroll speed for scrolling leaderboard
- RF2/RRE tyre compound info selector
- *Flags on/off* = currently disabled due to overlay update
- Current lap per driver on/off

HTML = view on tablet/phone etc

NEW - RF2 SPY (Beta):

SYNC the number of drivers and then 'spy' on their telemetry data.
(I cannot be held responsible if you use this for any cheating purpose during racing!!!)

NEW - F1 2019 Style Halo HUD Overlay Beta.....
Should work with any game...

Install latest version of Simhub:

### If you are running older versions (older than 4.7) please delete ALL of my folders/files from the dash templates folder before installing or you will get conflicts ###

Drop all folders into Simhub/DashTemplates folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates).

You need to install my plugin (.dll file in the zip) to get the features to work.
Drop it into the root directory of SimHub (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub), start SimHub and activate it in the Settings/Plugins section.

Access the leaderboards from the dash picker menu.
Access the 'popups' in the overlay list.
Select options in the plugins menu:

If you cannot see the plugin inside Simhub then please check the security permissions of the dll file. Right click on the dll and click properties, click unblock then click ok.
Restart Simhub and it should appear in the list of plugins.

**Bugs/issues/limitations in 1st post of support section**

DISCLAIMER: If you use these or take them and modify them....please leave a rating and credit me in some way as these are not just standard Simhub bits slapped together..there is custom coding etc that takes time and effort on my part (more than it should!).

Please leave a message in the support section with links to youtube or screenshots of it in action..even if it has been modified to suit your needs.

I would like to see where it has been used (and you may even get some more subscribers)..

Happy Racing :)
- Gary

If you feel you want to buy me a beer for my troubles please donate here:
Many thanks

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I quote our conversation on Youtube.

"I have a solution .... I forgot something in the instructions .... You need to edit an RF2 game file to 'turn on' the ID output.
I did this 4 months ago and forgot I had done it ... Come to the Simhub Discord 'Template Downloads' section for explanation"

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