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Overlaying on FH5, borderless

1. My overlays are not transparent when I set them to be (e.g. 20%) in the component properties.
Setting im missing somewhere in the component properties to enable this feature? 
I can get premade components like lat-g meters that are transparent from the start, but making my own transparent has proved difficult

2. How do I toggle the visibility of a component based on a change in Telementry.
I am trying to make a "New Best Lap" overlay that only appears when there is a change in state of the "Session Best Time" variable, for a set period of time. 

Please help

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Answering my own post to help other asking similar questions...

1. In the Dashboard Editor (Dash Studio -> Overlays -> "Your Overlay" -> More -> Edit Dashboard), top right should be a tab called "Screen Heirarchy" (if you dont have it go to "windows -> screen heirarchy"). On that window there is a button called "Manage Screens", click that. 

This window shows your current Screen and displays various settings or properties

Go to Apperance -> Background Colour, and set this to transparent (white and grey squares)

Your background is now transparent 😀

2. Toggling the visibility of a component is easy

Scroll through the components Properties and find Visible, then click the fx button.

The next step is defining when and how you want the visibility to toggle, this can be super complex or super easy, depending on your requirements.

I went for a simple: When I get a new best lap, the "New Best Lap Indicator" I made toggles its visibility!

This is the code:
> [PersistantTrackerPlugin.PreviousLap_00]

This outputs a true / false statement to toggle visability

You could also use the Opacity fx button and make it fade with something like this:
inertia (if(changed(5000, [BestLapTime]) , 100,0),500)

Hope this helped someone 🙂