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Simrig modifications, specifically for simhub software and need advise

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My current set-up:

  • Aluminium extruded profile rig (with Simlab wheelbracket)
  • Bimarco hummer seat (not sure if i like the comfort)
  • T500 RS (+F1 add-on) with T3PA pedals (with analog brake mode)
  • PS4-pro
  • Logitec Z-5500 5.1 speakerset + Bose noise canceling headphones
  • Benq W1700 4K HDR beamer on 90" screen

I mainly do PC2 and F1 2019


My desired set-up changes: (I would really appreciate it, if you can give me some advise)

  • Computer (not a clue yet on hardware requirements)
  • [optional] triples or VR. not made up my mind yet. all pending on the space at home.
  • [optional] other seat
  • [optional] other wheel, though I am not convinced yet that the DD wheels are worth my hard earned money
  • Load cell pedals (i am having a hard time being consistent with braking, but i see that the V3's apparantly have tactiles that are apparantly supported by simhub) any experiences to share from that? and will it still work with my T500rs?
  • more immersion by Simhub software:
    • Tactile transducers
      • Amount and placement : ?? Any advise?
      • Type : ?? Any advise? (i want to get some value for my money, buttkickers are to expensive to my opinion)
      • considering pedal rumble as well (std. in V3's?)
    • Wind sim (see that a lot of people use the Seaflo's)

I am just looking for someone who is willing to debate about the hardware mainly. I am at the point of spending a lot of money again, and just want to ensure that I don't purchase something stupid and want to make it worth it.

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well hello there,

i am using golf mk4 cluster , i know it's not supported by simhub, so there is 2 questions i wanted to ask:

1. can i use the sketch setup to involve cluster gauges?

2. when i use my cluster, it gives me the rpm data on the speed gauge (unlike the e36 gauges the rpm on the left), how can i correct that.