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Hello everyone

I'm new here and I'm trying to get working simhub on a game currently not supported but it's made by the same Developer

It should have everything needed to get it working but idk how to. 
The game currently not supported is GP Bikes. The game supported by the same dev is Kart Racing Pro

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Hi ! It's not possible to do it on your end as it requires to create a game plugin and appropriate code in Simhub,

I will look if I can add it, GPBike has really a small user base opposite to KRP which is now available on steam and I need to ensure there are enough users interested in the game (that's only the second request about this one I got in 2 years). Each new game requires a significant time of maintenance to follow simhub evolutions, so I need to weight smartly pros and cons before adding it 😉

Ps : I move the thread to feature requests 😉