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Ats telemetry

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I am trying to find telemetry reading for the differential locked light to put it on my dash but don't see it anywhere. Does anyone know what it's called if it exists. I am also trying to get the time and date info from the navigation screen but can't find either.

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I'm looking for differential lock for ETS2 too. I did read somewhere that it may be added to SimHub in then future, but who knows?
Closest I could find is [GameRawData.TruckValues.ConstantsValues.MotorValues.DifferentialRation].


I'm not sure if ATS has the same properties, but certainly for ETS2 I've been using
[DataCorePlugin.GameRawData.TimeAbsolute] for (in-game time of day).

I've not seen any in-game dates, but ETS2 does have



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is there a resource to find the different telemetry events for ATS?

I'm trying to find one for my dashboard that goes off when the weigh station bypass is red.