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Hi πŸ™‚
Im making a pitwall screen to when we drive 24H races in iRacing.
I noticed that my trackmap only follow me, so when im out of the car it says that the car is in the pit.

Is there a way to make the trackmap follow the car im looking on in game, like Joel Real Timing (JRT) trackmap?

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Yes, you can achieve this functionality using SimHub. This software allows you to create custom Buckshot Roulette dashboards for various racing simulators, including iRacing. You can set up a trackmap that follows the currently selected car in the game.

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Regarding your question about making the trackmap follow the car you're currently viewing in iRacing, it's indeed possible to achieve that functionality. You can adjust the settings within your telemetry software or dashboard application to track the selected car instead of just your own car.

For example, if you're using Simhub, you can configure the trackmap widget to follow the car you're spectating or focused on in-game. Similarly, other telemetry software like Z1 Dashboard or Trading Paints may offer similar customization options.

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You can use a tool like Joel Real Timing Β (JRT) to get a tracking map that follows the car you're viewing in an iRacing gameΒ 

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