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'14 Impreza instrument cluster driven by Simhub!

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Hi all, first post here, hope this is the right place for it.

I'm in the process of wrapping up an old project I never quite finished where I use a CAN-BUS shield to drive this instrument cluster with data straight from simhub. I love watching analog tachometers fly upward when I step on the gas.


Check out the video!


I'm debating whether to write instructions for this, or whether to try and sell some aspects of it. Normally there'd be no question but I'm unemployed and in great need of a new desk. That said, it's definitely something you _could_ do yourself on another cluster if you've got the patience and time to reverse engineer all of the necessary CAN-BUS messages.

(admins please let me know if there are rules against self-advertising here!)

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Hey would love to get some info on this. Have a 2011 Impreza cluster I'd like to get working for my sim.

Any help would be appreciated, will gladly PayPal ya!