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Controller feedback output > Press Trigger = Shake it Motor effect

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Hello Everyone, 

I have several games I use with my motion rig, that do no support telemetry. However, I can use my controller to provide roll, pitch, traction loss, etc... My question is this, does Simhub have the ability to setup actions tied to your controller inputs. Ex. when I hold in the trigger on my flight stick, it engages my shakeit bass shaker motors to provide feedback, (Simulate firing weapons) or when i step on the gas it can start my wind sim? If this project is possible, does anyone know where to start? Additional Plugins maybe? I'm just not savvy on coding. 

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It's possible, to some extent, in a hacky way...
If Simhub can read your device input while you're playing a game.
Enable the "Controllers input" plugin and look in the properties list for "joystick".
You can use these properties in custom shaker effects.

Here I have an example, pressing a button to give a machine gun like pulse.
And moving a joystick to move the effect around 4 corners.
Now I used an xbox controller. This is kind of a bad example as SimHub will only see its input while in focus. So this wouldn't actually work in game. Most other controllers would be fine though.

You also have to trick SimHub to get ShakeIt running while playing a non supported game.
Start a data replay and pause it at a silent moment. (make sure ShakeIt isn't disabled during replays).
I hope this helps.
Have fun messing with custom effects. 😉