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HELP PLEASE 😀 - MAX7219 Gear Indicator

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I'm new to simhub but have some experience with Arduinos. I'm trying to make an 8x8 led gear indicator as per this video:


It looked relatively straight forward and I had a couple of spare Arduinos so ordered a MAX7219 matrix and set to work designing a case for it!  

I tested the hardware with the LedControl LCDemoMatrix example which worked and then tried it with simhub (VIDEO)

I followed the guides and enabled the MAX7221 LED Matrix (which I've noted is not MAX7219 but the component help does show the matrix I'm using and seems to be what everyone else is using) but when I go to test it through simhub nothing is displayed on the matrix. 

The Arduino is recognised by simhub and it is transferring data (IMAGE) and the RX led is lighting up but nothing is displayed on the matrix in or out of the game (iracing) which made me think there is an issue on the code side of things. I've tried uploading it through the arduino IDE, different pins, different Arduinos and even tried using an uno instead of a nano, two different types of MAX719 (IMAGE) and still nothing.

Is there anything obvious that I'm missing or anywhere in the code where you can change the device hardware as I believe there are a few different types of MAX7219 as I had to adjust the LCDemoMatrix test code as initially it was displayed mirrored.

Thanks in advance 

p.s is there a better way of inserting images into posts?