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rFactor 2 Cars that Work Well with SimHub’s ShakeIt Bass Shakers Wheel Slip Effect

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SimHub’s ShakeIt Bass Shakers Wheel Slip effect can work quite well with some of the cars in rFactor 2 (RF2) and it can add a much-needed effect to the sim. For those without a direct drive wheel, this effect will almost eliminate those annoying spinouts while driving some of the rear wheel drive cars. It also gives you better control over some of the cars, making it much easier to drive these cars at their limits. However, many of the “official” cars that come with RF2 don’t generate wheel skid data. If skid data isn’t available, ShakeIt automatically reverts to an algorithm the generates skid effects using wheel speed differences. This algorithm has its limitations and the skid effects generated can be poor. Also, the cars from the official Endurance Pack, and many of the cars from the GT3 Pack also don’t generate wheel skid data. Studio-357 has been contacted about this and, to date, they haven’t acknowledged the problem. The official cars that have been tested and work quite well are the: USF2000, Corvette C6.R GT2, Camaro GT3, StockCar, and Renault Formula35 2010. The official historic cars, the Howston Dissenter, and most of the third-party car mods also generate skid data. Out of the third-party car mods, the EnduRacers Ferrari 458 Italia GTC and UnitedRacingDesign (URD) Ferruccia EGT were found to work quite well and the other cars from these packs probably should work as well as the Ferraris. EnduRacers cars are available on Steam and the URD cars are available at www.unitedracingdesign.net .


Settings used for testing:

SimHub version: 6.8.6

Sound Output, Output Selection: Corners

Effects Profile, Wheel Slip:
Effect strength: 25%
Threshold: 60-70
Minimum force: 0-20
Base effect frequency: 80-82 Hz

Defaults for everything else

Hardware used for testing:

Four AuraSound AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shakers, two under the seat and the other two under the pedal deck
Four-channel 240 W amp
ASUS desktop PC
Onboard Realtek High Definition Audio chip, connected to the amp by front and rear 3.5 mm jacks

If you want to try ShakeIt’s Wheel Slip effect with RF2, a good combination is the USF2000 car at the Zandvoot Club circuit. This combination should generate vibrations, during hard corning or when the wheels lockup during braking, through the front or rear or both sets of transducers when either the front, rear, or both sets of wheels begin to skid, respectively. The vibrations should also start gradually and increase as the skid becomes more severe.

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