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ABS Pedal Shaker w/Arduino - Unexpected Data/Results

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Forgive me as I'm new to both Arduino and somewhat to SimHub - I've built a small setup with a Motor Shield V2 and 2 "rumble" motors from an Xbox 360 controller. I have this setup in SimHub and working both when I test in the ShakeIt Motors section and when I apply the brakes in game (specifically iRacing). The issue is I only get one small pulse on the motor rather than it continuing to spin/shake while I have the brake at 100%.

In SimHub I only see a single spike on the graph so I'm not sure if the issue is with SimHub or iRacing - what I want to happen is when ABS activates the motor would spin/vibrate until I come off the brakes or ABS disengages. Am I missing something or is this expected behavior? I see that I'm limited to 100ms pulses in the free version - is that the issue? I'm about to go purchase now as I couldn't be more impressed with how easy this all was inside SimHub.

Thoughts? Thanks for any help!


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