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Arduino uno and tm1638 troubleshoot  


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17/05/2020 8:24 pm  

Dear Simhub team,

Thank you for creating this software, it's pretty amazing!

I'm trying to connect an Arduino UNO board with a TM1638 to create a dashboard for displaying the current speed in racing games. Under the Arduino tab at screens, I've created the outlay I would like to have and it works with the recorded data from the game.

Then I choose under the my hardware tab the arduino uno, the  tm1638 board, I double check the wiring and I choose upload to arduino.

After uploading and starting the game nothing happens, the tm1638 board doesn't display anything. I've tried to upload through the arduino ide other simple sketches and then the tm1638 display works.

Could you please help me what am I doing wrong? Please let me know if I should provide some screenshots, videos, etc. Currently I'm using the free version, shall I try to purchase the software? 

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,