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Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get a rumble strip effect through bass shakers similar to the Project Cars 2 "Road Rumble" effect. At the moment it feels a bit lifeless when driving over kerbs in Assetto Corsa as there's no rumble at all. I know the game pads and my wheel receive vibration data when driving over these rumble strips, is there a method of sending this data to the ShakeIt engine?

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Hi ! AC does not give this data in telemetry even if it can be felt in gamepad or wheel. So on this game I can only rely on suspension data which will vary a lot based on the 3d modeling of the track. 

You can see easily in one look if a specific effect is supported or not on the current game based on the available telemetry data here : 

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the latest update (1.5) seems to have added kerbs into the physics API. 

Would it be possible to take a look at this again when you get a chance? The ABS effect seems to be working fine already. 

  • Kerb, slip, G-force and ABS vibrations added to physics API.

Many thanks! 

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@admin5435 Is this still the case? No rumble strips data to Simhub?  It's so odd as it pushes the data to my steering wheel.. 🙁

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Posted by: @bean284

@admin5435 Is this still the case? No rumble strips data to Simhub?  It's so odd as it pushes the data to my steering wheel.. 🙁

Exactly what I was thinking. What exactly is the data sent for kerbs? Can a plugin be made to translate whatever the steering wheel is getting into whatever simhub needs? 

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Thirded.  Proper Road Rumble through SimHub and better AI are my last major wishes for AC as a sim.


Compared to AMS2, where the kerbs and grass kick you about (and tell you you're off the road), AC is super lifeless in this regard, as nothing happens.  Even stranger is that the Kerb Effect is specifically noted in FFB settings, meaning that an exact data stream is being sent from the game to the wheel in some form or fashion.                                  


It is indeed a fault of Kunos for not including this data specifically in telemetry.  Shakers were essentially niche tech for sim racers when this game was in development over a decade ago.  But for all of the crazy **** that people have been developing for AC, whether it's CSP and its many complicated extensions or hundreds of car/track mods, it's absolutely insane to me that a translation layer of the FFB Kerb effect to telemetry hasn't been done.  I'd love a proper FFB solution (Kerb Effect is "canned" as it were), but I know that's not likely possible.  But the canned effect is much better than nothing at all.  It's such a disappointment for those who have the kit (in my case, 2 BK Advances).


I wish I had the modding expertise myself, or I'd personally look into it.  It's that glaring of an omission.


Here's hoping that something can be done.

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