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Can one motor shield run wind simulator (2 fans) and 2 rumble motor?

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I have wind simulator set up and running. 2 fans each 12v 36w, if im right 3a each. i just followed bossted media guide to do this.

If I add 2 rumble motors (Rated Current: 40mA; Rated Voltage: DC 3V; Voltage Range: 1.5V-1800RPM, 6V-7000RPM) for pedal (1 for throttle and brake each) will cause issue or I'm already out of 1 motor shield's capacity?

Can I add one more motor shield stacking on top on mine then how should i distribute channel?

1, leave 2 fans on first shield and connect 2 motors on top shield?

2. have one shield and motor on each shield?

3. get less power fan?


If I add 1 more motor shield, should i get another power supply to power 2nd motor shield? or jumper on shield on and good power supply to arduino?

(Currently, I have jumper removed on motor shield and using power supply connect to motor shield.)



Sorry, if this has been discussed, couldnt find on the forum.



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