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Dash Studio Unable to save/edit dashboard

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I have this dashboard I've been working on and have been expanding over the past few weeks and now I can't save it anymore.

I was just working on it and suddenly a (very simple) change was too much to handle and save. It got stuck while saving and I closed the dash studio (still got the question to save unsaved changes before closing tho).

Now I can't do anything with that dashboard anymore. I can't start it. I can't edit it. I don't get any feedback like error messages or anything. I can't find anything about this issue. The only thing that looks remotely close is questions about overlays being too large and hinting to split them up, thus getting an error/warning message about it...




Please, PLEASE!!!, fix this or point me in the right direction.

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The dash file(s) may be corrupted.
Look for your dash folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\DashTemplates\
Maybe save a copy first to be safe.
Then try restoring your dash .json file(s) from the file(s) the "_Backups" subfolder.

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@romainrob Thanks for the quick reply. There doesn't seem to be a _Backups folder in the dashboard's directory... In other dashboard's there is a _Backups folder.


The dashboard's .djson file seems to be empty...


---------- Quick edit 5 mins later ----------

In the parent directory of the dashboard files, DashTemplates, I found a zip file named "[dashboard's name]_some_timestamp_of_today.zip". I unpacked this somewhere else and it indeed seemed to be the dashboard's files with the same empty .djson file, but this time including a "_Backups" folder. I will give that a try.


ps. Even if I can fix it, which I really hope, I would still like to know why this occurs and thus how to prevent it from happening again. (looking back I think this happened before, but at a stage of the dashboard where I was still kinda okay with just starting over from scratch as I was still learning)


---------- Another edit ----------

I got it fixed using the above edit. Still would like to know what might have been the problem

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