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iRacing Flags, Penalties and Messages on Simhub Dashboard (external Vocore display)

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Hello all,


I am using the Simpush Racing Lumirank dashboard for the flag indication in iRacing. Currently it shows the basic flags, but I want to adapt it a bit more to my personal needs. Therefore, I have some questions and hope that someone has some answer or ideas.


Priorities: The flags themselves work fine, but I would like to set priorities. In example, in the last lap it shows the white flag ([Flag_White]>0), but if there is an additional yellow or blue flag, I would prefer so see these flags instead of the white. Maybe there is also a solution to toggle between different flags if they appear at the same time (i.e. 1 second of each flag as “blinking”). Especially if I have 3 or more issues at the same time, I would like to prioritize them for my personal needs.


Penalties: It would also be nice to see the penalties as black flags including the messages (i.e. drive through, stop and go, etc.) on the dashboard. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any properties for this in the dashstudio (should be a mix of the black flag, the message like “stop & go”, and probably also a counter for the remaining time to serve).


Slow Down Messages: If I cut the course, is it also possible to get the messages on the screen like “slowdown for XX seconds within the next XX seconds” on the Simhub dashboard? Also, the other basic messages like “Race is about to start, please exit and join”


Green Flag: During the start of the race, the ingame overlay of the green flag remains longer than the flag on the simhub dashboard ([Flag_Green]>0), so that it seems to be a different property. Does someone know the reason behind this? And can I also adapt the time on the simhub dashboards to let the green flag last longer? For the white flag in example, it stays ingame and on the dashboard the complete last round active.


Incident Counter: Should be possible with “… PlayerCarMyIncidentCount” together with “WeekendOptions.IncidentLimit” from the property picker. Also here I would need to make a priority and let it only last for a few seconds after my incidents changed, and then switch back to the last screen.


Remove objects ingame: Finally, assuming that it would be possible to get all the information above on a Simhub dashboard, it would be nice if I can remove all the ingame information like flags, messages etc. to make everything more immersive. Would this be possible, and how?


Thanks in advance,