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Max7221 setup in Simhub for gear selector

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Hi I have used a Nano for the Max7221 board and also a 16 LED strip on the same Nano 

I have got the LED strip working fine and that gives the LEDs accurately but my issue is coming from the 7221 

It is showing all LEDs (except the last row at the bottom) and then when I change gear it changes different rows of LEDs but it will not show the gear I have selected. 

Here is how I have set it up on the Nano and as I said the LED's are no problem. What do I need to do in Simhub to make it work? When you look at the older videos some of the selections they have are no longer there. 



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that happen to me... i inverted a wire, double check your CLK/DIN/LD

if you are sure about it try with a separate power supply, can come from this too, not enought power for led's and tha MAX7221