Missing System Info
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Missing System Info

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I updated to 8.4.1 recently and now I get no values for the built-in system components, CPU Load and Memory Load, etc. All the  SystemInfoPlugin properties are gone!

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Hi, sadly Open hardware monitor add to go for security reasons. It was removed in the 8.3.0 update

To quote the release notes available here: https://www.simhubdash.com/download-2/

System infos

  • Removed embedded “Open hardware monitor” component, unfortunately all variations of this component even the most recent contains some security breach rightly pointed by some antivirus.
  • Added a few vitals information read directly by SimHub in replacement of “Open hardware monitor”
    • CPU load
    • Memory load
    • Property about the monitors state (ON/sleeping)

If you need more properties you'll have to connect a third party monitoring tool to SimHub (Aida, Afterburner or HWINFO)

See the wwiki about it here: https://github.com/SHWotever/SimHub/wiki/System-informationsHave a nice day.