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Need Explaination on how to configure button on dashboard studio  


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29/05/2020 6:11 pm  

hi ! i don't know if its the right place to post here, sorry in advance

so my problem is , i'm currently creating a custom dashboard,

i added a "generated track map" and a bunch of lap times on my dashboard

so when changing race  i want to reset lap times and re-generetate map

so i added a button for this, here is the parameters currently binded on it : Image

but once i press it, on window mode or in my shared ipod screen, nothing happens
thats why i ask to help me, how do i proceed ?


Thanks in advance for your replies : )

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29/05/2020 6:26 pm  

Hello !

You configured it right, the only subtility is that "discardcurrentmap" is only a "request" and will be only executed the when next valid lap will be recorded. About resetting lap times, it will be automatic, the reset action only resets AT best laps and lap history when it's not given by the game, otherwise, it will trust in priority the game data and so it won't be possible to reset it.


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29/05/2020 6:31 pm  

oh okay thanks, good to know

is there any other way to delete/reset some data from "persistantTrackerPlugin" ?