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SimHub No Longer Records Best Lap Times

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I have been using SimHub for a while, both for the dashboard and my PB lap times. Recently I have to reinstall windows and I restored my old SimHub directory, which includes my lap time records.

However, since the reload, SimHub no longer records PB times. If I set a PB it updates the time on the dash, but when I come back the "old" slower PB is restored. My better time is erased.

This also means if I go to a new car/track combination, the PB is reset to nothing - there is no indication I have ever raced that combination.

Note this behaviour is happening in PC2. I have tried checking the read/write privileges on the SimHub directory, but it has not made a difference.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks.

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This is the same issue i have with projects cars 2. It will not display any of the lap deltas. Everything else fine but the rest gone