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SimHub not receiving all telemetry from game.

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So I have been trying to make a dash for Farming Simulator 2022 but I'm not receiving all the telemetry. The only stuff that seems to be making it to SimHub is RPM, Speed and Fuel (maybe a few other things). A good example of things I'm not getting is Money or CruiseControl Speed/State.

Things I have checked and tried:

  • Plugin is installed and running. No errors in logs.
  • Game is 'running' with blue dot in SimHub.
  • I checked FS2019 as well since the plugin lua is the same and had similar issues.
  • With other mods such as Stryder or one off GitHub, the telemetry works fine.
  • Probably other things
  • No issues in SimHub logs that I could see


Any ideas? I'd appreciate it a lot if anyone has FS 19/22 and is willing to have a quick squiz.

Also, is there anywhere that I can view only the telemetry that is being piped from the game?

I know SimHub isn't a common use for Farming Simulator, but it should be. Trying to use the software most commonly used for creating a dash in FS made me want to throw my computer out the window.

If people think this is a bug, I'll submit a bug report on GitHub.



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Hi ! FS support is a basic support as you pointed simhub is not commonly used for such games so I did extract some basics channels to get a basic dashboard shakers effects and wind working. Bit it's really out of the simhub track to exploit properly more "farming" dedicated data.

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Cool thanks heaps for the quick reply. I might have a play around with the lua and see if I can get other stuff to work. Theoretically if I do make it find into that should come into SimHub fine?


*Edit* I just tried to get ChatGPT to help me and it came out with this after I pushed it too hard 🤣

-- Lua UDP Telemetry Script for DCS World
-- Author: OpenAI Assistant

local io = require("io")

local PIPE_NAME = "\\\\.\\pipe\\SHTelemetry"

local function send(message)
    local file =, "w")
    if file then

local function LuaExportStart()
    -- You can add any initialization code here

local function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame()
    -- Prepare the data
    local altBar = LoGetAltitudeAboveSeaLevel()
    local altRad = LoGetAltitudeAboveGroundLevel()
    local pitch, bank, yaw = LoGetADIPitchBankYaw()
    local engine = LoGetEngineInfo()
    local current_time = LoGetModelTime()

    -- Format the data
    local output = string.format("altBar=%.2f,altRad=%.2f,pitch=%.2f,bank=%.2f,yaw=%.2f,rpm=%.2f,fuel=%.2f,time=%.2f",
        altBar, altRad, pitch, bank, yaw, engine.RPM.left, engine.FuelConsumption.left, current_time)

    -- Send the data

local function LuaExportStop()
    -- You can add any cleanup code here

-- We only need to modify the LuaExportBeforeNextFrame function, so we'll keep the rest of the event handlers as they are.
LuaExportActivityNextEvent = {}
function LuaExportActivityNextEvent(t)
    local tNext = t

    tNext = tNext + 0.1 -- Set the next event to occur in 0.1 seconds (10 updates per second)

    return tNext

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