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SimHub works on Xbox Game Pass PC games?  

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Hi all!
I would need some help if possible. I use SimHub without problem with ETS 2, ATS and PJC2 which I have on Steam.
But I have the F1 2019 and Dirt Rally 2.0 games on Xbox Gamepass PC, and I can't get SimHub work on those games. I can't find how to link those applications to the program.
Has anyone else happened to it? Do you know how to solve?
Thank you very much to all!

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Hi ! I never tested game pass, but if it's distributed like the forza games it's possible that the game is "sandboxed" (no telemetry would go out of the game) Could you try the "forza" telemetry unlock method : ? 

Also do not hesitate to take a look to those general troubleshooting steps :