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Vocore: Screen Timeout? / Pixel screen

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Hi All,

Hoping someone may be able to help with an issue I'm experiencing with my PE LMP Wheel which is using a Vocore screen

After updating Simhub, installing the display drivers for the Vocore screen, and testing in iRacing for about an hour the screen seemed to be working worry-free. Fast forward to the next morning, I turn the computer on and launch Simhub iRacing and connect my wheel and the screen is pixelated. If I turn off the 'enable display' option in Simhub, disconnect and reconnect the wheel and use the screen display test cmd file packaged with the drivers, the image displays fine.

Any help debunking this would be greatly appreciated as I'm already pulling my hair out!!

Screen working / not working images

Fallout image test

Simhub log snippet of a reoccuring exception:

INFO Starting VOCORE 1 remote USB display process
ERROR VOCORE error System.TimeoutException: The operation has timed out.
at SimHub.BitmapDisplay.Core.PipeServerBase.WaitForResult[T](Func`1 action)
at SimHub.BitmapDisplay.Core.PipeServerBase.InvokeWithParameters[T](Object parameters, String memberName)
at SimHub.BitmapDisplay.Core.PipeBitmapDisplayServer.ConnectToScreen(ConnectRequest request)
at SimHub.Plugins.OutputPlugins.GraphicalDash.RemoteDisplayManagerBase`3.OpenDisplay()
at SimHub.Plugins.OutputPlugins.GraphicalDash.BitmapDisplayBase.Worker()
INFO Closing VOCORE 1 remote USB display process