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Please add the belt tensioner function.

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I'm very satisfied with the belt tensioner features that have been updated recently.

It would be better if a new function was added.

1. I hope there is a function that can be applied in the reverse direction of rotation.
 - Depending on the situation, Can use it more comfortably if can reverse the rotation direction without editing the source code one by one.

2. Regardless of telemetry information, it would be great if it could be linked to the analog joystick signal.
 - In some cases, games not supported by the motion system are directly linked to the joystick for casual use.
As such, if SimHub supports this function, the belt tensioner can be used in more diverse games, which makes it very useful.

For example, it would be very interesting to apply the surge value of the belt tensioner to the Axel pedal input or brake pedal input, and to apply the Sway value to the input value of the steering wheel.

It can also be used in Wind effect.


If these two functions are added, we are confident that a more complete belt tensioner system can be built. Please review it.
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