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AMS2 Wheels slip / Bass shakers

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I've just struggled to set a wheels slip effet with bass shakers with AMS2.

I first thought it was impossible because the wheels slip effect is almost always trigged at maximum.

I then realized that it's because the scale of the wheels Slip in AMS2 is way bigger than the one that Simhub expects !


So, I succeeded in setting an almost correct wheels slip effect with the input gain set at 11.


Question : Is it possible to increase the input gain scale in SimHub for AMS2 in order to be able to tune it more precisely ?


Thanks a lot (using simhub 7.4.23).

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+1 Same for me here. It worked some time ago, but after AM2 updated to it stopped working with as you said 100% Output. It also affected the Road Vibration. Here is also 100%. For me its Input Gain 35 and for Road Vibration 50 - but defintily something is broken here. Also Simhub 7.4.23.