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Basic Audio Splitter for added Bass Shakers for FPS / Movies etc (no data required)

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Hey everyone!


First off I absolutely LOVE the SimHub software and its massively easy to use the BassShaker menu to select which channel I want the bass to come out of for racing games.  Its stupid easy and it works so well.  


 I bought some Tactile Transducers / Bass Shakers for my gaming chair and I've had a tough time getting them to work on any FPS game.  I've tried the built in Windows "stereo mix", ButtKicker HaptiConnect software and Voicemeeter Banana but I always seem to have cutting out, massive delays or just terrible sound quality.   From what I experienced in testing, Battlefield and Call of Duty and even Cyberpunk is even more fun with some bass shakers. 


The SimHub software currently allows output tuning for both "Global gain control" and "output filtering" is already perfect.   


 My Request is to allow a general audio split for sound output. Being able to run this without "data" from the game. So the general audio stream could be sent to my speaker and the bass shakers!   That's it!  


 Is this something that could be possible?