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Create a notification about fuel laps remaining (Assetto Corsa)  


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22/08/2019 8:00 pm  

Hello everybody! 😊 


I recently discovered SimHub and I really like it! Up to now I've used its dashboard feature and even edited one. I'm talking about the Mytec C127. I didn't edit it too much: I just substituted some parameters with other ones (see Pic1:!AsCom8mhAZY6pG5xQxuo_-y1nrV3?e=GhfFoJ)


Now I'd like to add a feature that really helps me. I'd like to add a notification (like the one about "pit limiter on/off" and "new lap set" you can find in the main screen of the Mytec C127 dashboard) about fuel laps remaining. It has to appear blinking when fuel laps remaining is less or equal than 1.7 and made by:

  • Text: BOX THIS LAP;
  • Figure: yellow rectangle as background of BOX THIS LAP

Using short words: the same notification about pit limiter and new lap set with a yellow rectangle as background of text instead of a green one.


In the Mytec C127 the notification about pit limiter and new lap set is given by the "Game Notification" component but it does inclued stuff about fuel laps remaining (in base of what I noticed).


To create this notification should I need to create a script by Binding buttons using NCalc instructions?


If so, please, could explain to me step by step how to do it?


Thanks in advance 😊 


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